Special Moments With My Toddler

It’s hard to believe that in the next week and a half my little man is going to be two. It’s amazing how fast these two years have flown by. I want them to slow down. This time last year, I was concerned on how he was only crawling and now he’s running up and down the halls (concerning me with all of his falls, bumps and bruises).

I’m a “girly” mom. I love pink, I don’t believe that anything can have too much glitter and I prefer my space to my organized and tidy. My son is very much a boy. He takes everything apart, my kitchen floors have all my pots and pans scattered on a daily basis, and my walls are currently featuring his crayon art.

I’m not going to sugar coat it…

It’s been known to drive me up the wall.

One minute he’s pouring milk on the floor and stomping in it, beaming with pride as it splashes all over. Or he’s sneaking the iPad off the counter and running to go hide in his room. When I go to give him trouble, that’s when he surprises me.

I’ll rush back in the room with paper towel, just to find that he’s already beat me to it. Cloth in hand and wiping away like it’s his job. Or when I go to bust him with the iPad he’s just using it to play music and dance.

You can’t get mad at a baby dancing.

I never realized just how fun a toddler boy can be.

It’s amazing the little games that he invents. Right now his favorite is “run down the hall to beat mommy into my room and slam the door”. Before I can open the door back up, he runs and hides and pops out to “scare me”. Then proceeds to shut the door so it can start all over. Our house erupts in laughter in his deep, straight from the belly giggle.

These are my special moments.

What are your special moments?

14 comments on “Special Moments With My Toddler”

  1. Adorable photos! Toddlers are quite a handful having lived through two of them I know just how challenging little boys can be!

  2. Beautiful moments with your boy! I always love that age. How full of development, exploration and learning. Precious.

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