Team Beachbody Black Friday Deals

Beachbody Black Friday

I love this time of year, there are so many amazing deals to be had all over the internet and Team Beachbody is no different. Here are the Team Beachbody Black Friday Deals for 2014.

You can shop the deals here. The sale goes from November 25 at 5pm PST to December 2, only while quantities last. Last year most sold out in a few hours time (I know this because I missed out on a few items).

Closer look at the items on sale:

The prices listed below are in CAD. US Deals will be listed in a photo below.
TurboFire® Original Kit: $43.95 (50% off)

TurboFire® Deluxe DVDs + Journal: $32.95 (50% off)

P90X® + FREE P90X Plus: $54.95 (58% + Free $60 Gift)

P90X2® (DVD) + FREE P90X Plus: $54.95 (58% + Free $60 Gift)

P90X3® + FREE P90X Plus: $131.95 (Free $66 Gift)

LES MILLS PUMP$72.95 (60% off – COMES WITH barbell and weights)

LES MILLS COMBAT + FREE COMBAT Gloves: $25.95 (60% off)

Slim Series®: $10.95 (67% off)

INSANITY: THE ASYLUM® Vol. 1$60.00 (34% off)

Barbell Weights: 5lbs: $6.75 10lbs: $13.75 (60% off)

LES MILLS COMBAT Gloves$5.95 (85% off)

Barbell with Speed Safety Clips$10.95 (82% off)

Beachbody® Jump Mat$32.95 (50% off) I bought this last year and like it.

Stability Ball + Medicine Ball Combo Pack: $32.95  (77% off)

Step with 4 Risers: $32.95 (70% off)

Want to know what I’m buying?

I have been wanting the barbell weights and bar for a long time, and the timing is perfect. I’m currently doing Body Beast and although it’s not required, it would make life a lot easier. However, this morning it was pointed out to me that Les Mills Pump comes with the Barbell and weights and that it’s one heck of a deal. So I think I will just get that instead.

I have the all the Turbo Fires and LOVE THEM. I highly recommend it, especially at that price. I also have the jump mat which is great and doesn’t tear up. P90X is also something I own but keep in mind you need weights and a chin up bar (the whole P90X series is the same way).


Below I will share a large image of the Canadian and US deals, which include the prices for club members and fellow coaches. If you’re interested in a club membership or becoming a coach (to receive 25% off all Beachbody products and earn some money yourself) click here.

Beachbody Black Friday US PRICES:

Beachbody Black Friday Deals

Beachbody Black Friday CANADIAN PRICES:

Beachbody Canada Black Friday Sale


Again, to take advantage of Team Beachbody’s Holiday Deals you can visit the Beachbody Holiday Deals page.

Remember: The sale does not start until 5PM EST so the Holiday Deal page will not be live until then.

8 comments on “Team Beachbody Black Friday Deals”

  1. We just got started with BeachBody’s P90 program so this is good to know!!! I’ll check this out and show my husband… maybe we’ll grab some more things! Thanks for sharing!!!

  2. We could definitely use a mat and set of weights…

  3. Thanks so much for the info. I will pass it on to my nephew. He’ll appreciate the discounts.

  4. That’s awesome. I’ve just gotten back into working out and I’m doing FitChicks. I need some weights for it though for the work outs at home. I love a good sale!

  5. Love shopping the Black Friday deals, and love that more and more of them are coming to Canada

  6. Yay!!!! I’ve been researching these for weeks, looks like it’s time to buy!! So it starts at 5pmest today?

  7. What a great idea to promote this on Black Friday. If I didn’t already have my turbo fire I would buy it again. I recently bought PIYO! I’m super excited to start, with my back injury from last year I have to take a break from my beloved HIIT workouts and I was just able to do burpees! I’ll get there again. 🙂

    • Turbo sold out within an hour! I have PiYo as well, I like it but I need to move more. Currently doing Body Beast and am in love with that program.

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