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A historic Model T in the Ford Piquette Plant's Secret Room. This Model T is what you would see in print and the movies

Piquette Plant WW LINKY

Last week I was in Detroit for a sneak peak of the North American International Auto Show with Ford. Last Sunday I had an incredible time at the Ford Piquette Plant and experience some amazing history. You can read how I Dined In The Halls of History and see more photos there.

Contemplating getting a Dyson DC78 Animal? Be sure to read this first. The results are shocking

Dyson DC78 Cinetic Turbinehead Animal

I consider myself a clean person, I dust daily and vacuum every second day. With a son with asthma, I do my best to keep up on anything that could trigger an attack. I have been testing out the Dyson DC78 Turbinehead Animal over the past few weeks and you guys, I’m seriously shocked at […]

Moulinex Hand Blender

Moulinex Hand Blender + #Giveaway

It seems like the hand blender has always been the forgotten small appliance. Personally, I never really think I need one until I’m making pureed soups or my yorkshire puddings.

A day of sledding

Sledding Fun W/LINKY

I captured these precious moments on New Years Day. We had to drive out twenty minutes to snow that wasn’t pure ice. We only got three slides in (due to the rain) but made some pretty happy memories.

Kitchenaid Stand Mixer Hack - Such an easy way to customize a kitchenaid mixer

Customize Your KitchenAid Mixer Using Image Transfer Medium

I love my KitchenAid Stand Mixer, I won it before Christmas at a Twitter Party and it’s been permanently on my countertop ever since. I just gave it a little facelift and now I’m going to show you what I did and how to customize your KitchenAid mixer.