Saving Money and Time With The Flipp App #FlippFoodChallenge

Want to save more money on groceries? Here is how to use the Flipp app for saving money and time when it comes to all of your shopping needs.

Every Wednesday and Thursday we get bombarded with flyers and truth be told: I have a love/hate relationship with it. I love browsing the deals, but I had the mess. Saving money on our grocery budget is not easy, especially with being located in Northern BC (I once paid $12 for a spaghetti squash) so I need all the help I can get.

I recently downloaded the Flipp app from the App Store, and I’m going to be telling the post office I no longer need delivery of flyers. The Flipp app is saving me money and time.

How to save money on groceries. How to use the Flipp app to not only save money but time!

Saving money on groceries with Flipp is easy!

With the Flipp App, it’s so easy to save money on groceries. Not only is it saving me money but it’s saving me valuable time as I am no longer going back and forth between flyers to match prices. Another way it saves time? There is an in app shopping list and coupon clipper!

Another plus to the Flipp app? If your grocery store matches prices, you don’t have to carry all the flyers with you and scramble at checkout for save 20 cents on a pound of strawberries! All you have to do is open up your Flipp App and go to where you saved the deal from the store and show the teller.

How to save money on groceries. How to use the Flipp app to not only save money but time!

In addition to saving money using the Flipp app, you can also use it for rewards points. I love how I don’t have to worry about bringing the Safeway flyer to the teller (which I always forget to do) to receive my bonus Airmiles.

The Flipp app takes the pain out of budget shopping. 

How to save money on groceries. How to use the Flipp app to not only save money but time!

Because I used Flipp, I was able to save a lot of money on my last grocery shop. I usually spend $4.49 on eggs, I got them for $1.99. Strawberries are usually $5.99 and I got them for $2.99! A $10 veggie tray? I scooped it up for $6.99. A couple dollars here and there adds up to big savings in the end. Before, I was too lazy to carry flyers with me and price match but with Flipp I have everything organized in my phone and it’s painless. This saves me so much time rather than going to 5 stores to get the deal I want.

It’s not just grocery stores either, Flipp can save you money and make you budget savvy at Canadian Tire, Sport Chek, Home Depot, Walmart, Sears, London Drugs and many other stores.

Excited? You should be, be sure to download the Flipp app now by heading to the App Store or you can click here to download.

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11 comments on “Saving Money and Time With The Flipp App #FlippFoodChallenge”

  1. I love the Flipp app and i have had it on my phone for quite some time and always use it before heading to the grocery store, and actually use it while shopping to, great way to view ads all at once.

  2. I have the Flipp app and it saves me a lot of money because I can look at ads and not have to buy a newspaper. I can look at all the good deals on my couch, and plan out my grocery shopping trip every week.

  3. This sounds great. Like you, I don’t have the time to go through all the flyers (and we’ve often lived places where we don’t even get them, so I’m certainly not flipping through it at the grocery story). I’ll have to check this out. Thanks. 🙂

  4. I am THE world’s guiltiest grocery over-spender. I’ve long wondered whether there is some way I could enjoy all the stuff I like but curb my spending at the same time. And here it is! Definitely checking this out 🙂

  5. What a great idea this app is! I tried couponing a couple of years ago and while the savings can be great the time involved is incredible! I would love to get back at it and this would make it so much easier..

  6. Flipp is my favourite app to use. I am slowly getting the hubby to use it., for now he just keeps a grocery list and won’t do the price matching. One day I hope.

    • I still have a tough time doing the price match thing, I do it every so often. I just have a hard time with the people behind me in line rolling their eyes haha.

  7. The Flipp app saves us many dollars at the grocery store, so easy to use!

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