Pur Alternatives Review

 The story of pur alternatives:
When it comes to buying personal care products – you know, all the lovely things we use to clean ourselves, moisturize with, etc. – there are so many options available. But do you know how difficult it is to find products that don’t have at least one ingredient that is linked to some harmful health or environmental effect?

Have you ever picked up one of these products and tried to read the ingredient list, realizing that there are many ingredients that you either can’t pronounce or simply don’t really know what they are (or why they’re there)?

Here at pūr alternatives we noticed just that, and decided to get to the bottom of it. It turns out there are many products out there that are perfectly safe and still work beautifully. But for some reason they are still few and far between. There was no one-stop-shop for truly safe products! Until now.

Fed up with this situation, we decided to do something about it, and so pūr alternatives was born. A place where you don’t have to read the labels and understand what the contents are (but are highly encouraged to do so), where you don’t have to ask questions (but if you have any- please do!) and where, most importantly, a wide variety of truly safe products can all be found in one convenient location.

I was sent the All Purpose Deodorizing Spray for pets. This summer we moved our television downstairs due to how hot the upstairs gets in the afternoons. To prepare for that we steam cleaned our carpets and that brought up the dreaded cat urine smell. I had no idea that Porsche was urinating downstairs (outside of her litter box). I tried everything, including taking her to the vet. Needless to say, Porsche is now an outdoor cat. The urine smell was overwhelming and very discouraging. I tried everything from vinegar to harsh chemicals (which I hated because I believing in using chemicals in my home).

Then I tried the All Purpose Deodorizing Spray and wow, it really made a difference. I alternated it with undiluted vinegar and I am happy to say that my basement is now cat urine free! I really appreciated the All purpose Deodorizing Spray because it was 100% natural and harsh chemical free. It is a non-toxic, non-aerosol spray and is made with high quality ingredients. Not only does it take away the smell of cat urine but it also helps eliminate the smell of wet dog, smoke and helps repels fleas! It is safe of fabric, floors, rugs and drapes without staining your surfaces. With only three ingredients (Tea Tree Oil, Eucalyptus Oil, Distilled Water) I am also rest assured that I can rely on pur alternative’s deodorizing spray to keep me and my family chemical free!

If you are interested in buying the All Purpose Deodorizing Spray or any natural product (they have anything you can think of) visit pur alternative’s website HERE.

I would like to thank pur alternative’s for sending me a sample of their product. I was not compensated for this review.

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