Painting Kitchen Countertops With Giani Granite

Here’s my experience with painting kitchen countertops with Giani Granite.

How to paint a countertop to look like granite

I’ve attempted a DIY counter top before in the past, and it turned out okay but I found that it was missing something. It was missing the shine, the smoothness and the natural look that grainte provides. So when I decided to opt for a faux grainte look, I didn’t want to mess around. I turned to the experts over at Giani Granite when it came to painting kitchen countertops.

Painting Countertops: The Tools I Used

Giani Granite

Giani Granite is an easy way to update your dated (or just plain ugly) surfaces. Giani isn’t limited to countertops, you can use Giani on many surfaces to create a granite look. They offer a variety of stunning colors to create the granite look you’re looking for. My favorite is the chocolate, but since my kitchen is painted Benjamin Moore’s Kendall Charcoal and my cupboards are white I thought White Diamond would work well with my situation.

What's included in the Giani Granite Kit

What’s included in the Giani Kit:

  • Sea Sponge
  • Roller with two covers
  • Foam brush
  • Practice board
  • Primer
  • 3 mineral covers
  • Top Coat
  • DVD and paper instructions

You will need a paint tray, paper plates, SOS pads, Frog Tape and drop sheets. Lets Get Started!

Prepping Countertops for Paint

Preparing countertops to paint

As tedious as it is, the prep work is the most important part of the whole process. So do a good job now, and avoid a lot of headaches later. Giani Granite does not require sanding, and after all the sanding I had to do during my kitchen cabinet transformation, I was thrilled. All I had to do was take an SOS pad to where I wanted to paint, then rinse it twice. Actually, I rinsed it a few times more than twice. I was wanted to really make sure there was no more residue (to rinse just take a damp cloth or paper towel to the counter tops).

Painting Kitchen cabinets

I wasn’t going to risk getting any of the paint on my newly painted kitchen cabinets, so I took an extra step and covered them with a cheap drop cloth. You can get them at the dollar store, for $1. I protected my new DIY backsplash and walls with Frog Tape, as suggested by Giani.

Painting Kitchen Countertops

Priming a kitchen countertop with Giani GraniteThe first step of that actual painting process is to prime. To prime my bathroom and my kitchen took less than ten minutes, and it only took that long because I was being finicky. I found that it didn’t cover every spot, and that worried me so I did a light second coat after drying for two hours (you’re not supposed to do that but I didn’t have any issues). The primer is to dry for at least eight hours before you paint over it.

Giani Granite White DiamondI placed the paint on separate paper plates and cut the sponge into four pieces (I could have just done three, but I wasn’t sure if I was going to use the primer as a color or not). Then I just started dabbing it on the counter top in random patterns. I was really worried about messing it up, I practiced on the sheet provided first but found that it was no help. The color seemed to absorb into the paper; however, I did find it useful for practicing my veining technique. The paint needs to dry for at least four hours before you put on the top coat, eight hours if you use the primer as an accent color.

Painting countertops

Giani Granite Review DIY Countertop

You are in total control when using the Giani kits. I wasn’t a huge fan that the White Diamond kit came with Golds, I wanted to leave it out but figured it was there for a reason and used it sparingly. I did do one “accent” section and I think it really helps it look more like natural stone. I’m glad I did it. I also bought a paint brush kit from the dollar store to do some “veining”. Here’s a quick video I took to demonstrate my technique:

Giani TopcoatThe final step is the top coat. I found it to be the most difficult step. I watched the video a few times and read about techniques but I still managed to get lap marks (which are visible in the above photo). I only notice them when I’m looking for them, they’re not really all that visible. Before I applied the first coat, I lightly sanded down the paint with 600 grit paper. I didn’t want it to be textured. I quickly applied the top coat (it dries really fast), waited four hours and gave it another light sanding. I made sure that I got every bit of dust with a damp tack cloth before applying the second coat.

Giani says that you can use your counters again within 24 hours. I was really hesitant, so I placed my Scentsy warmer and my fruit holder down first. My microwave sat on my cutting block for five days. I didn’t want to risk damaging my counters after all that. This product fully cures after 14 days.

Giani White Diamond

The photos don’t do it justice! It looks incredible. I wouldn’t say it looks just like granite, but it looks like a good quality laminate counter top. The product adhered well to the previous laminate and painted wood (the sides) and it now looks like one piece.

For more information on Giani Granite please visit their website. Don’t forget to give them a “Like” on Facebook for inspiration and giveaway opportunities and follow them on Pinterest!

Giani Granite is available at and (limited color options) or Walmart.

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Painting countertops to look like granite

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20 comments on “Painting Kitchen Countertops With Giani Granite”

  1. I didn’t even know that you could paint on counter tops that look so amazing. I have been watching HGTV and I love all those DIY projects. It makes me excited about having a house of my own so I can do things like this. It really looks great.

  2. You did a really good job! I was going to try it before and then chickened out and bought new laminate countertops that looked like granite 😛

  3. Wow! It looks amazing! I cannot believe the transformation. It looks like a great product. I am really intrigued to try this product on my countertops now too!.I am dying to give my kitchen a little makeover.

  4. OMGosh, I didn’t know that painting countertops to have a granite finish was even a thing! SO COOL! I’ve been wanting granite in our kitchen but it just wasn’t in our budget to change out the counter we have now…. wonder if I can convince TheHubs that we need to do this. I love how yours turned out, wtg! 🙂

  5. Wow! That’s amazing! I have never heard of this option of painting your countertops. Giani Granite looks incredible! I would never have known this is was a DIY project. I love how you can hear the kids and their shows in the background while you’re doing your thing! You’re so talented Miss Randa!

  6. That counter looks stunning! My wife wants to paint our cupboards and I have been too scared to try. Might have to give in after seeing this.

    • Craig it is worth it! A lot of work, but worth it. I recently did my kitchen cabinets, and it turned out really well. You can check it out here if you want: I was really worried about INSLX Cabinet Coat at first after reviewing and deciding on the Ben Moore Advance (my paint store didn’t carry it but recommended INSLX) and I’m so happy I went this way.

    • My Cabinets were would. I took a chance and painted them with the cabinet kit. I painted them white. They turned out amazing so then I had to do the countertops. I love my new kitchen !! Let her paint her cabinets!  My kitchen looks like I had a $30,000 makeover .

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  8. Hi. I just did my countertops with this product ( chocolate brown) pleased with the results I agree with you it’s not quite granite but still looks good. Just wondering how your counters are doing with the every day use, are they holding up or is the paint chipping off? Thanks

    • Hi Wendy!

      No paint chips and it’s holding up really well. My only issue is my own fault. I accidentally cut some of it with a knife while doing another project but you can’t tell and it doesn’t seem to peeling.

  9. These look amazing! I was wondering if you have had any problems with them staining. I have three kids and love the look of the more white counters but the thought of some like speghetti sauce staining them freaks me out! Thanks!

  10. I painted my kitchen countertops years ago. Now, I would like to change the look. Can I paint over that using these techniques or do I have to do something else??

    • That’s a good question. I would probably sand the poly or whatever protective coating you used. Maybe shoot Giani an email and ask for their recommendations, just to make sure.

  11. Wondering how your countertops has held up?

  12. So I just did this kit and made the . mistake of completely sponging over the primer and now the countertops look a too blue/grey (which was the first color in the kit. Would you recommend going over it with black and white OR starting over… THANKS!!!

  13. You explained it thoroughly, that’s the thing which separates your article from others. Glad I found it.

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