Fall Date Ideas – Free or Cheap

Fall date ideas that won't break the bank! Budget friendly date ideas that are cheap or free!

Dating – whether you just met that special person or have been married for 20 years – is fun, and an important part of life. Spending a fortune doesn’t have to be part of the process though! With these free and cheap fall date ideas, you won’t have to worry about going broke.

Fall Date Ideas (That Won’t Leave Your Pockets Empty):

Visit a winery or brewery. If you’re lucky enough to have a winery and a brewery in your area, this could be two separate dates! 🙂 Some breweries offer free tours and tastings, and most wineries do as well. Walking around a vineyard, sampling wines, taking pictures, holding hands and taking in the crisp, Autumn air is as romantic as it gets! Heading to the beautiful and sunny Okanagan? Here are 5 Okanagan wineries you have to visit!

Star gazing. With technology, a stargazing date can be amazing. Find the perfect spot, and lay out a blanket or two and some pillows. If there aren’t any stars out yet, talk or watch a movie on your tablet until it’s dark enough to see the beauty in the night sky. Pack some snacks and make it a picnic – and don’t forget the bug spray!

Fall festivals. These can be free, but they can also get expensive. Whether you spend the day people-watching or taking in a classic car show, Fall festivals can be so much fun! In some areas, Fall festivals also have free concerts. This would make a great day or night date, depending on the weather.

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Hay rides. At most churches, orchards, and pumpkin patches, hayrides are free or super cheap (like a buck)! We like to go apple picking, because they have an “all you can eat” policy while you’re out on the tour. So, take your time, eat a few apples, and enjoy the hay ride there and back.

Local football game. It doesn’t have to be the NFL to be fun to watch, right? Right. So, take your honey – and a blanket if it’s chilly – and watch the local high school or college football game. Sometimes it costs a few bucks to get in, but you can bring your own food so you don’t have to settle for concession stand goodies.

Haunted House Tours. I haven’t found any free haunted house tours yet, but there are always coupons and discounts – and a chance to win them by calling into radio stations! Many cities and towns (like San Diego) even have haunted walking tours of cemeteries and such.

DIY date! In September or early October, get together and make your Halloween costumes! This can be fun – and hilarious – and then you can take a second date to a local costume contest.

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11 comments on “Fall Date Ideas – Free or Cheap”

  1. I love all of these! Stargazing is one my favourite date night activities.

  2. What a great post! Love all your Fall date ideas. Hubby and I sneak out for a lunch date after schools back in and then a nice afternoon walk alone! Enjoy your date time Randa 🙂

  3. These all sound so fun! 🙂 Great post idea- we’re always trying to think of something new to do for date nights (and preferably free or cheap stuff! 😉

  4. These are great ideas! We always like to go walking to view the beautiful Fall colors! And Football games usually make it onto our Fall list too!

  5. Thanks for all of your ideas!

  6. I like the winery and brewery tour idea!!! There are a lot around us, both here in Vancouver and on the Island. The hard part is getting a babysitter because I don’t want to take the kids with us!!! Thanks for these ideas. 🙂

  7. Oh how i absolutely LOVE fall! What a great post! One thing we love to do in fall is just go out for a drive and take photos of the changing leaves etc 🙂

  8. Love these date ideas! Something about fall is so romantic, I think! It makes me want to get outside for the last few warm days and soak it all in with my honey…thanks for some great ideas!

  9. Cute ideas! I am so ready for the fall weather, and now I’m super excited for some fun dates with my husband!

  10. Love these ideas!! We live in a small town with not a lot of places to go, so this gives us more ideas!! Glad I saw this post at the #HomeMattersParty

  11. Congratulations on your feature on the #HomeMattersParty

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