31 Walking Dead Gift Ideas for the Superfan

Have a Walking Dead superfan on your gift list? Check out these The Walking Dead Gift Ideas.

The Walking Dead gift ideas for the zombie superfan on your gift list. There are over 31 Walking Dead gifts here!

I’m a huge fan of The Walking Dead! Not to brag, but I watched the series three times this summer alone – it’s such an awesome show. I’m not sure if that’s a brag, or a sign I have no life… hmmmm.

I put together a list of Walking Dead gift ideas, and some of them are pretty cool. I’d totally like to have the Survival Kit (Carrie Underwood has stated on The Talking Dead that she has one and loves it) and the Daryl Dixon wings phone case. Oh, and I’d totally wear the Carol’s Cookies T-Shirt. Actually, I have it in my Amazon cart (am I the only one that places a lot of items in the cart and just wait on it?).

Walking Dead Gift Ideas

Okay – how cute is this onesie? There are a few on Amazon that I’d totally buy for baby #2 (if it happens, that is). 

  1. The Snacking Dead: A Parody In a Cookbook
  2. Lifesized Daryl Dixon
  3. Lucille
  4. Funko Pop: The Walking Dead Action Figures
  5. The Walking Dead Monopoly
  6. The Walking Dead Season 6 Limited Edition
  7. Walking Dead Charm Bracelet 
  8. Daryl’s Crossbow Lamp
  9. Little Asskicker Onesie
  10. AMC’s The Walking Dead Survival Kit
  11. Daryl’s Crossbow Replica
  12. Don’t Open, Dead Inside Women’s Robe
  13. Daryl Dixon Wings Messenger Bag
  14. Michonne’s Katana
  15. Lucille Table Lamp
  16. Dale’s RV Set
  17. Eeny Meeny Miny Moe Tee Shirt
  18. Walker Bait Cuff Bracelet 
  19. The Walking Dead Charm Necklace
  20. The Walking Dead String Lights
  21. Zombie Nail Art Decals
  22. Daryl Dixon Wings Smartphone Case
  23. AMC’s The Walking Dead Zombie Preparedness Awareness Kit
  24. Don’t Open Dead Inside Laptop Sticker
  25. The Walking Dead Cookie Jar
  26. Daryl Dixon Fleece Blanket
  27. Objects In The Mirror Are Zombies Mirror Decal
  28. Terminus BBQ T-Shirt
  29. Carol’s Cookies T-Shirt
  30. Chocolate Pudding Lunch Kit
  31. Daryl Dixon Carl Decal

Another awesome idea for walking dead gifts is the AMC The Walking Dead Supply Drop. It’s a monthly subscription box for The Walking Dead fans!

What item on this list would you like to have?

The Walking Dead gift ideas for the zombie superfan on your gift list. There are over 31 Walking Dead gifts here!

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  1. We purchased RISK the Walking dead Edition last year it is awesome

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