LIIFT4 Month 1 Results

The last four weeks have gone by so fast! I can’t believe that I’m already halfway done this program. Here are my LIIFT4 month 1 results and a little review and recap.

LIIFT4 Month 1 Results

LIIFT4 Month 1 Recap

Dislcosure: This post contains affiliate links.

I received early access to LIIFT4 four weeks ago as part of a coach test group. I don’t speak of it often on my blog since I don’t really “work the business” but I am an Independent Beachbody Coach and have been since 2013. I mostly use my coach for the discounts on the workouts, Beachbody on Demand, and the supplements like Shakeology, and the performance line.

Because I am apart of the official coach test group, I have access to Joel (the trainer and creator for the program) and his first-hand knowledge on what’s what with LIIFT4.

LIIFT4 Month 1 Nutrition

Here’s the deal. The program has sections for containers, and if you like the portion fix container system – fly at ‘er. I don’t.

This program is based on calories and macronutrients (like all programs). The containers make it easy for a lot of people to follow the system, but I don’t use them anymore – I find it more time consuming than simply tracking calories and macros.

TBK’s Pro Tip: Joel stated in the group that if you have less than 30 pounds to lose – he highly recommends you bump your calorie bracket up two plans. So, if you’re Plan A – go to Plan C. Gain some muscle and trust the process.

I track my nutrition using MyFitness Pal (here’s how to use MyFitness Pal). I focus on staying in my calorie bracket range and keeping my macronutrients at the 40/30/30 range (40% carbs, 30% protein, 30% fat). It’s not perfect every day – but I’m doing alright with it!

I am breastfeeding, so I added another 500 calories to my plan. It’s all been a big experiment the last few weeks, and to be totally honest I have been doing what I want. If I’m still hungry (like truly hungry – not snacky) I’ll eat more. I’m trying to focus a little more on intuitive eating.

There is a cheat day, but I don’t follow it. Instead, most nights, I have a little something (maybe a little wine, last night I had ice cream). Doing this keeps me from binging all day long and it still fits in my macro range so everyone wins!

TBK’s Pro Tip: Track your goals, meal plan, and track your progress with The Healthy Grail Health and Fitness Planner.

Last weekend, I had a little too much freedom over the long weekend and gained a few pounds, but I didn’t let it deter me. I got back on track and for the first time ever – I never felt guilty for it!

I started working out consistently 3 weeks ago to start losing baby weight and to get some strength (car seats are freaking heavy). I have just under 30 pounds more to go but I’m satisfied with my results so far (and it’s nice to not put too much pressure on myself). I’ve upped my weights (picked up 30’s today!) and I’m getting stronger and my confidence is coming back. I love that I’m not going balls to the wall, for the first time ever. I work out 4x a week with heavy weights and #HIIT, and eat what I damn well feel like (within reason and within a macro count I set for myself). 😍❤️ For the first time, I don’t feel guilty about food. If I want chocolate, I eat it. I also eat a bunch of veggies too. No more feeling bad about food 🙌🏻 . . #deardiary #postpartumfitness #liift4 #3monthspostpartum #postbabybody #postbaby #strengthtraining #workingonmyfitness #postpartumweightloss #liift4life #liift4results #liift4testgroup #confidenceboost #legdayisthebestday #tshirtdress #patpat #ootd #momwin #21dfx #shakeology #littlemomentsofhappiness #mamasgotthis #momlifestyle #nutritionplan #joelfreeman #joelfreemanfitness #bootygains #instafemmefitness #femalefitnesspage

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Total mindset change.

LIIFT4 Workouts

I tracked my calorie burn for the workouts. If you want to see them, please read calories burned doing LIIFT4.

The workouts are 30-40 minutes long and you only workout 4 days a week.

This has been a game changer and the reason why I have never missed a workout. I’m able to keep up with this with my busy life of a work at home mom to a 6-year-old and a new baby! If the baby is keeping me from working out one day (she’s been super clingy lately), I do it the next day and just shift my workouts to days that work for me that week.


TBK’s Pro Tip: Joel said if you miss a workout – never double up. Do not do two workouts a day. If you end up missing one in that week timeframe, so be it.

In four weeks time, I have already upped my weights. I can feel myself getting strong and it’s amazing!

I’ll get into the workouts more in detail when I post my final results.

LIIFT4 Month 1 Results

Progress shot. I thought that with breastfeeding the weight would “fall off”. It hasn’t. However, I have been consistent in my workouts and nutrition has been decent enough. In the past month I’ve “only” lost 1 pound BUT I’m down 5.25 inches. I’ve gained strength (the car seat is getting easier to lug around) and I’ve upped my weights! 💪 Instead or focusing that I still have “28 pounds to go”, I’m focusing on energy levels, strength, and how I’m slowly putting away those maternity clothes. Yes, I had to buy new jeans a few sizes up but at least I’m comfortable and throwing out the pressure I used to put on myself. . . #liift4 #liift4life #liift4results #3monthspostpartum #postpartumfitness #postpartumweightloss #postbabybody #nsv #nonscalevictory #getstronger #livingherbestlife #lovingtheordinarymoments #momcommunity #momentsinmotherhood #watchthemgrow #momlifeisthebestlife #moments_of_mom #nopressuremode #workingonmyfitness #weightlosstransformation #BOD #beachbodyondemand #joelfreeman

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So far, my LIIFT4 results are amazing. Especially since my eating hasn’t always been on track.

Weight loss: 1 lbs

Inches lost: 5.25″

What I’ve gained: Strength, confidence, and I can feel my energy is improving!


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  1. great job, keep it up

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