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Monkey Doodlez was born out of necessity to fill a need for a functional, high quality, good fitting diaper made with comfortable, natural fibers. The name Monkey Doodlez was Cheryl’s (the founder) oldest daughter’s nick name as a tot, so it seemed only a natural fit for the product line. Born on a dining room table, Monkey Doodlez has now grown to serve nearly 500 retailers around the world. Monkey Doodlez products have always been made in Canada, sourcing as many materials as possible from Canadian suppliers. Opting out of a factory environment, choosing instead to employ home sewers, to provide them with flexible hours, competitive wages and the opportunity to spend more time with their families.
I knew before Carter was even thought of that I was going to be a cloth diaper user. The many benefits drew me in and have me staying with the eco-friendly practice. Something I didn’t think of was how annoying stuffing a diaper can be at three in the morning. I try to pre stuff the few that fit him right now when they come out of the laundry, but it doesn’t always work that way. That is why I am loving the Monkey Doodlez TAG system. 
TAG stands for Tuck And Go, because that is all you have to do for this cloth diaper system. It’s very “daddy friendly”, which is great for my husband who was very cloth diaper weary. All you have to do is tuck the liner/pad into the cover, that’s it. There is no stuffing, snaps or frustrations.
Another plus? You never have to touch the dirty pad. All you have to do is grab the diaper by the cover, hang over the pail and give it a little shake. The liner drops into the pail without you having to get dirty. I didn’t even realize I could do that until I read it on the Monkey Doodlez website, my husband will be thrilled as that is a something he didn’t like about the cloth diapers.

The pad is genius, instead of being bulky and difficult to shape to your diaper, it’s the same shape as the cover, so it fits secure and snug. This design also makes it easier to double up for night time and still be comfortable for your little one. Speaking of comfort, Monkey Doodlez also has the legs lined with microfleece, so it doesn’t rub on your little one’s leg and it also keeps everything where it needs to be (it creates a barrier for leak protection). Because of this unique design, the mess only gets on the pad, so you can re use the cover – saving you laundry and money. Think about it, your cover doesn’t just have to be used with the matching pad. You can use it with your prefolds or fitteds, it’s versatile.
One more thing I like about the TAG system is the fact that it will grow with your baby. I received a size small, but it’s still suitable up to 18 pounds. It works just like an AIO (all in one) where there is a snap underneath that you can fasten to make it smaller (see the green diaper picture above). The velcro enclosures makes late night changes easy when you’re brain isn’t 100% there. I also like how you can overlap the velcro to make the waist that much smaller (most of the diapers I have don’t do this).
All in all, I’m a huge fan of Monkey Doodlez diapers and think they should be apart of everyone’s cloth diaper stash. Be sure to check out the Monkey Doodlez website to find out more about the company and to look for the TAG System, All In Ones, Swim Diapers and all the accessories.
Monkey Doodlez offers free shipping on orders over $100 and $7 for orders over $25 for the continental locations of North America.
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  1. I dont have any kids, but I totally love this cloth diapering idea! Disposable diapers are SO EXPENSIVE! I love that you don’t have to touch the dirty pad, since it is just tucked in, it will fall into the pail on its own!

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