21 Day Fix Results & Week 3 Review

Yes, I’m a little late with posting my 21 Day Fix Results. It’s been a busy week, but it’s better late than never. Updated: I put together an Ultimate 21 Day Fix Resource Guide to help you fixers out!

21 Day Fix Results and Review - See how much I lost and what I gained

21 Day Fix Week 3

The last week of the 21 Day Fix is different than the first two weeks in two ways:

  1. Doubles
  2. 3 Day Quick Fix

21 Day Fix Doubles

This week the 21 Day Fix schedule includes DOUBLES.

It sounds a lot more daunting then it really is. For this week, you have the option to kick your workouts into high gear and do two a day. You are instructed to do two workouts a day, at different times of the day, not back to back.

The reasoning behind this is that your heart rate stays elevated for a few hours after your workout. So if you do one in the morning, and one during the evening – you will burn more calories throughout the day.

Do what works for you.

My workout times were 9 am and 3 pm. It’s what worked best for my schedule.

it doesn't get easier you get stronger

Helpful supplies for 21 Day Fix:

I have included affiliate links for your convenience.

3 Day Quick Fix

The last three days have the option for your to follow a structured meal plan. It’s a lot of protein, I used chicken and ground turkey (the menu in the book calls for fish but I don’t like fish). There is also coconut oil added, you’re supposed to zap it in the microwave until liquid and drink it. I added my morning one to my coffee. It didn’t taste bad, I didn’t mind doing this. Coconut oil is supposed to help fill you up and give you energy. This is for three days ONLY and can only be done once per 21 Day Fix cycle. My days looked like this:

M1 Steel cut oats (yellow) & egg whites (red) + 1 tsp coconut oil – I added some stevia and cinnamon and mixed them together. Tasted like french toast.
M2 Chicken (red) & yams (yellow) – It was my favorite meal.
M3 Chicken (red) & steamed veggies (green)
M4 Chicken (red) & steamed veggies (green) + 1 tsp coconut oil
M5 Ground turkey (red) & steamed veggies (green) + 1 tsp coconut oil
M6 Ground turkey (red) & steamed veggies (green) + 1 tsp coconut oil

I was so full. Every day it was a struggle to get in my last meal. I was surprised because it said that there was a calorie deficit but I was eating almost 1600 calories on these days (which is more than my usual caloric intake). With that being said, this was the plan for every woman, so I guess if you were regularly eating 2300 calories in the fix, this would be a challenge.

It's a lifestyle

I liked the meals, I seasoned it with chili powders and dill (no salt allowed) and used hot sauce. It was tasty. As for the coconut oil, I’m not sure if it was because it was in my mind or not but my energy levels were sky high and (like I said before) I was so full. There are no carbs other than the veggies and yams on these three days, which is why you drop the weight fast. I didn’t miss my English muffins on these days.

21 Day Fix Results.

Read about the 21 Day Fix Week 1 and Week 2 to find out more about the eating plan and exercises. Now we move on to my 21 Day Fix Results!

21 Day Fix Abs

In 21 Days I lost a total of 3.8 pounds and 5.75″. You guys, that’s awesome. I’m still a few pounds heavier then what I was when I finished Focus T25 (darn wine) but my inches are almost the same. I seriously considering pitching my scale and sticking with my measuring tape. I did have a few fall backs during these 21 Days. I had a day of pizza, and Easter brought some extra chocolate then planned, but for the most part – I stuck to it.

21 Day Fix Results

On top of the stats, here are some other victories:

  • I found my love for fitness again! I am loving these workouts and the variety, it’s different every day.
  • My “skinny jeans” are fitting again, they’re snug but the muffin top is gone.
  • I have fallen in love with Pilates (Thursday workouts on the Fix).
  • I can now appreciate Yoga (I despised it before) and what it does for me. I am hoping to find some cheap yoga DVDs at Walmart and incorporate it more often in my fit routine.
  • I am slowly starting to run again, and showing progress each time.
  • I can complete the surrenders without taking a break (you’ll understand when you do Total Body Cardio Fix).
  • I didn’t miss a single workout.
  • Finding a balance between healthy living and have treats.
  • I feel better (physically and mentally).

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10 comments on “21 Day Fix Results & Week 3 Review”

  1. There is no doubt you look great. I would just focus on endurance more than weight loss at this point. Sorry, mom in me 🙂 I guess this program helps balance out all those yummy recipes you post all the time.

    • Haha it sure does. I was just chatting with a friend about how I’m ready to throw out my scale. It plays some awful tricks. I think as long as I look good and (more importantly) FEEL good in my clothes, I’ll be happy. I am looking on improvements in my endurance as well 🙂 Thank you Kim.

  2. You look amazing but you know that already as I told you the other day on Twitter! You are so rocking the program. I really need your motivation.

    • I’ll be the first to admit I’m not always #1 with my motivation but I haven’t missed a workout (even on my off week), there is something different about these ones. I don’t dread them. I think the key is finding your “forever workout”, something you LIKE to do.

  3. Girl you look hot! I wish I had your motivation!!! I might try your 3 day thing…gluten free of course! I never know how to eat!!

    • Thank you Jenn 🙂 One of my problems is that I NEVER get full (I can eat a whole pizza and still have room for wings), so I was surprised this curbed my hunger.

  4. Variety in work outs is so important to keep me interested. I am glad you are enjoying fitness again

  5. you look amazing , i sure wish i could get outta my own way , must be the winter blahs 🙂 hoping for spring so bad 🙂

  6. How did you like the 21 Day Fix compared to T25? I’m trying to decide which to order.

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