First Trimester Survival Guide Morning Sickness, Heartburn and More.

Pregnancy can be rough, it doesn’t start out all rainbows and butterflies (at least it didn’t for me). As I went through the first trimester, I wrote down remedies for my pregnancy symptoms. Here is my first trimester survival guide for morning sickness, pregnancy heartburn, and more.

First trimester survival guide - relief for morning sickness, pregnancy heartburn, mood swings, and more!

First Trimester Survival Guide

I’m writing this in my first trimester, as these joyous side effects happen, knowing full well that I won’t be publishing this until I’m well into my second trimester. You see, I want to keep this a secret as long as I can but I also know that I have no memory (I would love to blame baby brain, but it’s actually thyroid brain) so I’m writing this while this is fresh.

How to relieve morning sickness

Morning sickness is such a lie, it lasts much longer than just in the morning.

I’m a big meat eater, but for the first few weeks, I could barely look at meat. Editing some of my food photography was a difficult task, trust me blogging about food is not fun when you’re knee deep in morning sickness.

Here’s what I used to help relieve nausea. 

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  • Sour candy
  • Carbs, Carbs, and MORE CARBS
    • Protein is important to get in as it will help keep you full but I couldn’t stomach it. I lived off buns, bread, and english muffins.
  • Ginger Tea
  • Sip on bone broth.
    • I swear by Lono Life. They have both packets you can dissolve in hot water or Kcups for your Keurig! They’re full of nutrients so if you can keep it down, let that keep your mind at ease (it helped me).
  • Diclectin
    • There is nothing wrong with getting help when you need it. I cashed my diclectin prescription right away and it helped. Please speak to your doctor about it if you feel you need it.

Mild recipes to help you get in nutrients while still being gentle on your tummy:

Pregnancy Heartburn Relief

I had some of the worst heartburn and acid reflux of my life. One night it was so bad that I did everything on this list, but it wasn’t until I had enough and took both *Nexium and Zantac that I found a little relief, but that was a few hours after it started.

*Nexium is a behind the counter acid reducer, it’s a PPI and is not recommended for pregnancy (or at least it wasn’t by my doctor, my pharmacist said no harm was done by me taking it that one time but she would advise against it for future use).

Here’s what I used to relieve pregnancy heartburn.

Before you try anything, please speak to your doctor first. We all have different situations and it’s always best to consult with both your physician and your pharmacist.

  • Tums
  • Gaviscon
    • I found the liquid was more soothing, just remember to chase with water.
  • Heartburn Tea
  • Chamomile Tea
  • Digestzen
    • I’m wasn’t comfortable taking any EO’s internally during pregnancy, so I rubbed on my tummy and chest.
  • Apple Cider Vinegar
    • Add 2 tsps in a glass of water and toss it back.
  • Zantac 150
    • Taken twice a day: once in the morning and once at dinner. This was advised by my doctor and pharmacist, but again I recommend speaking to your health professionals first.

Sore Boobs

  • Ditch the bra!
  • Swap your underwire for a sports bra or bralette.
    • My friend swore by this.
  • Drink lots of water
    • Apparently, this helps by flushing excess fluids and hormones.
  • Warm compress for 10-15 minutes.

Mood Swings

I know this must be soooo hard to believe but apparently I’m a little moody.

When I’m feeling anxious, angry, or overwhelmed, here’s a few steps I take to bring it down a notch).

  • Listen to a podcast
  • Lay in bed
  • Have a bath
  • Diffuse some oils
  • Mindlessly browse Pinterest
    • I recommend the humour section.
  • Go for a walk, while listening to my podcasts!

I really hope my first trimester survival guide brings you relief. Does it work 100% of the time? It didn’t always for me, but any relief is still relief.

Please, if you have any first trimester survival tips to share – share them in the comments to help any expectant mothers find relief and comfort.

3 comments on “First Trimester Survival Guide Morning Sickness, Heartburn and More.”

  1. I suffered with all day nausea during early pregnancy. The moment I started drinking No to Morning Sickness Tea my nausea went away and never came back. It really helped me get through my day and eat balanced meals.

  2. I hardly got sick with any of my four pregnancies, but when I started to feel nauseous I had to remember to eat. Always needed something in my tummy… even you can’t eat, try 🙂

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