Stay Healthy During the Holidays with These 7 Tips

Stay healthy during the holidays with these 7 tips! From not gaining weight over Christmas to keep the cold and flu at bay here are some great Christmas health tips.

Stay healthy during the holidays with these 7 tips! From not gaining weight over Christmas to keep the cold and flu at bay here are some great christmas health tips.

Tip #1: Step away from the chocolate!

Just kidding! Dark chocolate, in moderation, isn’t bad for you. Actually, most things, in moderation, aren’t bad for you. That’s the key to staying healthy during the holidays: moderation.

It’s okay to indulge a little over the holiday period but where we get into trouble is if we overdo it. A lot.

Stay Healthy During the Holidays with These Tips

Here are a few ways you can have a healthier Ho Ho Ho and Happy New Year:

1. Plan and prepare meals

It’s a busy time of year: parties, festivities, special events, and gatherings. The result is that we end up eating haphazard meals either standing at someone’s buffet table or scarfing a takeout after getting home late.

Planning some meals ahead of time, and even prepping some to put in the freezer, will keep you from doing the last minute pizza dash to get everyone fed!

Check out the free recipe binder below this post for your free meal planner!

2. Up the hand washing routine

Not only is this the season of goodwill to all people, it’s also cold and flu season! You might be going to a lot more parties or events, shaking hands with friends and strangers alike. Germs don’t care if you are friends though. Germs will love you no matter what, so make sure you take care to wash your hands when you can, carry some hand sanitizer for when you can’t and take care to avoid touching your face.

The single biggest way to get sick is by touching someone who has the cold virus and then touching your face. Your nose and mouth are the first places those germs want to go and by scratching your nose twelve times, you’ve given them a one-way ticket!

3. Follow a drink with a glass of water

When you’re out at a party, by all means, have a cup of eggnog or a glass of spiked punch (assuming you’re not driving, of course!) but follow up that drink with a glass of water. You can always bump it up with some sparkling water and lime, but dehydration is a real thing and it tends to happen when we’re not paying too much attention to what we’re taking in, liquids wise.

4. Get out and play

Sure, the weather can be a little frightful come winter but if you dress in warm layers, a little outdoor fun is a great way to enjoy some time with the family AND stay healthier. Ever tried running around in snow? SO much harder than dry pavement. How about an epic snowball fight? Or a game of hide and seek in the park? Or building a snowman? A walk around the neighborhood to take in the Christmas lights is a fun way to add a little activity into your day. There are a lot of ways you can get out and enjoy the frosty weather, all of which will lead you home to a steaming cup of cocoa with marshmallows.

Refocusing some of the fun of the holidays on activities, rather than food, can go a long way to keeping you healthier this season.

5. Eat before you eat

Cocktail party snacks are the best but one thing they tend not to be is healthy. Again, it’s okay to nibble on delectable treats in moderation but you don’t want to arrive hungry and inhale the buffet! Make sure you have a healthy snack before you venture out and you won’t find yourself needing to dominate the platter of brie and cranberry puffs.

Or bring your own healthier options, like this Pesto Hummus Dip.

A side benefit here is that if you are going to indulge in some alcoholic beverages, you won’t be doing it on an empty stomach. Drinking without eating something too is the fast track to wearing a lampshade on your head, so skip that Instagrammable moment and load up on some veggies, proteins and complex carbs before you head out.

6. Be careful on the road

Traffic levels and snowy weather are up during the holidays, and very often, patience is at a minimum, so whether you’re driving to visit family or just going across town to attend a party, leave yourself plenty of time to get there with minimal stress.

7. Lower your stress however you can

Speaking of stress, if you know there are certain things that stress you out every year, like Aunt Ida’s political views or your skyrocketing credit card bill, try to plan ahead to deal with these issues. Ask Aunt Ida to tell you about her trip to Aruba instead, and put together a shopping budget that you will at least TRY and stick to. Holidays should be fun, not stressful!

Most importantly, take care of yourself. The holiday period is the perfect time to sleep in, finally read that book that’s been sitting on your bedside table or just lounging in front of the fire.

Here are a few self care examples for you to follow.

Whatever you do this holiday season, make sure you rest, relax and have fun. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

How do you stay healthy during the holidays?

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