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I’m really enjoying the 21 Day Fix workouts, it’s something I’m planning on continuing even when I’m finished round two of The Fix. I searched the web and found some of the workouts that you can take with you for an “anywhere workout”. Be sure to check out the Ultimate 21 Day Fix Resource Guide too.

21 Day Fix Workouts For On The Go

21 Day Fix Workouts

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21 Day Fix Lucious Legs


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Autumn Calabrese is fabulous. She really seems like she genuinely wants to help people. If you go check her YouTube page, you will find a ton of free workouts.

7 Moves For Sexy Abs

I really like her abs workouts on the 21 Day Fix. There is always a variety, and there were even a few I have never tried before. The best part is that most workouts incorporated abs: wood chops, cross jacks, and other combination moves. If you click the above photo, you will be directed to the 7 Simple Moves For Sexy Abs YouTube workout.

3 Minute Intense Core Workout

Here are some more that not only tone your abs, but they also strengthen your back.

medicine ball workout

Don’t have a medicine ball? Try a weight. No weights? Well for some of the moves you could use a gallon of milk, work with what you have.

Upper Body Workout

I love these upper body moves because they’re perfect to do while traveling, no fancy machines and you can easily do this workout at hotel gyms.

stability ball workouts

I don’t have a stability ball yet, but it is something that I have on my “to buy” list. However, a lot of hotel gyms have them, give these workouts a try next time you’re at a home away from home.

Firm Booty Workout

Helpful supplies for 21 Day Fix:

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21 Day Fix

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8 comments on “21 Day Fix Workouts – On The Go Fitness”

  1. This looks like a great workout, very intense! I may try it, I need to get my butt in gear!

  2. such a great resource, pinning this so I don’t lose it!

  3. Wow, this is quite the collection! Cudos to you for doing this program Randa. I wish you much success!

  4. Awesome Randa! I still haven’t found my groove 🙁

    • You will 🙂 It took a LONG time and a lot of different workouts/lifestyle changes to finally find my “groove”. I think it’s important to find the workouts that you don’t dread, and to do it for “fun” 🙂

  5. I dream of having abs like that…but then I dream of french fries and well…. Seriously though, this looks great, and kudos to you for sticking to it!

    • Thank you Sandy. It’s my “happy medium” I can finally find a balance between a healthy lifestyle but yet still enjoy life’s junk food from time to time 😉

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