Two Surprises {Disneyland Pregnancy Announcement + Gender Reveal}

It’s not often I get too personal on The Bewitchin’ Kitchen. I like to share my recipes, travel stories, and passion for health and I keep my personal life in the shadows a bit. I’m sure you guys don’t care to know my day in and day out (it’s actually super boring). With that being said, I do want to share the big things with you and the moments that matter. So with that being said…

Disneyland Pregnancy Announcement. It's a girl! A fun way to announce a pregnancy at Disney and a Disney gender reveal!

Surprise (although, you probably figured out what was up from the title, or if you follow me on Instagram or Facebook).

Yes, I’ve been keeping this a secret for many months (since September). As of today, I’m 18w and 1 day and feeling alright! I had a brutal first trimester (and wrote this first trimester survival guide) which is why the recipes around here died down a bit. I had a hard time cooking guys! Basically, if it wasn’t bread or carby-sugary goodness (like cakey muffins), I wasn’t eating.

I’m seriously celebrating that I can eat salads, chicken, and broccoli again.

Disneyland Pregnancy Announcement

We’ve had a trip to Florida planned since June and the original plan was to announce then, but I began to pop early. Super early. I knew I wasn’t going to be able to hide it for long so as we were figuring out where we wanted to travel to for Christmas, we decided Disneyland would be the perfect place for two reasons:

  1. It was cheaper than Hawaii by thousands of dollars
  2. We could still do a Disney Pregnancy Announcement!

It wasn’t easy hiding the pregnancy. We did our best to hide it from our families, as we wanted to surprise them Christmas morning. I turned down meeting up with people and when I did, I wore baggy clothes. A few days before seeing my parents before we left my friend Deni even wished me luck. Somehow, I managed.

I was able to book a private ultrasound the day before we left for Disneyland and had a gender reveal.

It’s a girl!

I’m so damn excited to have all the pink, glitter, and glam in my life. Knowing the sex of the baby helped us make our Disneyland Pregnancy Announcement that much more magical by being able to have fun by purchasing pink ears and even dropping the $9 on a pink balloon (okay, the cheap ass in me had a hard time spending that sort of money on a balloon but on our last day at the park we gave it to a family with a little princess and it made her day, so it was worth it).

Will I be sharing my pregnancy and baby things on The Bewitchin’ Kitchen?


I know a lot of you come here for recipes only, health only, or to grab some travel tips but TBK grows with my blog and there will be a few tips and tricks I learn throughout the pregnancy and becoming a mom (again). If it helps me, I’m sure it can help you and that’s what I do here. Plus lets face it, if you’re not pregnant – you may know someone who is and maybe I can help them by having your share it.


Take care TBK family!

5 comments on “Two Surprises {Disneyland Pregnancy Announcement + Gender Reveal}”

  1. Congrats!

  2. congrats again and I loved the announcement. Can’t wait to see how TBK grows with you and your family

  3. Hi! Found your site through Pinterest and love the picture of the reveal! I’m also thinking of doing the same thing and was having trouble finding the pink ears…would you mind telling me where you got them??
    Thanks ! 

    • Hey Melissa.

      First of all – congrats!

      I have seen them in multiple stores in the Disney parks (but the last time I was there was this past December). This specific one I bought at the hat store on Mainstreet, right when you enter on the right hand side. I believe it’s the Mad Hatter.

      This is at Disneyland.

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