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Majesta EZ flush

Before this campaign, I have never given thought into toilet paper before. When it came down to choosing what brand to use at the store, it always came down to sales and the most “bang for my buck” I could get and never the flush-ability. I recently took part of the Majesta EZ flsuh shake test on Instagram, and it changed the way I think about toilet paper.So why should you worry about your toilet paper’s flush-ability? Well (for one) if you have an duel flush toilet you’re going to want a toilet paper that breaks down easy. Those dual flush toilets have an option to use less water, and it takes a lot to break down the lead brand of toilet paper.

I conducted a “shake test”. In one bottle of water I had the leading brand of toilet paper and in the other I had Majesta Ez Flush. I shook both bottles to see how long it would take for the toilet paper to break apart. To see the test click on the link below.

Majesta EZ Shake Test

I shook the bottle with the leading brand of toilet paper for about twenty seconds, and it didn’t break down. It ended up just being a ball of toilet paper clogging the water from escaping the bottle.

When I shook the bottle with the Majesta Ez Flush, it broke down in a matter of seconds. I was able to pour out the water and paper with ease.

After the shake test, I couldn’t help but wonder what the leading brand of toilet paper was doing to my plumbing. The clog in the water bottle resembled my pipes being clogged, so from now on I’ll be using Majesta EZ Flush.

Majesta EZ Flush is also a great option for RV’s, people on septic, or if you’re prone to break out the plunger.

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What would you do with a $3000 shopping spree?

Disclosure: I am part of the MAJESTA e.z Day blogger program with Mom Central Canada and I receive special perks as part of my affiliation with this group. The opinions on this blog are my own.


7 comments on “Majesta EZ Flush #majestaez”

  1. New couch!!! I have my eye on one…..

  2. We use Majesta and love it!

  3. hmmm….that kind of money is best spent with a travel agent lol

  4. Funny – I never thought of a toilet paper’s flushability either (until now 🙂 Thanks!)… Focus has always been on softness and strength, but this is so true! What would I do with a $3000 shopping spree? Ironically – I would probably buy all that I would need to redo my bathroom! 🙂

  5. Great post!! I really didn’t know the difference between toilet papers before this campaign. I thought that the crappier the toilet paper the better it dissolved. So you had to give up quality for function. I love how soft and cushy Magesta is and how quickly it dissolves!

  6. Where can I order Majesta E Z flush???? Help PLEASE

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