Having The Odd Coffee and Other Things I Have Done “Wrong” In My Pregnancy

Congrats! You’re expecting, now here is a mile long list on what you’re NOT allowed to do.
It seems like the moment you find out the happy news, that is exactly what you hear. (Whether it’s word of mouth, online or in a book. My personal favorite is word of mouth, people love giving our their opinions regardless if they’re asked for or not.) It’s ridiculous all the pregnancy no-nos and it can be a little stressful on the mom-to-be. Every time I had a turkey sandwich I felt guilty and I hated that. Especially when it was the only thing I could stomach for a bit, I figured it was better to eat then not to eat at all. It’s not like I’m boozing up (or worse). I have had enough of the “You can’t do that’s”.
This looks great right about now
My Rap Sheet:
  • I will have a latte/cappucino/cup of coffee every once in a while
  • Ate a hot dog (actually, I have had multiple)*
  • Made (or ordered) a sandwich that had deli meat*
  • Dyed my hair (even though it is proven that this does not affect the baby, especially when the dye doesn’t touch the scalp, you wouldn’t believe the comments I received on this).
  • Ordered fast food
  • I take hot showers
  • In Hawaii, I went in the hot tub (mind you it was only ten minutes at a time)
  • In Hawaii, I went snorkeling
  • I don’t drink near enough water
  • I have tuna (sometimes twice a week)
  • Since I crave sour candies, guess what? I have them. Often.
  • I am not eating enough fruits/veggies
  • I frequently forget to take my prenatal vitamin
  • I had cole slaw on Friday (I didn’t even know you couldn’t do this until now)
  • When I have eggs, I have them over easy
  • Sometimes when I have steak, I take it medium
  • I take Tylenol (even with the Dr’s okay, people still give me their opinion).
  • I drink tap water
  • I’m having peanut butter and toast as I write this

I personally don’t see much wrong with what I have done. I’m not boozing away, smoking or doing drugs. This list isn’t an everyday occurrence (well, maybe somethings are), it’s an every once in a while I do this. I know I’m not the only one and I won’t be the only one.

Feel free to comment with your “rap sheet”.

*these items I buy natural, with no preservatives.

12 comments on “Having The Odd Coffee and Other Things I Have Done “Wrong” In My Pregnancy”

  1. I’ve done a lot of those things when pregnant with all four of my kids. Lunch meat and hot dogs are supposed to be ok as long as they are heated through. I didn’t know about peanut butter or coleslaw. Seems they’re constantly adding to the list. I’m visiting you from the Alexa Drop Hop. Thanks for stopping by http://www.deannasbargains.com

  2. this list does seem to get longer and longer…i remember when people used to say: “wait until you’re pregnant, then you can eat anything you want!” – SO not true.

    i had no idea about hot dogs, or coleslaw and i am NOT giving up my hot showers, lol

    penguinjo99 at gmail dot com

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