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I’m a huge advocate of to-do lists. I think they’re relevant for every aspect for your life from cleaning to goals to your daily tasks. I firmly believe that if you don’t have it written down, you’ll miss it and it won’t get done. There is something about crossing off a task on your to do list, you get a feeling of accomplishment (or at least I do). Writing things down on a scrap of paper works, but I much prefer printables. This way you are organized from the beginning and you can place them in your family binder and no one does it better than Clean Mama Printables.

Cleaning PrintablesI have been trying to organize a family binder for the last year, I really need to sit down for a weekend and just get it done instead of a little bit at a time. I have attempted to make my own weekly/daily/monthly cleaning printables but I’ve had issues. Issues as in they look as though a 7-year-old was using Photoshop for the first time. They worked for a while, and they I found Clean Mama Printables and breathed a sigh of relief. Becky’s printables are eye appealing and clean. Just what I want in my family binder, and the colors go really well with my theme as well (who knew that I would be excited about a color themed family binder – if I only I can tell my teenage self that).

I am using The Cleaning Kit Brights.  After you purchase it on Clean Mama’s Etsy shop, you will be able to instantly download this six page kit (which you can edit on your computer to suit your needs – love that). Want a full cleaning kit? Clean Mama Printables has that too. This particular cleaning kit comes with the following pages:

  • Household Cleaning Checklist This page is left blank so you can edit at your convenience. There are options for daily, weekly, monthly, seasonally and annually. You can print it out and write your list or Becky gives you the option to type out your list as well.
  • Weekly Cleaning Checklist This is my favorite page. Becky lists the majority of what most people’s weekly cleaning tasks are but also offers a few lines to add your own. There are five weeks on a page and daily check offs to make sure that you have completed your chores.
  • Monthly Cleaning Checklist Here is another useful printable. Each month is listed with some bigger tasks, which leaves you with a much cleaner house year round. Some of these tasks are: clean baseboards, reminders to flip mattresses (and vacuum them), cleaning switch plates, etc. There is also a blank checklist attached as well.
  • Once A Week Cleaning Checklist There are five weeks on a page (another blank page included so you can add your own tasks) and the ones she made up for you already has things like: quick de clutter, dust bathrooms, vacuum, etc.
  • Seasonal Cleaning Checklist Finally, there is the Seasonal Cleaning Checklist. This checklist is fantastic, whenever I have gone and made my own Spring Cleaning Checklists I spend a lot of time just thinkspring cleaning printableing of what I need to clean. Becky has the majority of tasks already written out for you (and, like all the printables, includes a blank list for you to add your own). You can use each paper once a year as there are four columns with the heading “Date Completed”, so you can see when (or even if ) you did that chore the last time.

All in all I really like Clean Mama Printables. I could spend a lot of time going through all her options. Her printables have cleaning options but she also has moving checklists (which I need at this moment), The Busy Mama Kit, Chore Charts, Calendars, Recipe Binder printables and so much more. Her prices are very affordable ($10-$12 on average but if you buy bigger kits, it will cost you a little more).

Don’t forget to check out The Clean Mama Blog where you can find some fabulous tips and tricks and even a free printable or two. You can also find Clean Mama on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

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  1. I love checklists! They help me stay organized, this would be great for me,.

  2. I’m a total list person, so I love this! I’m all about checking stuff off. It feels the BEST!

  3. What a great idea I need some of these to stay on track for sure!

  4. Awesome! I love To-Do lists, checklists, anything I can keep track on paper! Checking them all out now!

  5. Oh this is something I would love!!!

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