The Healthy Shopper Does It Again

the healthy shopper

This is the third time I have reviewed The Healthy Shopper. With each review I’m surprised. Surprised with the quality products that are offered in the coupon book. You can check out my first Healthy Shopper review and don’t forget to check out my May review here.

For those who don’t know The Healthy Shopper is a FREE coupon book which you can order through The Healthy Shopper (or check out the PDF here). It’s not just any coupon book, it’s a coupon book for healthy options.

healthy shopper

Just a few of the products you can find in The Healthy Shopper’s 2013 – 2014 coupon book.

I am so tired of checking out online coupon sites (especially those for Canadians) and being served options that doesn’t apply to my family. We don’t buy those things. I would LOVE to see coupon options for produce, but that doesn’t seem to happen to often. The Healthy Shopper provides options for people like me. People who like to eat as organic as possible, while on a budget.

The Healthy Shopper is also a great choice for Canadians who have food intolerance and allergies. Time and time again I find many gluten free and dairy free products offered in this coupon book. I’m not sure if you’ve noticed, but whenever I check out celiac friendly foods, I’m flabbergasted at the cost. This coupon book is a must have for those suffering for food allergies, again – it’s free.

I was sent a few goodies, along with the coupon book, to try out. I had  never heard of Pamela’s before but I had a huge response to it when I posted the above photo on my Facebook page. I was told that they make the best pancake mix ever. The next morning, I made it. My reader, was right it really is the best pancake mix! It was easy to mix, no lumps and it tasted amazing. Pamela’s is my new go-to brand. I highly recommend checking it out (but make sure you pick up your coupon in The Healthy Shopper and save first).

If you’re looking to live a healthier lifestyle check out The Healthy Shopper for recipes, coupons and other resources to help you make the changes – but on a budget!

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6 comments on “The Healthy Shopper Does It Again”

  1. Thanks for this informative post Randa. I have never heard of the Healthy Shopper, but it is nice to know those options are out there for those inclined.. I like to clip coupons and it would be so nice to get them for produce. What a treat that would be, LOL


  2. We love the Kiju juice in our household!

  3. How great! I haven’t heard of this before…I can’t wait to check it out!

  4. my kids really love those drinking boxes too!

  5. Eating healthy is expensive but certainly necessary. It’s cool to know there’s a place out there to help with some of the costs. I’d never heard of the Healthy Shopper before!

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