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Little Life BoxThere are many eco friendly and healthy products out there. Have you ever just wanted to try them before making the investment (they’re not always the cheapest)? With Little Life Box you can do just that!

Little Life Box is a monthly subscription service that delivers healthier alternatives of your favourite products to your door. From snacks, cosmetics, and supplements Little Life Box sends you options.

The cost is $19.99/month (but you can save if you pre-pay for the 3 month, 6 month or 1 year option) and you can choose to have a regular, gluten free or a vegan box. There is something for everyone.

Little Life Box Review


I have received a few beauty subscription boxes in the past over at The Bewitchin’ Kitchen, but nothing like Little Life Box. Here’s what I received for their April box: 

  • Camino Fair Trade, Organic Milk Chocolate Bunny.
  • North Coast Apple Sauce.
  • Vanilla Hemp Protein Powder.
  • Fig Bar.
  • Crunchmaster Gluten Free Multi Seed Crackers.
  • Organic Vanilla Lip Balm.
  • Jasmine & Honey Face Mask.
  • Biokleen Dish Soap.
  • 3 organic dark roast coffee pods.
  • Lalma Tea (Javaslim, Detox, Digestive).
  • Moisturizer.
  • Chlorella tablets.

I consider myself to be a healthy individual, I do my best to eat right and exercise. I’m also trying to eat more organic foods and when I do have treats, I am looking for sweets that are not as processed as what I’m used to.

Being that it is Easter, I quickly sampled the chocolate bunny. It tasted better then the typical bunnies found at the local store. The flavour was richer and it tasted real, like homemade chocolate. When I looked at the ingredients, there were just four: Golden cane sugar, cocoa butter, whole milk powder, cocoa mass (all fair trade). This morning when I looked at the other chocolate we received for Easter, I counted fifteen ingredients and I didn’t know what most of them were.

It’s products like Little Life Box that help me open my eyes to see what else is out there. I have to be honest, this is one of the only monthly subscription boxes that I consider ordering.

To order your own Little Life Box, order here.

42 comments on “Little Life Box”

  1. I like that you can choose the subscription that is best for you — original, vegan or gluten-free.

  2. I like that the company is health curious, willing to try new things/products.

  3. I like that the company offers a variety of products from food to cosmetics.

  4. The April box looks divine. You can’t go wrong with chocolate!

  5. I like that I can discover new healthier products every month.

  6. they have healthy alternative products and each box every month has dozens of samples

  7. I like that they offer email gift cards. What a great last minute gift idea!

  8. I love all the great reviews they provide.

  9. I really love how in Canada we finally have the options for a healthy & green lifestyle subscription box. And with the food & ingredient allergies I have this is actually a box that I have the option to participate in.

  10. I really like that they use healthy, natural, and organic products. I’m always looking for more ways to get healthier!

  11. I love the variety that this company offers. The fact that they are natural and organic makes it ten times better!!! I love subscription boxes as the give you a test to products you may never purchase, but will soon become favourites.

  12. This is so awesome! What great products! Camino is one of my favourites.

  13. I love that it’s a variety of health conscious/natural products. Also that it’s not just food or one type of product, I see food, vitamins, cleaners etc…that’s awesome.

  14. I like how they are focused on natural and organic products.

  15. I find it inspiring that the company is the initiative of a young woman who wants to share her passion of healthy food and natural products ! I applaud that she took her idea and made it happen (and in such a successful way) 🙂

  16. I like that the company carefully considers their customer’s needs…there is something for everyone: original, vegan and gluten-free!

  17. I like it because they have different organic products, natural

  18. I like that when glancing at the baskets I recognize products available at my local health food store that I haven’t necessarily wanted to spend a lot on a large quantity to try, but with these samples I could see if I liked it first

  19. I love that Little LIFE Box has high standards because so do I 🙂

  20. I like that the featured products have the prices listed.

  21. I love the idea of a subscription box, it’s really fun to get a package every month!

  22. I love that the subscription boxes are Canadian (I see lots of American SB’s but you have to pay an arm and a leg for shipping). I also love that you can decide on regular, gluten free or a vegan box, so its a win win for everyone!

  23. I like that you get such a variety of products and that the items are of such high quality. I also think it would be such a fun treat to get this in the mail each month, it’s like treating yourself to something good each month as a little reward. Thank you so much for the chance at winning three months worth of fun.

  24. I LOVE that they have a vegan box. Yay! Fingers crossed. 😀

  25. I like to combination of products they offer in their boxes. They don’t just send food or just beauty or just health– it’s a mixture and I think that would be really interesting and fun to get each month.

  26. So many good subscription boxes are in the States so I love that this is Canadian! I’ve been on the fence on whether to try this out or not 🙂

  27. I like that they send out new and healthier food samples each month for me to try and learn about.

  28. I love that they guarantee that you’ll never receive the same product twice!! This is a great business!

  29. I like the variety of products they offer in the boxes.

  30. I like the variety and healthy options! I think it would be a great gift for somebody too!

  31. I would LOVE to win this, this is the best ‘box’ selection I have ever seen! When I visited their website I learned that they offer a variety of boxes for different diets and lifestyles.

  32. I love that you get a variety of yummy offerings!

  33. I like you get different things each month.

  34. I love that they carry such a fun variety of food and other goodies. What a great way to try new stuff!

  35. healthier products each month! love it!

  36. I love that Health Box is organic and promotes health.Thanks for this awesome contest.I would love to win!

  37. trust in the food and goodies in the box

  38. I love that they are all natural products

  39. I like the fact that you get different items each month and that they provide a healthier choice alternative.

  40. Love that the products are gluten free 🙂

  41. Such a simple idea, love it! I only look for all natural foods and snacks so this is fits right for me.

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