Picnic Essentials: A List of Picnic Accessories Needed For Planning a Picnic

Nothing screams summer than enjoying a picnic with your friends and family. There is something about sitting under a tree and enjoying some food outdoors. Here are a few fun (and practical) picnic essentials and picnic accessories for your to consider when planning a picnic.

These picnic essentials is a cute list of picnic accessories needed for planning a picnic. Picnic lunches are one of my favorite summer activities.

Picnic Essentials

There are so many picnic accessories on this list that I’m adding to my wish list. I love the 4 person picnic basket set, it’s adorable and reminds me of a classic picnic.

  1. Water Resistant Picnic Blanket
  2. Insulated Picnic Basket Backpack
  3. 4 Person Picnic Basket Set 
  4. 24 Piece Plastic Picnic Set
  5. Plastic Tablecloths
  6. Rubber Wine Glasses
  7. Mini Condiment Bottles
  8. Mini Wine Bottles
  9. Mini Martini Mixers
  10. Corkscrew Wine Opener
  11. Outdoor Napkin Set
  12. Pop-up Food Covers
  13. Portable Umbrella
  14. Travel Cheese Set with Cutting Board
  15. Paper Plate Holders
  16. Wine Carrier Tote Bag
  17. Picnic Table Mat
  18. Mosquito Repellent Bracelets
  19. Tabletop Food Cover
  20. Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker
  21. Picnic Folding Table
  22. Paper Plate and Napkin Set
  23. Wet Ones
  24. Cool Packs

What food to bring on a picnic

Want some ideas on some easy and delicious picnic recipes? Here are a few delicious ideas that you can pre-cook (or pre-make) to bring with you.

Pesto Pasta Salad – this is one of my favorite pasta salad recipes (along with the upcoming recipe for Fajita Pasta Salad).

Spicy Chicken Kebabs with Spicy Peanut Sauce – Fire up the grill, and BBQ the chicken before you go. They’re delicious served cold.

Asian Beef Kebabs – Another great recipe for serving cold.

Toffee Cookies

If you don’t have time to make anything, that’s totally fine! I’ve been known to run to our grocery store to grab a few pre-made salads and an a la carte option. It doesn’t matter! What matters is spending time together with your loved ones and connecting this summer over delicious eats and conversation.

Where do you like to picnic in your community?

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