10 Reasons Why The Dyson V6 Absolute Rocks My Socks

10 reasons why the Dyson V6 Absolute is awesome. It does it all: dust, vacuum, make dinner (kidding). Here's a quick Dyson V6 review and why I love it!

I’m going to start this out with a spoiler alert: I have never met a Dyson I didn’t love. My Dyson DC61 is awesome, my Dyson DC78 Cinetic Turbinehead Animal is about as magical as vacuums can get and now I have the Dyson V6 Absolute. You guys, the Dyson V6 Absolute has been a lifesaver.

I have mentioned to you guys a few times now via blog posts and Facebook posts that I recently re-located. For about a I was back at the Terrace house while my husband was here in PG, and I had the super fun (insert sarcasm) task of packing up the house and cleaning everything on my own. Oh did I forget to mention that while doing this we were selling our house and I had to keep it pretty spotless?

10 reasons why the Dyson V6 Absolute is awesome. It does it all: dust, vacuum, make dinner (kidding). Here's a quick Dyson V6 review and why I love it!

Small but mighty, this was after running the Dyson V6 Absolute for 2 minutes over the carpet in our rental. Do you see all that dirt? The canister was clear before.

When I say that the Dyson V6 Absolute has been a lifesaver, this is what I’m talking about. It saved my sanity during the packing, cleaning, selling and moving process.

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I love the Dyson V6 Absolute!

Dyson V6 Absolute: 10 Reasons Why It Rocks My Socks

  1. It’s cordless. There is no cord to trip over or unravel, it’s simply just grab and go.The Dyson V6 Absolute's BEST attachment. I LOVE this bar, it cleans my floors so well.
  2. The Dyson dock. Storing and charging the machine is so easy with this dock station. Plus this way it doesn’t take up room in your cleaning closet.
  3. Hygienic bin emptying. To empty the dirt into the trash is easy, you just push a button. There is not getting your hands dirty.
  4. Long run time. On a full charge, the Dyson V6 Absolute can run for 20 straight minutes.
  5. Max mode. If you need an extra boost, just hit the max mode button and you have six minutes of increased suction.
  6. It’s easy to clean the ceiling. The Dyson V6 Absolute cleans from floor to ceiling all in one go, thanks to the easy click and go options.
  7. It expels clean air. As a mom to a child with some breathing problems, I’m very thankful for this feature. The Dyson’s post-motor filter expels air that’s cleaner than the air you breathe. This is the first Dyson cordless with HEPA Filtration! It captures allergens removing 99.97% of particles as small as 0.3 microns. 
  8. The brush bar. The Dyson brush bar has 75% more brush bar power than the Dyson V6 Slim thanks to the direct drive motor. What that means is that there is more power to push the bristles deep into carpets to get more dirt out.
  9. The cleaner head. This is the attachment I always use. This cleaner head picks up large and small debris at once, nothing gets left behind. That’s because of the soft roller head. Dyson engineers redesigned the traditional cleaner head so that captured both big and small debris. Instead of strips of hard bristles, the Dyson soft roller cleaner head has a full-width roller, covered with a soft nylon material and rows of carbon fibre filaments. Large debris are enveloped by the soft material and flung inside the cleaner head, while the antistatic qualities of the carbon fibre filaments gently remove fine dust, without damaging floors.
  10. It’s powerful, it’s convenient, and it works.

Bonus: It only weighs 5 pounds! It’s so easy to carry around and with the ball technology at the base of the vacuum, it turns on a dime.

At the end of the day, what matters is that the Dyson V6 Absolute works incredibly well. It cleans your floors, your walls and your stairs fast and efficiently. It moves from carpet to hard floors with ease and thanks to the attachments, it also easily cleans those pesky hard to reach areas.

I love the Dyson V6 Absolute so much that I just bought another as a Christmas gift for someone special on my gift list.

Like what you hear? Visit the Dyson website to learn more about the Dyson V6 Absolute.

Have you tried any of the wireless Dyson V6’s yet?

10 comments on “10 Reasons Why The Dyson V6 Absolute Rocks My Socks”

  1. Great review! Cordless is definitely the way to go! I’m so tired of hauling out my old, clunky vacuum cleaner and having to move it from plug to plug do finish my house.

  2. Great points about the Dyson V6 Absolute. I own the same vacuum cleaner, and it is very lightweight and portable. The fact that it’s cordless means I can clean multiple areas in my home without having to plug in and unplug all the time.

  3. I love my Dyson, I have the canister animal one. I’m in love with this one too it looks so much more portable!

  4. Another awesome Dyson product….these guys seriously know what they’re doing. I don’t know any other brand who have made a cleaning product that people lust after!

  5. I always worry that cordless machines won’t run long so it’s good to know you’ll get at least 20 minutes with it and the light weight must be amazing!

  6. Just got the Dyson V6 Absolute.Used it last night to clean church. It worked unbelievably great…for 6 minutes. I was so aggravated; ready to take it back! Then, I thought that maybe I was running it in ‘max’ mode. So I charged it last night and used it today. It ran for 17:57 minutes! WhooHoo! I didn’t think it was ever going to stop! I vacuumed my living room, bedroom, spare bedroom and kitchen. It pulled a lot of dirt out of my carpet too. The cup filled up very quickly…(too quickly) I wonder if it might have run longer if I would have emptied the cup? Compared to my Dyson Upright, I would give the Absolute 8 out of 10 stars on deep cleaning, on regular power. I can’t imagine using it for 6 minutes, in any situation. But the max power is as good as my upright. The grip can get uncomfortable. I am going to design a fox for that! I do think that I need to practice standing straight and using my arm more than my hand? So, in conclusion, I love this machine! Be sure that the blue RING, indicating ‘max’ power is not lit, unless you are needing a short burst of power. And I think it is important to know that 17 minutes is longer than you think!

    • Hey Linda! I’m glad you love it. I did the same thing with max power with another Dyson handheld that I have. It’s easy to make that mistake.
      I do love my Dyson, it makes vacuuming enjoyable!

  7. Very detailed review of Dyson V6. After reading this review I really want to change my vacuum cleaner. For that I searched a lot for Dyson V6. During that came to know Dyson V8 is also good vacuum cleaner. Now I can’t decide between Dyson V6 and V8. Which will you suggest?

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