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I have some exciting news to fill you all in on: Shoppers Drug Mart has made living a healthier lifestyle easier for you to accomplish. As exciting as that is, that’s not all: I’m helping them.

Shoppers Drug Mart has introduced a Media Hub to provide you with tips, advice and knowledge on a variety of health and wellness issues. Think of it as a health resource, or “health hub”. On top of this Shoppers Drug Mart has reached out to a few Canadian bloggers to help make us all healthier and happier.

As I mentioned above, I was selected as one of those bloggers. I was chosen to write about digestive health, a health problem that many of us has faced a time or two in our lives.


You can find my tips and advice on Improving Digestive Health here on the Shoppers Drug Mart Media Hub.

The Giveaway

You guys, I have some exciting news! Shoppers Drug Mart is putting together a little digestive health package for one of my readers. You could win the following:

  • Life Brand Calcium Antacid, Regular Strength, 150 chewable tablets
  • Life Brand Stomach Relief Chewable Tablets, 48 tablets
  • Life Brand Bismuth, 230ml
  • $25 Shoppers Drug Mart Gift Card

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40 comments on “Shoppers Drug Mart Media Hub #GetTheMostOutofLife”

  1. Cut back on coffee

  2. Thanks, will share on my page!

  3. Toss the pop and drink more water!

  4. LOVE IT

  5. Toss the soda.. SO important and I am doing this now 🙂

  6. Toss the soda was my favourite.

  7. less pop more water!

  8. my fave tip is to drink more water – easy too!

  9. my favorite tip is to Toss the soda !! I only drink Gingerale BUT I do drink a fair bit of it. Something I can definitely cut back on

  10. Drink more water

  11. My fave is Toss the Soda, we did this recently and it is amazing that once you get away from it you really don’t miss it!

  12. Drink more water

  13. My favourite tip is to eat more fiber. I know I don’t get enough fiber in my diet.

  14. No more junk

  15. Find your intolerance’s is a big one . We eat without thinking and pop antacids without considering why.

  16. my favorite tip is to toss the soda. I drink at least 3 glasses a day and it needs to be replaced with water

  17. No more junk is my favourite

  18. My favorite tip is to eat a high fibre diet like bran and almonds etc.Thanks for the great tips!! 🙂

  19. Drink more water is such common sense but I consume way to much coffee and not enough pure water! I am going to start today increasing my water! Thanks for the reminder and blog post.

  20. Toss the pop and drink more water!

  21. Toss the pop – my doctor just advised me of this on Wednesday. I have cut one out so far..and it’s hard….

  22. Toss the soda was great !!!

  23. The Toss the Soda tip. There is way to much sugar in that!~

  24. toss the soda

  25. Toss the soda and drink more water

  26. I like the “Toss the soda”.,I actually don`t drink hardly any soda,,but I could use the tip “No more junk”..I don`t do so well on that one!!

  27. I like the Toss the soda tip.

  28. My favourite is Toss The Soda.

  29. The Toss the Soda tip. There is way to much sugar in that!

  30. I like the Eat a high fibre diet article. I always have to remind myself how important this is

  31. favorite tip – Cut back on coffee

  32. I love the My Common-Sense Approach to Keeping Up With Life post!

  33. I guess the best one for me would be the “Cut back on coffee” tip. Thanks.

  34. Toss the soda is definitely my favourite tip.

  35. My fave tip is to drink more water

  36. My favourite was the No More Junk. That is easy to do if you are like us and do not eat out and don’t really easy processed foods. Fast food to us is a meal that takes at least an hour to prepare and even longer to cook. The worst or least favourite for me would be to toss the coffee – OMG – lock me in a rubber room!!! LOL

  37. Toss the soda is my favourite tip. I felt so much better and even lost weight after ditching soda.

  38. Less pop, more water should be my new mantra!

  39. Toss the soda

  40. I like the cut back on coffee tip

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