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Let's Imagine Elmo

When it comes to toys, I believe that the more educational – the better. I love toys that make learning fun, toys like Let’s Imagine Elmo.

My son loves Elmo (or “Melmo” as he likes to call him) so when he got a little surprise last week of Let’s Imagine Elmo, he was pretty excited.

Let’s Imagine Elmo is the newest Elmo toy, actually it’s more like four toys in one.

Let’s Imagine Elmo’s four modes:

Elmo brings on the fun and exercises my toddler’s imagination by playing dress up. There are four “dress up” modes when it comes to Let’s Imagine Elmo: a cowboy, a sea captain, a prince, and regular Elmo that we all know and love. To activate the different modes, all you have to do is switch Elmo’s hat.

Let's Imagine Elmo - a great toy for toddlers for Christmas

Counting Cowboy: Elmo loves to count with his cowboy hat and helps my toddler count to twenty. We’re not quite there yet, but my son does like to squeeze Elmo’s nose twenty times. Once my son reaches the goal of twenty, he celebrates with a song and dance.

Singing Sea Captain: This is my son’s favorite mode. Elmo is a singing sea captain teaching my son the sounds of seagulls, otters and more.

Playful Prince: When Elmo is a playful prince he plays a game of “Prince Elmo says” and greets my son with “Greetings royal friend”, it’s incredibly cute.

Elmo: Elmo is his regular laughing self and encourages play through imagination. With suggestions of putting a hat on, squeezing Elmo’s nose or tickling his tummy, my son is learning the functions of Let’s Imagine Elmo along with “Muppet anatomy”. I have to say, I absolutely love hearing my son’s belly giggles when Elmo makes honking sounds when his nose is squeezed.

What’s great about Let’s Imagine Elmo is that instead of buying four separate toys that get over used and end up in the “to sell” pile, you’re getting four in one. If you child get’s bored of one setting, it’s so easy to bring to life a new toy – all in the switch of a hat.

It’s a great toy (especially for the upcoming holiday season), my son absolutely adores his Melmo and I adore how he’s learning to identify sounds and has started to place them in everyday situations.

Want to learn more? For additional information (like where you can buy your Let’s Imagine Elmo) please visit the Hasbro website.

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Let’s Imagine Elmo Giveaway

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Let’s Imagine Elmo Giveaway
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77 comments on “‪Let’s Imagine Elmo + Giveaway #‎ImagineWithElmo‬”

  1. My son loves Elmo more than anything. !!!

  2. Elmo boost mys childs imagination with the changing of the hats & pretending to be pirates together

  3. Elmo helps to foster my child’s imagination by playing make believe. He liked to imagine different situations.

  4. Elmo increases my child’s imagination by allowing him/her to be themselves. To sing out loud, to read, to imagine, to dream and to wonder. Thank-you for this amazing giveaway.

  5. Possibly the most recognized Sesame Street character EVER, ELMO is bound to spark my child’s imagination because he would be interacting with my child. Children learn social skills by play making! And I think Elmo fits the bill! 🙂

  6. Elmo is a great toy..lots of imaginative play and is so lovable. Lots of singing and playing with Elmo!

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