Life Stages Fold & Carry Single-Door Dog Crate (CSN Review)


I do not trust my dog. He is constantly crated because when he’s not, he tends to lift his leg on anything and everything! It drives me crazy, and it makes me sad to always have him in his crate (which is small). He doesn’t seem to mind, his crate is his home and his safe haven but I mind. He’s only out of his crate when we are watching TV and we can keep an eye on him. I always feel so guilty. Eric and I have been planning on purchasing a new crate for him for a while now. We wanted one that we could see through to see the dog, so we can still interact with him. We also wanted it to be bigger, one where he could actually stand and walk around in. The only problem? The cost. Every store we looked at was out to lunch with their crate prices.
I received the Life Stages Fold & Carry Single-Door Dog Crate from CSN last week. It is great! It was so simple to set up, you just put down the “locks” and fold the crate up into place. That was it! It was so easy. Introducing Chilli to his crate took a little longer then what I expected. He was scared of it (which I find strange). I eventually had to manually put him in it, and he took to it right away. My favorite feature of crate? I can always see him, and you can tell Chilli appreciates this as well. I find that I talk to him a lot more through his crate now. I also love how spacious it is for him (even though he is a Pomeranian I got him the intermediate). He has an area for his food, an area for his bed and still lots of space to just chill out.

With the Life Stages Fold & Carry Single-Door Dog Crate I also got another piece of metal to divide the kennel. This divider is a crucial part of crate training your dog. For example: say you bought a golden lab and because you know he is soon going to be a large dog, you bought a large crate. Well, you need to make the crate smaller for the puppy (so he doesn’t wander the crate and use the washroom in the corner or something). Or you could use the divider to put two pets in the crate together (perfect for traveling).

This intermediate crate is only $64.95!! Such a great price for what you get (the intermediate could easily fit a golden retriever). I’m very impressed with CSN stores and the Life Stages Fold & Carry Single-Door Dog Crate. I recommend it to all pet owners!

If you are interested in purchasing the Life Stages Fold & Carry Single-Door Dog Crate click HERE.

Thank you CSN stores for sponsoring this review.

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