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About a month ago I received my Paperspring order that I won from a giveaway blog.
I chose to order four Digital Name Art Greeting Cards. I decided to order them because I never have birthday cards when I need them so I ordered the Cupcakes card and for the digital name art I just had “Happy Birthday” written on the cards.

When I received the Digital Name Art cards I got what I was hoping for. It looked identical to what it looked like on the preview. I was impressed.
With a wedding coming up, thank you cards are a must. So I also ordered 25 thank you cards. Here is what I ordered:

I love them! I think they are so cute. On the inside I just had another “thank you” and our first and last name on it.
Paperspring offers a variety of announcements, cards, invitations, stationary and more!
When I won this giveaway I was unaware that they only ship to the US. So when I tried to check out it wouldn’t work. After an email and a phone call Paperspring still sent it to me in Canada, free shipping. They really went above and beyond for me and I was really impressed.
Be sure to check out Paperspring’s sticky stock. It’s so neat!
This giveaway is now closed

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85 comments on “Paperspring Review”

  1. I would love to get some invitations for my sons upcoming baptism!

  2. I’d buy the New Nest moving announcements.

  3. One thing I would get if I won the gift code would be some Tiny Rocket Thanks. We are trying to teach our boys to be thankful and have good manners to send thank you cards when someone does something kind for them.

  4. I would get the Holiday Cheer Berry cards….hopefully that would help to get them out on time

  5. I would get lots of diff things I think…. but my favorites are the honey bee thank you cards!

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