PMD Personal Microderm Review

When it comes to skin care, I don’t have the most consistent routine. Actually, I don’t have a routine at all. I’m ashamed to say that when it comes to my skin care regimen; I wash in the shower with whatever product I have, skip toning and moisturize when I remember. That’s it. One of the crucial steps I forget is to exfoliate.

I was sent the PMD personal microderm system to review. I saw this system on an episode of The Doctor’s before and I was really excited to try it out. So what is it? It’s basically a “buffer tool”. It gets rid of all of your dead skin and helps rejuvenate your complexion. Instead of paying a lot of money for microderm abrasion treatments at your dermatologist, you get the same results for a fraction of the cost – you just do it yourself.
When I first opened the box, I was expecting the process to be complicated and annoying. That is far from the truth. After I watched the instructional DVD that comes with the kit (it’s recommended you watch this first) I got started. After plugging in the device, I chose what disc to use on my clean, dry face. The small is for your face, where as the large is for your body. Turn on the device and using your free hand pull the skin you are going to work on taught and begin. When you place the PMD device on your skin and feel the suction, move the device in an upwards motion and along the natural lines on your face. Never use the PMD more then twice in one spot. I did this and had a small abrasion on my cheek for a couple of days. When you’re finished your treatment, swipe some toner across your face (to neutralize your PH balance) and you’re done. It only takes a few minutes, once a week, to get amazing results.
PMD is great for acne, fine lines, age spots, scaring, and to generally improve your complexion. PMD brings a solution to your skin problem at any age and provides results. I haven’t been using the PMD device as religiously as I should, but even so I have noticed that my large pores are appearing to be smaller. This is the first time I have ever noticed a product targeting my pores before. I have tried the pore minimizing creams, but never had the results I hoped for. PMD is changing that and I’m incredibly excited about it. Not only does my skin look a little smoother (especially my nose), but my makeup application is quicker and doesn’t look as caked on as before. My flaws (when it came to my pores) are disappearing and soon I won’t have much more to cover up and even out. My goal with the PMD is to repair my overall complexion. I have spots and discoloration all over my face and as life is starting to settle down since being home from the hospital, I plan on perfecting my skin care routine and I cannot wait to see true results.
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I would like to thank PMD for supplying me with the device to review for this post. For more information on the PMD personal microderm system visit and don’t forget to Like PMD on Facebook.
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