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Evelyn Iona

I love makeup, I love how easy it is to change your day to day look from the pigment of a product and swoosh of a brush. What I don’t love (other then the effort) is the fact that it’s loaded with harmful chemicals. However, it doesn’t have to be (thanks to Evelyn Iona Cosmestics).

The fact that my regular makeup is loaded with chemicals, doesn’t cross my mind too much. It’s probably because I don’t like to think about it. When I do, it comes down to the fact that I don’t want harmful chemicals on my skin or near my eyes.

Evelyn Iona Organic Gel Liner

I was sent Evelyn Iona Cosmetic’s Natural & Organic Gel Eyeliner to review. Here’s some fun facts about the product: it’s vegan, gluten free (no, we’re not eating it but some people will have severe reactions if gluten even touches their skin), 70% organic, 95% natural, cruelty free and it’s made in the USA! That’s a lot of awesome stuff compacted in one little product.

Gel Eyeliner

The gel eyeliner is available in both black and brown. I prefer the black, regardless of the situation I will always have black eyeliner on. It retails for $19.50 which is a competitive price, it actually costs less then my usual eyeliner and considering that it’s organic – that’s a great price. Something else to keep in mind: a little goes a long way. This eyeliner will last you a long time, so yes – $19.50 is a great price. I’ve only used it 3-4 times but it barely looks like I’ve damaged it (see above photo).

This product goes on like butter, it’s so silky and smooth. Make sure you have a quality brush to apply (may I suggest the Evelyn Iona Bamboo Eyeliner Brush?). It’s really easy to smudge the liner for a smokey eye look too. This eyeliner provides a number of different looks you could achieve. It stayed put, there was no “bad smudging” once it was dry. However, I found it easy to remove when I wanted to.

Here is my “everyday” look that I achieved from using Evelyn Iona’s Gel Eyeliner.

Look Achieved by using: Evelyn Iona Cosmetics Gel Eyeliner

The black is defining, but you can make it soft very easily. Or if you want a dramatic look, just use a little more to darken it up.

Something that I can’t forget to mention is that every purchase leads to a $1 donation to the YWCA. Here’s a little more information on the partnership between Evelyn Iona & The YWCA:

YWCA Charity

To learn more about Evelyn Iona or to purchase their products you can visit the Evelyn Iona Cosmetics website.

Don’t forget to follow them on their social media platforms:

My question for you is:
Have you given much thought into what’s in your cosmetics?

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43 comments on “Natural & Organic Gel Eyeliner From Evelyn Iona Cosmetics”

  1. I love that they give back to charity and it is all natural!

  2. It’s so true – we have to be mindful of the chemicals we use on our skin and around our eyes. Sadly – I’ve only thought of this just recently. I love how the gel liner goes on smoothly and the price is right considering that it’s made of natural ingredients. I may have to give this a try! Thanks!

  3. I don’t wear a lot of make up, but love that this is organic

  4. It certainly sounds like you are getting a lot of value for your money with this product! I am not an eye make-up wearer, but it is nice to know the organic products are comparable to store brands. We have food allergies in this house so to see a product be vegan or gluten free is very important.

  5. I’m not very good at putting on eye liner, looks like I could use a few tips from you – you’re gorgeous!!!

  6. I’ve actually never worn eyeliner before, as whenever I try to wear it – I can’t get it right! This looks like a great makeup item though that I should try out one day! Thanks for sharing!

  7. I always look into what’s in my cosmetics! I am allergic to a preservative that is comminly used in alot of beauty/soap products so I’m extra careful. I once used something I was allergic too just once and couldn’t work for over a month! πŸ™

  8. I think about what’s in cosmetics and I’m very careful about the ones I buy. I prefer cruelty free, organic products.

  9. I am always nervous about what they put into the cosmetics since they are cancer causing agents.I only buy and use all natural n organic.

  10. Yes, I do think about what is in my cosmetics and try to purchase things without all that bad stuff in it.

  11. To be honest: No, I don’t think about what’s in my cosmetics. As long as it works for me and it’s reasonably priced, I’m satisfied with both organic and non-organic products.

  12. I do not think about whats in my makeup, id love to try this out!! thanks, I have never heard of natural and organic eyeliner

  13. I do think about what is in cosmetics and try to stay with organic cosmetics

  14. I look for organic but I never look at the ingredients

  15. Yes, I am very conscious of the cosmetics I use. I buy cosmetics that are manufactured only in Canada, USA, England, or France.

  16. I honestly haven’t given nearly enough consideration to what’s inside my cosmetics, unfortunately.

  17. absolutely yes! try and buy organic and/or make my own!

  18. It really takes mindfulness to think about what is in my makeup, and the only way I can stay mindful is by learning enough about it to care and have it make an impression! That can be really hard when we are bombarded by ads all the time but usually have to search out the information on what is actually in these products! I would love to try these, thank you for the chance.

  19. I definitely think about the makeup and products I use on my skin and hair as well as for my family

  20. I am always searching for products that are organic, natural and do not contain chemicals.. I don’t like putting chemicals on my skin.

  21. I think the ingredients found in most commercial, mass-produced cosmetics are appalling, and down right dangerous! If only all people knew what they were putting on their skin (the skin being the largest organ of the human body, able to absorb most poisons) they would put those businesses out of business.

  22. Yes! I have to or I instantly break out or have a reaction. In general I like to be as natural as I possibly can.

  23. There is harmful chemicals in everything! We need to be more aware!

  24. I have not put much thought about what is in my cosmetics but after reading up on it I will sure be paying much more attention in the future

  25. Have never heard of organic makeup before this but definately sounds interesting.

  26. I don’t give much thought to what is in my cosmetics and I really should because I really don’t know what it is I am putting on my face.

  27. I don’t wear much makeup and I did think about the fact that I have no idea what’s in it, but when I found out that your body absorbs everything through your skin and specifically that most items have many many chemicals and dyes it’s not worth it to poison myself just to look better. It really is when you make lifestyle changes you begin to question all of the other stuff you did everyday for years. Crazy!

  28. make up is not something i wear often but i love that this is organic

  29. Yes! I want clean and healthy cosmetics!

  30. I don’t really think about what’s in my cosmetics but I’m slowly getting aware.

  31. I never gave much thought into what I use until I got pregnant. Now I read every label and check into company stories before buying cosmetics and other personal items.

  32. Love that it’s organic! I would love to try this out!

  33. I look at the chemicals that might be in cosmetics & animal testing horrifies me.

  34. I’ll admit, I never read the ingredients but I know they are probably terrible! I try to buy only from the organic and natural section of the grocery store, but I’m sure better products probably exist!

  35. I’m Interested in learning more about organic make up products….love what I see so far

  36. very much so, and it is a big reason I rarely wear makeup

  37. I do think about what is in my cosmetics and I rarely ever use anything that is not natural and/or organic. Everything I own is natural and/or organic…its usually when I am at a girlfriends house doing makeup and I may use some eyshadow or something. I am working on spreading the word and getting them all on board with putting cleaner products on their faces!

  38. I use organic and natural cosmetics, so I feel good about using them!

  39. I love this organic product. My eyes are extremely sensitive and I have severe dry eye syndrome πŸ™‚ so I hope to one day try this lovely product! πŸ™‚

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