8 Ways to Stay Cool

It’s hard to believe it right now, but the warmer months are coming. Although I’m looking out to a snow covered deck, I’m day dreaming of hanging out on the patio with friends and celebrating spring. What I don’t care for about the warmer months is being over heated if you’re like me, you’ll need these 8 ways to stay cool.

8 Ways to stay cool. Looking on how to stay cool during the hot, summer months WITHOUT AC? Check out these life hacks.

8 Ways to Stay Cool
8 Ways to stay cool. Looking on how to stay cool during the hot, summer months WITHOUT AC? Check out these life hacks.

  1. Go for a walk. I always find I cool off when I take a walk, although exercise (even mild) heats up my body. Cool breezes win every time. Just don’t go out for a 10k walk in the heat of the day. It’s best to take a stroll before noon, or even after dinner.
  2. Stick with Cotton. Synthetic fibers don’t breathe all too well, stick with cotton fabrics they breathe and absorb sweat better than spandex and other synthetics.
  3. Hydrate. Staying hydrated is important all year round, but your body may need more liquids during the warmer months. It gets hot out there and sweat evaporates which can lead to a higher possibility of dehydration (dizziness, headache, dry skin, etc). Let’s face it, water can get boring, so to switch things up try Pure Leaf Peach (which is brewed from real tea leaves, steeped in water and bottled without adding any colour or artificial ingredients).
  4. Avoid caffeine. Drinks that contain caffeine (I’m looking at you coffee and soda) can actually increase the metabolic rate in your body (although slightly) but if you’re suffering in the heat, it’s best to avoid them all together.
  5. Draw the drapes. If you’re like me and don’t have AC, here’s a tip we utilize every day in the warmer months. In the morning open the windows and let in the cool, fresh air. Then at about 10 (or when you notice the temperate rising outside), close the windows and the drapes. It locks in the cool air and keeps the blaring sun out. I also have fans going during this time as well.
  6. Blow ice. In front of your fan, place a bowl of ice cubes. The fan will then blow cool air!
    8 Ways to stay cool. Looking on how to stay cool during the hot, summer months WITHOUT AC? Check out these life hacks.
  7. Enjoy frozen treats. Not that we needed an excuse, but the summer heat is a great reason to enjoy homemade frozen treats. These maple cherry popsicles are amazing, and so are these pineapple ice pops. Another delicious option is to pour Pure Leaf Peach into a popsicle mold and freeze. Not only are these delicious but frozen ice pops help keep up hydrated as well (see tip #3).
  8. Utilize the BBQ. During the warmer months, we rarely use our oven. As I said before, I don’t have AC so cooking with the oven is torturous. We use out BBQ to cook during the summer months. We do everything from steaks to vegetables, and we’ve even done roasts. Want a yummy BBQ recipe? Check out these popular BBQ Tex Mex Chicken Breasts.

8 Ways to stay cool. Looking on how to stay cool during the hot, summer months WITHOUT AC? Check out these life hacks.

One of my favorite varieties of Pure Leaf is Pure Leaf Peach. Now that it’s available in a family size of 1.75L, the list of ways to stay cool are growing. Learn more about Pure Leaf here on their Facebook page.

How do you keep cool?

Disclosure: this post has been sponsored by Pure Leaf via Bite Me More Creative. All opinions are 100% my own.

26 comments on “8 Ways to Stay Cool”

  1. We were getting nice weather here in New England and then the weather got way too cold. I am wondering what happened!

  2. I live in Georgia, and during the summer, I ONLY wear cotton. It gets too darn hot down here to be wearing fabrics that hold the heat.

    • I’ve been wanting to visit Georgia since I fell in love with TWD (lol). I’m jealous of your heat…I’m sick of the cold. haha

  3. Great tips! And I do enjoy a nice, tall glass of Pure Leaf ice tea. Really hits the spot.

  4. These all sound like great ideas to stay cool! I absolutely love Pure Leaf teas too on a warmer day to keep me refreshed.

  5. Ah, these are some clever ideas! I know it’s going to warm up pretty quickly here. I’ll have to prepare!

  6. So glad frozen treats are on the list because you’re never too old for one of those! That Peach Pure Leaf sounds delicious – must try soon!

  7. These are all great ideas. I always try to stay cool by drinking plenty of water. You’d be surprised at how well it really does work.

  8. Before we know it we will all be complaining about how hot it is. These are great ways to stay cool and refreshed.

  9. Staying hydrated in the heat is so important. I like to freeze yogurt and fruit to help keep me cool. Closing the curtains keeps a lot of the heat out.

  10. Love these tips! Thank you for sharing! I always love to find ways to stay cool. 😀

  11. I love your tip about cooking outside on the grill, because not only does it keep the house cooler but everything tastes better cooked outdoors and I use it all year round. We all need to drink more thanks for the reminder.

  12. These are all great tips. I make sure the windows and drapes are closed during the heat of the summer. I love Pure Leaf. It is so refreshing with the different flavors to choose from.

  13. These all sound like great ideas I absolutely love Pure Leaf teas too on a warmer weather! .

  14. It’s hard for me to think about staying cool since it’s snowing as I type this but I’m sure I’ll appreciate your tips come the heat of summer. I do love ice tea

  15. These pops remind me of the ones I use to make as a kid. I’ve got to do this again with my kiddies! 

  16. A great reminder for the coming season!

  17. Great tips! I’m definitely doing the ice in front of the fan thing this summer! I love Pure Leaf too. It’s not too sweet.

  18. Great tips and great timing as the weather is warming up!

  19. How have I never thought about putting a bowl of ice in front of the fan?! So genius!! We got some popsicle molds the other day – I’m super excited to try my hand at all sorts of flavors and concoctions. I will most definitely be utilizing some of these tips, as I try to stay cool these last couple months of my pregnancy!! Thanks for sharing <3

    • If you’re pregnant, just inflate a huge pool in the middle of your living room 😉 But for real…the ice helps so much in front of the fan.

    • Floridian here! I want to share my experience dealing with hot weather. It’s not the sweat on your skin that cools you, it’s the evaporative cooling effect. It’s a heat exchange, just like the A/C in your house. The reason you cover up in the extreme heat is to get the sun off your skin, but you always want what you’re wearing to breathe as much as possible. The best material wicks the moisture away from your skin and allows it to evaporate. Florida is so humid that this is absolutely essential. In humid environments, the sweat cannot evaporate off your skin quickly enough, so you start to overheat. Wicking the moisture into material increases the evaporative surface area, cooling the fabric, which is then cool against your skin I 100% agree that this can make a world of difference. No one believes me when I tell them my long sleeve HeatGear shirt makes me cooler… Until they try it 🙂

  20. Mint leaves in iced tea make the beverages extra cooling and refreshing.

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