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Hydroxycut GummiesWhen it comes to supplements I’m not a fan when they come in pill form. I have a hard time swallowing them and I tend to forget. I have heard of Hydroxycut, they’ve been around for years. You can’t open a magazine without one of their ads staring at you with a before and after shot. I have researched Hydroxycut a few times (including recently) but after reading how a lot of the people who took them where shaky, had headaches and were just generally over stimulated – I opted out. I was sent Hydroxycut Gummies to try, after seeing that they were stimulant free I thought “why not?”.

How do Hydroxycut Gummies work?

This stimulant free supplement claims to help you lose weight, reduce your BMI, and keep you satisfied. You take 1-2 gummies three times a day, about a half hour before your main meals. It is recommended on the bottle that you don’t snack in between, but I can’t do that. I eat 5-6 small meals a day and I’m not willing to change that, it’s one of the keys to my weight loss success.

What I have noticed is that I feel full. I’m satisfied with my breakfast/lunch/dinner and I don’t find myself ravenous with hunger by the time 3 pm rolls around. I believe this is the key to the weight loss success founded by Hydroxycut Gummies. It must be an appetite suppressant.

Although it’s in candy form – it doesn’t taste like your typical candy. It doesn’t taste bad, but it doesn’t taste great. The more I take it, the less I dislike it but I was pretty grossed out the first day I popped the two gummies in my mouth. That being said, because they are in a candy form, I haven’t forgot to take a dose yet.

Hydroxycut Weightloss

I don’t know too much about supplements. My vast of knowledge is spread between protein powders, Shakeology and fish oil supplements. So I went to bodybuilding.com and read some real reviews and a lot of people were impressed with the results. So I had some high expectations. In the end? I’ve dropped about 3-4 pounds in the last two weeks. Yes, I’m eating cleaner but I didn’t start my exercise program until yesterday. I do believe that the Hydroxycut Gummies have helped and I will continue to use them.

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  1. I’m not a big fan of weight loss drugs, never had good luck with them. But I’m always interested in hearing how they work for other people. I will be interested to see if you continue to like them!

  2. Wow! Interesting read! Looking forward to hearing how this works for you. 🙂

  3. WoW! Gummies?!?!?! I can never commit to pills either, and I end up looking at it as yet another chore that ends up losing its luster after a couple weeks. But a gummy supplement 3 times a day? I’m IN! haha!

  4. I have never heard of these vitamins. I am not into supplements but these do sounds neat.

  5. this isn’t a product I would try but they look like they would taste good

  6. I’ve always wondered if these work! I need to do something about losing weight!

  7. WOW I love the results! I hate when you take a vitamin in pill form and it comes back up! ewww

  8. I didn’t know they made gummies! Sounds like a great and tasty way to lose weight!

  9. I too wondering that these pills works well or not …

    • I finished the whole bottle now, I did notice an appetite suppressing effect in the beginning but not so much towards the end. However, I was told that some of the ingredients support weight loss in other forms. I am down 7 pounds since I started it. I have been exercising and eating well for the last 2 weeks.

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