Eating Healthy While On the Go


Eating Healthy On The Go

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You probably already know how to eat right, and when you’re at home, it’s likely that you do your best to eat healthy, that cookie or extra spoonful of ice cream notwithstanding! Even if you know how to eat right at home, it always feels like it’s nearly impossible to eat healthy when traveling or on the go. While it does require some discipline, there are some tips that can help you make smart food decisions when you’re not at home or only have a few minutes to eat before moving onto something else

Always Eat Breakfast

Your parents probably told you that breakfast was the most important meal of the day, and now that you’re an adult, this is beginning to sound a bit repetitive. However, many adults who have heard this saying 1,000 times, routinely skip breakfast.

People tend to assume that skipping breakfast will aid them in the process of losing weight. Unfortunately, this could not be further from the truth. Without breakfast, you’ll likely get very hungry before lunchtimeand reach for the nearest thing to calm your ravenous hunger. In most cases, the nearest thing isn’t half as healthy as what you could have prepared for breakfast.

When preparing breakfast for yourself and you’re in a hurry, you really can’t go wrong with breakfast classics like low-fat Greek yogurt and fresh fruit. Cold cereals with low-fat milk or almond milk, as long as they aren’t loaded with sugar, are also ideal.

Don’t forget about oatmeal, either. It does take some time to make if you don’t enjoy the instant version, but you can always make it the night before and heat it up in the morning for a healthy breakfast.

If you’re traveling and must turn to the continental breakfast, look for healthy options among the carb-loaded and fat-rich offerings. Fresh fruit is almost always available, and a piece of plain or lightly buttered toast with an egg can make a healthy breakfast that won’t weigh you down.

Carry Snacks

Whether embarking on an 18-hour plane trip or just staring at the beginning of a 12-hour day, carrying healthy snacks is a great way to battle hunger cravings without resorting to that fat-filled donut, bag of chips, or convenience store candy bar.

But what constitutes a healthy snack, and what can you pack in your bag that will still be good two hours later?

Some of the best things you can carry as snacks include raw nuts, dried fruit that doesn’t have added sugar, granola, or granola bars without extra sugar. For those going the protein bar route, make sure you avoid those loaded with fat and calories. Unless you’re eating them after a bodybuilding session, you don’t need 25 grams of protein and 500 calories.

Order Simple Meals in Restaurants

Sometimes you can’t avoid restaurants when you’re traveling or in the midst of a jam-packed day. Restaurant food often means calorie and portion overload, but it doesn’t have to if you order smart.

When perusing a restaurant menu, look for simple items that don’t have a lot of ingredients. In many cases, that’s where the extra fat and calories hide.

Examples of healthy, simple meals that can still be delicious might include grilled salmon with steamed brown rice or couscous or baked chicken with root vegetables. Of course, salads can be healthy too, as long as you don’t pick ones with high fat dressings. A smart choice is to order your dressing on the side, giving you portion control.

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Eating right isn’t exactly rocket science, but it does take some effort on your part. Unfortunately, eating well when you’re really busy becomes even more challenging.

However, as you get into the routine of eating healthy even when you’re on the go, you’ll find it’s much easier to eat that way all the time. Eventually you’ll forget all about those fast food meals and wonder why you ever thought they were so convenient when there are much better alternatives.

Tara Heath is a freelance writer in Southern California. In the midst of a busy day, she enjoys packing healthy snacks which help her accomplish more work quickly. As a health and beauty writer, she often contributes to the Bellezza Spa blog.

5 comments on “Eating Healthy While On the Go”

  1. Thanks for these great tips about eating right! My entire life I’ve always known how to eat right, but needed a “kick in the pants” in order to implement healthy eating habits. Once I did, I lost 70 lbs in 9 months and I am once again at a good weight and feeling good.

  2. Great tips! Now only if there was a way to ensure I followed them! 😉

  3. There’s some great ideas here! I have to remember to slow down or I grab junk.

  4. Yep these tips are spot on and ones that I use every day. I don’t really “like” eating breakfast but I make sure I have something protein rich every morning to get my day going.

  5. It’s so important to become more aware of what we eat. These are really sensible tips – thanks for reminding me!

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