Income Report – January 2017

I don’t know how it’s possible but my inbox screamed louder at me in January than for all of Q4. Here’s the Income Report for January. Don’t forget to check out my blogging resources too!

Want to work from home? Try blogging. Here is The Bewitchin' Kitchen's income report for January 2017.

Curious on how to start a food blog (or a general blog)? <– Check out the guide!

New expenses: 

I bought the new iPhone 7 Plus and I love it. I brought it with me to use as my camera during our Southern California trip to Disneyland, Universal Studios, and San Diego. I didn’t want to haul my massive DSLR and this worked amazingly well! There was a great deal at Telus, and I called loyalty to make the deal even sweeter. I paid out what it says in my expenses, but I did have a few more caveats that showed on my cell phone bill. I don’t ist my utility bills in my income reports, as I wanted these reports to show purchases. Does that even make sense?

Another unexpected expense? A new charging cable for my Macbook. My lovely cat, Carl, chewed through two. He’s becoming an expensive cat.


Thanks Carl

Stay tuned for an announcement I’m incredibly excited about.

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Everything is in Canadian dollars, all US currency was converted using the PayPal converter. All expenses are used for The Bewitchin’ Kitchen. Any other businesses are separate. 

Sponsored Posts: $2100
Shareasale: $303.62
AdThrive: $2945.28
BBTV: $13.99

Total Income: $5362.89


Virtual Assistants: $400.92
Supplies (Office supplies, supplies for blog projects, and groceries for recipe development): $296.69
iPhone 7Plus: $240.97
Adobe Photoshop CC: $15.21
Mad Mimi: $35.31
WiredTree (Host): $71.92
CoPromote: $27.29
Facebook + Pinterest Ads: $58.33
Travel related expenses: $160.67

Total Expenses: $1307.31

This expense report does not include house bills, utilities, and data plan. 

Video Course Announcement:

After many emails, I have decided to put together a course on how to make videos. There will be two options: eBook or eBook + video course.

Join the waiting list and be notified when it becomes available:

Blog services that I’ve paid for and that I couldn’t live without or have made a difference:

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5 comments on “Income Report – January 2017”

  1. Thank you for your income reports, they are super interesting to read! I just have a quick question, you say in the income report that everything is in Canadian Dollars but was converted to US dollars? so I’m not sure for Shareasale at $303.62 and
    AdThrive: $2945.28 is that amount in US or Canadian $$? Thanks so much! 🙂

  2. Hi Sheena,
    Curious how much traffic your site received for the month?
    Also how big your email list is now?
    Thanks for sharing!

    • Hey Gemma, I think your Q is for me not Sheena.

      Traffic was: 256,789 for the month of January.
      Email list as of today is 7171 (that includes RSS feeds like Bloglovin).

  3. wow nice your income is increasing keep it up i hope you will achive your target

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