Where To Buy Cute Clothes On a Budget: Silver Icing + Giveaway

Where to buy cute clothes on a budget. This is my new favorite online clothing store! Dresses, workout clothes and more!

I’m a mom on a budget and that means that I don’t shop for clothes as often as I like. As much as I would love to spend $100 on new workout pants, $100 also buys a few days worth of groceries so I can provide my family with food. So instead of luxury I now shop for the best bang for my buck. Right now I’m loving Silver Icing.

Where to buy cute clothes on a budget. This is my new favorite online clothing store! Dresses, workout clothes and more!

Silver Icing:

Silver Icing is an online clothing store that was launched in 2013. It’s an online shop that works with a network of independent stylists. What’s awesome about that is you can sell these items yourself and make extra income or support a local woman who is starting her own business! You’ll find everything from workout wear, casual clothes or items you can dress up!

Throwback to last Saturday when @brennawest7 and I got all tatted up with these cool gold tattoos from @jessica_silvericing.A photo posted by Randa @ The Bewitchin’ Kitchen (@randaderkson) on  

One of my favorite items from Silver Icing are the gold tattoos! I have worn them to a few weddings this summer and have received a ton of compliments. I believe the ones I had are sold out but I can show you these ones and these Wonderland Tattoos.

Silver Icing, The Clothes:

Where to buy cute clothes on a budget. This is my new favorite online clothing store! Dresses, workout clothes and more!

Gravity Skirt: Every girl needs a pencil skirt! My favorite feature of the Gravity Skirt is the rouching. It’s really flattering and hides some of my problem areas well, I was planning on wearing this skirt to a blog conference in September (but sadly, I had to cancel).

Where to buy cute clothes on a budget. This is my new favorite online clothing store! Dresses, workout clothes and more!

Touch of Lace Pants: These are incredibly comfortable, it feels like you’re wearing nothing. Like everything I have worn from Silver Icing, I have received a lot of compliments on these pants and everyone was surprised that the lace wasn’t a shirt. It’s a great way to dress up workout wear. I would even wear these in place of dress pants. The best part? These pants are advertised as muffin top free, I can get behind that!

In the Instagram above I’m wearing my new favorite top (that’s the softest material ever), which is sadly sold out, and the touch of lace pants. Hopefully, Silver Icing gets more in because this is my go to t-shirt!

Where to buy cute clothes on a budget. This is my new favorite online clothing store! Dresses, workout clothes and more!

San Diego Trench: I got this in taupe and I love it! It’s still too hot to wear, as it’s summer, but this would look so cute with boots and skinny jeans in the fall.

I love Silver Icing, it’s my new favorite online clothing shop. It’s affordable, yet still offers quality and the clothes are so comfortable.

Like what you see? Then you’ll love everything that Silver Icing offers, head to the Silver Icing store to find more!

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65 comments on “Where To Buy Cute Clothes On a Budget: Silver Icing + Giveaway”

  1. I would spend the gift card on the Summer Breeze Tunic. Hard decision though, everything is awesome!

  2. I would buy the Juniper Tunic

  3. I’d get the Stark Night Leggings and a For Keeps Tee

  4. I would spend it on leggings and sweaters!

  5. I would love to own the Courtney Wrap and the Infinity leggings! I really love how their clothes are geared to be flattering, with higher waistlines and tummy control. It’s hard to choose just 1 or 2 pieces. I want it all!

  6. I would get the Christie Sweatshirt!

  7. I love the take a bow purse!

  8. I would get the Colorado Parka

  9. I love the Shrug It Off Maxi Dress

  10. I would get myself some pants, as i have gained some weight and nothing fits me anymore

  11. I would spend it on on “In the Trenches Coat”.

  12. I love a great sweater so I would buy the Keep it Under Wrap sweater. I love the elbow patches!

  13. the In the Wake Maxi Skirt !

  14. Love the volcanic maxi dress!

  15. The Penciled In Skirt and the Touch of Lace Pants

  16. I would get the Stark Night Leggings.

  17. I would get the “Saturday is better hoodie” the “Life is better tank” and the “She’s whiskey in a tea cup tank” ♡♡♡

  18. I LOVE the Easy Rider jacket ~ it’s so me! The Eva sandals are too cute and there are so many eye-catching accessories too. I’d definitely splurge a little.

  19. I like She Believed Top and the Saturaday Hoodie.

  20. I really love the Allure Leggings.

  21. I would love to get the “Out of this world” crops.

  22. I would love to spend it on lots of sweaters, as the cold seasons are coming!

  23. I might get the Mary Jane Maxi Dress

  24. I might get the Courtney Wrap Solid.

  25. I would get the Chamb-A-Okay Top and the Susie Q Dress!

  26. I would purchase the She Believed Top

  27. i like the beach house pullover

  28. If I am the lucky winner, I may get the Can’t Get Enough Purse!!

  29. I am a teacher and love teaching in maxis so I can be comfortable and appropriate 🙂 I would love the Volcanic Maxi Dress!!

  30. I am loving the Kelly bag so probably that 🙂

  31. I love the Heart of Gold Necklace

  32. I would spend it on the beautiful dresses!!!

  33. I really like the suzy q dress and the out of this world crops!!

  34. I’m really into scarfs so I would buy the PRESALE Lunar Fringe Wrap and PREORDER Tiffany Bag I am obsessed with handbags!

  35. I really love the Desert Oasis Maxi Dress and the In the Trenches Coat

  36. I would buy t he PREORDER Easy Rider Jacket!

  37. I am desperate for leggings so I would probably get the tummy control leggings and the in the trenches coat.

  38. I’d get a Suspension Bra!

  39. So many great items of clothing! I especially like the Reflection Top.

  40. I would get the Charlotte tank

  41. Pretty dress 🙂

  42. Infinity Leggings for the win!!! They look amazing for someone (me) who just had a baby!

  43. I would love a maxi dress any sort of maxi dress

  44. I LIKE THE Brooklyn Hoodie IN BLACK 🙂

  45. Just so you know, you can’t actually leave an URL of a retweet. It’ll just go back to the URL of the original tweet.

  46. I would buy the Courtney Wrap Solid

  47. I love the San Diego Trench or the Easy Rider Jacket. Both look nice for Fall!

  48. For starters, I’d love to get the Khloe Dress! It’s so cute!

  49. I would spend my gift card on the Juniper Tunic

  50. I love this purse http://www.silvericing.com/images/products/kelly_bag_navy_1_lg.jpg but could probably use some more pants or trench you fetured

  51. I would get the keep it under wraps

  52. I’m going back to Uni soon, I would love to flaunt a new pair of jeans!

  53. One item I’d get is their Juniper Tunic. So cute! Thank-you. 🙂

  54. I would spend my GC on Juna Rose clothes, great for + sized ladies!

  55. I would spend my gift card on the Pacific Sunrise Maxi dress and the Country Charm tank.

  56. I would let my 19 year old choose clothes for work.

  57. I’d buy the Bold and Beautiful Dress and the Susie Q Dress!

  58. I would like to get some infinity leggings.

  59. All Over Pullover

  60. I would like to buy the Icing on the Cake Crops

  61. i love the anchors away scarf and the smooth sailing tank

  62. I really like the plaid about you tunic, white and in the trenches coat.

  63. I like a lot of the items there – Brooklyn Hoodie

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