Rowenta Silence Force Extreme Compact #haveyouheard

Rowenta Silence Force Extreme compact reviewHave you heard of the Rowenta Silence Force Extreme? Before it showed up at my door, I hadn’t and now I’m determined to let everyone know about this compact and powerful vacuum.

Update: I no longer recommend this vacuum. It lasted a year but then lost its mojo.

My vacuum broke down a couple of weeks ago, and I as much as I wanted to replace my beloved appliance I didn’t have an extra $600-$700 laying around for the replacement model. My living room area rug needs to be done daily, and I wasn’t too sure what to do.

Rowenta To The Rescue.

Rowenta is an established top brand in the floor care market in Europe and across the world, standing on the cutting edge of innovation, design and performance. Today that tradition of excellence continues with the Canadian release of the floor care range.

rowenta vacuum does everything

I received the Rowenta Silence Force Extreme Compact, and I was pretty impressed with all that was included:

  • Vacuum
  • Multi Floor Head
  • Maxi Turbo Brush
  • Delta Hard Floor Brush 
  • Integrated Easy brush dusting tool
  • Sofa Brush
  • Telescopic Crevice Tool (with on-board storage)
  • Includes 2 Wonderbag Allergy Care 
    microfiber bags with 5 layers to filter out 
    99% of particles*- additional bags sold separately – Holds up to 5L of dirt.

It’s also really quiet. At just 65 decibels (similar to a loud conversation), I am able to vacuum my house and not have my son wake up from his nap. I have noticed the vacuum is a little louder when you use the turbo brush (which happens to be my favorite attachment) but it’s still quieter then most.

Enough talk and let’s get to some photos. Here is my area rug before using the Rowenta Silence Force Extreme:

Rowenta Vacuum Review


You can see some lint, crumbs and dog fur (this is daily in my house with a pomeranian and toddler). The fact that the rug is dark, only makes it show up that much more. 

Rowenta Silence Force Extreme Review

This was just after a few passes of the Silence Force Extreme Compact. Good as new!

Rowenta Silence Force Review

The Rowenta Silence Force Extreme Compact has so much suction. I’m going to be honest, as excited as I was when I was opening up the box when the Rowenta arrived – I didn’t have high hopes. I assumed it wouldn’t be even in the same category as my Dyson and it was so small, so I didn’t expect much power.

I was so wrong.

The vacuum has so much suction it lifts up my air intake vent, my Dyson has never done that!

This vacuum is awesome and does so much more then my old Dyson

Here is something really awesome. The vacuum nozzle design is so slim that it fits under my sofa. I no longer have to move my furniture every time I want to clean my floors. I have never had a vacuum with this feature before, it is so helpful and makes cleaning my house that much quicker.

It works on all floors, I use it on laminate, ceramic tile, area rug and carpet. I have also used the dusting tool (which is conveniently attached to the handle) on my easily scratch-able end tables with no negative effects.

I am so impressed with the Rowenta Silence Force Extreme Compact on every level (including it’s compact design so it easily stores in my coat closet without taking much space). You can find the Rowenta floor care family is available at The Bay, Sears, Home Outfitters and Bed, Bath and Beyond, across Canada.


13 comments on “Rowenta Silence Force Extreme Compact #haveyouheard”

  1. Love that it can reach under the couch with no effort. I have to move all my furniture out of the way to get under them. Great review!

  2. We’re looking for a new vacuum, ours just had a firey death. *cries*

    I love the idea that this is so quiet; I’ve always hated how loud vacuums can be! Also looking for one with an easy to handle tube for under furniture cleaning, so yours looks truly awesome. I’ve never heard of Rowenta before, so will keep an eye out for it now, thanks for the heads up! 🙂

    • Your welcome Aeryn! A fiery death? That sounds scary but intriguing on my end lol.

      Rowenta is an established vacuum in Europe for many years and is now in Canada. We have had their irons and other appliances for a while.

  3. It’s quiet? I want it. My youngest (now 16 months) hates my vacuum, and so did my middle daughter for quite a while… she’d go run and hide in her room when I was vacuuming. Now if I vacuum, I have to put my youngest in a baby carrier on my back or she howls. If I leave it in the hallway, she’ll shriek until I move it and won’t even approach the vacuum! I think I need this one. 🙂

  4. Randa, what a great review! We actually are in the market for a vacuum too. Ours is duct taped to know end and it needs to be put down. I have a Rowenta Iron and LOVE IT! I’d would love to look into Rowenta vacuums more and see if they would be a fit. From reading your post I think they maybe. Thanks!

    • Thank you Tammy. Something I didn’t mention in the review is how portable it is. I can easily hold onto it with one hand and go up and down the stairs. I just did that a couple minutes ago and realized I forgot to mention! It’s a pretty important thing (after lugging a heavy one around for a few years).

  5. This looks awesome! We have a cat and a dog too, and the fur on the floor around here is just stupid! Need more suction! 🙂

  6. My name is Jenn and I’m a vacuum -aholic!! I vacuum at least once a day! With three kids, a dog and a husband, I have to!! Does this work good on hardwood? I need a new one for hardwood.

  7. Great review! Can you use on blinds, sofa cushions and other upholstery? Thanks!

    • Hi Sarah,

      I actually got rid of it a little after a year of this review. It stopped working as good (just to give you an update), but yes I believe there was an attachment you could use around the house. However, I would highly suggest a Dyson.

  8. I’m using this Rowenta. It’s fantastic. My six year old Dyson burned out the motor. It was so loud too. The Rowenta is soooo quiet. The bags are expensive but less dust in the air. I liked the Dyson for being bagless and great on stairs as it had a stair function. But just at six years old and shot ( a $700 vacuum) , I’m not impressed. My Rowenta I bought on a deal as a spare vacuum a year ago and I just can’t believe how much better suction it has!

    • I didn’t care for this one after about a year. I ended up getting more Dysons, they are my go to.
      I can’t remember what went wrong with my Rowenta though.

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