#TreatsForToys Program Results – Amazing

Treats for toys

It’s amazing just happened this holiday season. Families who wouldn’t have been able to provide toys for their little ones are getting some all because you participating in the #TreatsForToys program.

The premise of the program was simple. For every Rice Krispies Treats created in shape of a toy and uploaded using the hashtag: #TreatsForToys, Rice Krispies donated $20 to The Salvation Army.

For my Treats For Toys I put together the following toys:

Rice Krispies Bunny

Rice Krispies Bunny

Get the tutorial on the Rice Krispies bunny. This bunny was pretty easy to assemble, all treat instructions were available on the Rice Krispies website. My favourite part is the fondant bow tie.

Rice Krispies Race Car

Rice Krispies Treats For Toys Program. Make a treat, hashtag it and $20 will be donated to the Salvation Army

Learn how to build a Rice Krispies race car. This was my attempt at a race car, although my toddler called it “Mater”.

#TreatsForToys program results:

#treatsfortoys program results

1077 treats were uploaded using the hashtag #TreatsForToys!

1077 treats = $21, 540 in donated toys.

To learn more about the Rice Krispies #TreatsForToys initiative you can visit RiceKrispies.ca.

Did you participate in #TreatsForToys this year? What did you make?

4 comments on “#TreatsForToys Program Results – Amazing”

  1. It is so much fun creating things out of rice Krispie treats!! One year, my kids and I created a 3D polar bear!! It was such a piece of art that my kids didn’t want to eat it! lol!! It was a great center piece that Christmas!! I love your bunny! I’m gonna make that this EASTER!

  2. Wow, these are so cute! Who knew you could make so many things with Rice Krispies! And what a great idea. It’s neat to see the results! I love seeing big companies support families like this. Rice Krispies are currently my youngest daughter’s favourite cereal… but maybe next year we’ll have to turn some of them into treats! thanks for sharing. 🙂

  3. These are GREAT results! I’m so happy that they donated so much money for toys! I really loved the idea, I just wish I had been creative enough to create something in Rice Krispies to participate. Next year I’ll make a big effort and create something fun!

  4. What an amazing program and amount of toys donated. P.S. I love your bunny, I think if I were to make a toy I MAYBE would have been able to make a ball but it probably would have been a square one lol.

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