How To Dehydrate Cherries In The Oven

How To Dehydrate Cherries In The Oven

I have four cherry trees in my back yard. Four cherry trees and a pear tree (to be exact), and it’s a little intimidating. Mostly because I don’t care for cherries, so I decided it’s time to get a little creative. I decided I was going to dehydrate cherries in the oven.

dehydrating cherries
I only picked a few yesterday, as many are too high up for me to reach and most are not ready yet. I have a few ideas on what I want to do with the trees: pies, fruit leather, smoothies, muffins, and dehydrating. I decided to use this method to dehydrate the cherries after successfully using it to make Pear Fruit Leather.


Why dehydrate cherries in the oven?

I wanted to dehydrate them because 1. I didn’t want them to go bad and 2. I wanted to put them in things like granola bars and salads. I also figured dehydrating them will make them last a little longer (did I mention I have four trees). I used the oven because I don’t own a dehydrator.

Pitting Cherries

To pit the cherries I used this handy dandy OXO Cherry Pitter, it was so much easier (and quicker) then using a glass straw; which is what I did last year.

Pitted CherriesI didn’t have many cherries to start with, but that was okay. This was a trial run anyway, I didn’t want to waste any (just in case).

After pitting the cherries, I pre-heated the oven to the lowest it would go. In my case, that’s 170 degrees. On a baking pan, I laid down a slip mat sheet and arranged the cherries on top. I placed them in and nine hours later, I finally took them out.

Dehydrating cherries in the oven

They don’t look too appetizing when they come out of the oven. They look more like sun dried tomatoes.

Dehydrated cherries

I’m storing these in a glass mason jar (and will be adding to it later), I’m not too sure on how long it will last but I’m hoping it will keep a couple of months anyway. If you need a refresher here is what I did:

How To Dehydrate Cherries In The Oven.

You will need:
Cherry pitter
Baking sheet
Slip mat or parchment paper

How to do it:

Heat your oven to the lowest setting (mine was 170). Line parchment paper (or the Silpat) on a baking sheet and arrange cherries.

Bake for 9 nine hours.

It is possible that if you halved the cherries, it would cut some of the drying time out.

It's so easy to dehydrate cherries

Recipes you can make with dehydrated cherries:

Cherry Granola Bars

Homemade Granola



Using the oven to dehydrate cherries

Have you ever dehydrated fruit?

16 comments on “How To Dehydrate Cherries In The Oven”

  1. Very cool! This is not something I would have thought you could do without a dehydrator. I’m curious to try it myself now.

  2. You will laugh… but I would love you to mail me some dried cherries from BC. Maybe in a bubble wrap envelope. Silly, I know but I LOVE THIS IDEA…

  3. I wouldn’t have guessed you could use the oven to dehydrate fruit (not my brightest moment, I know), heat dries. You know what, I am going to try this with cranberries, it should work right?

    • Absolutely, give it a try. Just wing it with the time, you want them to be a little sticky but not wet. If you put them in a ziploc and they have condensation on it – they’re not dry enough.

  4. Mmm add some dark chocolate chips and you got a great snack! I love cherries. I always make clafouti when I have them.

  5. This post is all kinds of awesome – something I would of honestly never thought of doing. So great for grabbing a handful and sprinkling onto cereal, yogurt, etc. πŸ™‚

  6. What a great idea! While not the quickest thing, very much an easy way to make a healthy snack. Have you tried other fruit yet?

  7. that cherry pitter gadget is genius!! and you’re right these would be perfect for salads and granola, even stuffing!

  8. Cherries are my favourite fruit. Thank you for sharing this post at City of Creative Dream’s City of Links on Friday! I appreciate you taking the time to party with me. Hope to see you again this week πŸ™‚

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