Vitamix S30 Review

I’ve been trying out the Vitamix S30 for the past few weeks. I liked the idea of a powerful blender that doubles as a food processor, and I can use it to make morning smoothies or blend purees and soups. Plus, the handy Vitamix personal blender means you can make individual portions and use it as your to-go cup for extra convenience. If you are wondering, “Which Vitamix should I buy?” this S30 review is a great place to start.

Vitamix S30 including the Vitamix personal blender and tamper on a countertop

Vitamix S30

You get a lot of bang for your buck when you buy a Vitamix blender. The robust equipment covers a variety of uses —you can use it daily for a morning protein shake (like this Oatmeal Cookie Protein Shake), dessert shakes (like this Forest Cake Shake), or your weekly or daily meal prep. When you purchase the Vitamix S30, you’ll get:

  • Base
  • Tamper for the 40oz container
  • 40oz container
  • Portable 20oz container and flip lid
  • Interchangeable blade base that attaches easily to both containers
  • Personal Blending dual-language cookbook

From base to top, the VitamixS30 is 14.55 inches, which means it just fits under my kitchen cabinets. I can push it out of the way and it doesn’t take up a ton of counter space — perfect, since I use mine daily! The compact size also means it stores easily if you choose not to keep it on your counter.

Vitamix personal blender on Vitamix S30 base

Why You’ll Love Your Vitamix Blender

  • Versatile – Two different container sizes, the tamper, and a powerful engine mean one machine takes the places of multiple kitchen appliances.
  • Brand Trust – Vitamix models earn their place on any “Best Of…” list, so you can enjoy the quality you’ve come to expect out of your Vitamix blender.
  • Personal Blender – You’re not always making a large batch. The included Vitamix personal blender makes perfect single-serving batches of any recipe.
  • Compact – Save counter space with the compact design, making this one of the best Vitamix blenders for small spaces.
  • Safety – You get the best of the Vitamix blender’s safety features, which help maintain your motor life and keep it from overheating.
Vitamix portable 20 oz container with flip top lid

When to Use Your Vitamix Personal Blender

My favorite feature is the portable 20oz container, which is funny because I was certain I wouldn’t use it as often as I do. I love how I can make my shake, take the blade off, put on the flip lid, and start my day. It’s perfect for quick and healthy breakfasts while on the go.

The cup itself is BPA free and double-walled. What does double-walled mean? Simple: it keeps your drinks at the temperature they should be. So if you made yourself a delicious shake or smoothie, you don’t have to worry about it warming up as quickly.

Toddler sipping out of the best Vitamix blender personal cup

Even my toddler loves the Vitamix personal blender’s portable cup. It’s easy for him to drink out of,, which prevents spills and keeps me from scrubbing my sofa (again).

How to Get the Most Out of Your Vitamix

The 40oz container is perfect for bigger blending jobs like soups, family-sized shakes, making your own nut butters, or meal-prepping snack bars. My favorite part? The Vitamix S30 is able to provide me with these tasty treats in a fraction of the time of my previous blender. Here are a few tricks I picked up along the way to get the most out of your machine:

Vitamix blender with tamper on a counter

Making Thick Treats

Take your time and add your ingredients in batches. Only use the highest setting you need to get the job done. You’ll prolong the life of your Vitamix if you maintain the motor.

Do not press the whole mixture into the blades with the tamper as this can overheat your machine. Instead, do a little bit at a time.

Take Advantage of the Tamper

The tamper is designed to give those stubborn ingredients an extra push to the blades. This really helps when blending sticky and hard ingredients like dates, almonds, and walnuts. I use it most mornings when I’m making my shakes to incorporate all of the frozen fruit. It ensures that my shakes are smooth and free of any chunks. Be sure not to use the tamper in the 20 oz container, just the 40oz. The safety stopper makes sure that the end of the tamper never touches the blades.

Experiment with the Personal Blending Cookbook

Vitamix also gives you a Personal Blending Cookbook. It’s not just smoothies and juices, either! There are recipes for soups, desserts, and dips.

There are so many things you could be using your blender for that you may not have even thought of!

The Best Vitamix Blender Features

Automatic Shut Off

If you are on the verge of burning out the motor, the Vitamix will automatically shut off. It will not turn back on until you clear out the blades and wait a few minutes for it to cool down. I really appreciate this feature, because I may have burnt out the motor of previous blenders!

Vitamix S30 magnetic lock

Magnetic Interlocking System

Another great safety feature is the magnetic interlocking system. If you lift or happen to rock the container from the base while the Vitamix is on, the machine will sense this disruption and turn off automatically for your safety. I actually knocked over my Vitamix, and this feature prevented a massive mess.

Easy Cleaning

Cleaning the Vitamix S30 is easy. Usually, I can get away with blending some hot water and soap, then repeating with just water to rinse. For more stubborn days, I toss the cups in the top rack of my dishwasher — the blade and tamper are dishwasher safe as well.

Vitamix Frequently Asked Questions

Which Vitamix Should I Buy?

There are so many models available, so you’re not the first to wonder which Vitamix you should buy! I have had an amazing experience with my Vitamix S30, and I highly recommend the investment. Personally, I have gone through quite a few “high end” blenders over the past few years, and none of them have been nearly as good as the Vitamix S30.

Does Vitamix Offer A Warranty?

Vitamix offers an amazing 5 year warranty! If something goes wrong, you can rest easy knowing Vitamix has your back. I’m really looking forward to using the Vitamix S30 for developing more recipes in the years to come. You always know you’re getting the best of the best with Vitamix blenders.

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  1. I’d make green smoothies most!

  2. Your roasted cauliflower dip looks and sounds amazing! I’d make lots of smoothies! (and this dip)

  3. I’d be making every thing I could think of!

  4. I would use the Vitamix to whip up a whole lot of fruit smoothies

  5. If I won this Vitamix I would love to make some awesome dips, dressings, and marinades. I could make almost anything with this. I would like to try to make the Apricot-Ancho Barbecue Glaze from the Vitamix website.

  6. I would make smoothies and soups the most 🙂

  7. I love dips…but I know it would get used mostly for smoothies & soups!

  8. I would like to have smoothies at are smooth. No chunks in it. I would also like to try some new recipes. Thanks for the chance to win.

  9. I’d make a breakfast smoothie with kale, nuts and oatmeal. Yum!

    Besos, Sarah
    Journeys of The Zoo

  10. I would use it to puree fruits & veggies to hide in recipes for my son who has special needs, he won’t eat veggies but he needs the vitamins. A Vitamix would be awesome!!

  11. I would make breakfast smoothies first.

  12. I would make daily smoothies and marinara sauce

  13. I think I would use the vitamix to make lots and lots of coffee frapps!

  14. Smoothies and Soups! Your cauliflower dip looks fantastic 🙂

  15. Smooyhies

  16. I would definitely make a shake or a smoothie every day, since I practically live on them!

  17. I would probably make a protein, spinach, berry smoothie the most. I’m trying to get health and LOVE having a shake for breakfast. The travel container on this would make it SO much easier to make the shake and just go. LOVE this giveaway!

  18. Id make smoothies

  19. fruit smoothies

  20. I’d make smoothies most since we have those for breakfast almost everyday. Next most, I would make sauces and pestos mainly for pasta.

  21. We are huge smoothie people – love for breakfast. Our blender has recently crapped out and I am sooo hoping for one of these for Christmas! I keep mentioning it to my husband…..

  22. i would make potato soup and carrot soupd the most

  23. We make a lot of smoothies, so I imagine that would be the number one use of a Vitamix in our house.

  24. I would make smoothies and soups.

  25. I would make smoothies, and probably hummus and salad dressing.

  26. wow!! This is one sexi blender!! I never knew it was a vitamix!! They’ve changed it a bit! Love it! The first things I’d make would be some nice root soup and some cashew butter!!!

  27. I would definitely make the Roasted Cauliflower Dip with this. It’s been so long since we’ve had a working blender that I’m not even sure what I would make the most. It sure would be handy to make tomato soup, sauces, and other dips.

    • I’m trying to make a green smoothie everyday. My current blender doesn’t make them so smooth. I would love the Vitamix for this!!

  28. I would probably use the Vitamix to make smoothies with frozen fruit.

  29. I would make smoothies. I have already had to get a part replaced on my Kitchenaid blender because we wore it out making smoothies.

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  31. I would make some strawberry and apple smoothies. YUM!

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  33. I would make protein smoothies.

  34. Love smoothies!
    Thanks for the opportunity!

  35. Now I have to try that dip! We love soup in our house so I would mostly use it for blending soup.

  36. I would use this to make dips… I’ve always wanted to

  37. I’d actually love to gift this to my mom – and I know she’d be making lots of smoothies and soups!

  38. I would make soups because I have a digestive condition that prevents me from eating regular unless it’s soup style.

  39. I LOVE that this vitamix comes with the instant smoothie cup, such a great idea, I would use this mostly for morning smoothies! I’d be tempted to keep but seen as how we have a original vitamix already, I’d love to give this as a gift to my bro or sis!

  40. Originally I was going to say smoothies…until I saw that cauliflower dip recipe..yum!

  41. Probably green smoothies to get my veggie servings in!

  42. Breakfast smoothies every morni ng over here 🙂

  43. Smoothies and soups. The cauliflower dip looks yummy!

  44. Not sure what I would end up making the most but I do know my daily intake of fruit & vegetables is almost nil and hope this would help me change that dramatically Thanks for this wonderful chance

  45. The roasted cauliflower dip for sure and hummus with Harissa

  46. The Roasted Cauliflower Dip sound devine, but I would make green smoothies. My diet is restricted due to health reasons and the Vitamix would make my life 🙂

  47. The dip sounds really good but I think I would make smoothies the most in it. I have heard good things about this product and i have never owned one. My blender we got when we first married over 33 years ago so it has been a oldie but goody but its time for a new one!

  48. I would make all kinds of soups!!

  49. Oh I would use it for smoothies.,, make one everyday!

  50. Butternut Squash soup!

  51. My boyfriend has a vitamix and they are so wonderful!!!

  52. I would finally make myself a protein shake every morning!

  53. I would make healthy salad dressings.

  54. I would definitely use it most for my daily shake. However, this seems like the perfect tool to use to create and try new recipes! You have me really wanting one 😉

  55. I’d make hummus 🙂

  56. My kids would like smoothies. I would probably start with homemade applesauce.

  57. I would definitely use the Vitamix to make Roasted Cauliflower Dip!! This would be something new and easy to bring for a pot luck or to make for an appetizer at home! Thank you!! 🙂

  58. as a kid I had an old school vitamix with the stainless steel carafe and I loved making smoothies after school. I would love to be able to give my girls that same memory growing up. There’s nothing like the smoothness from a smoothie made in a vitamix.

  59. I’d use it mostly for juicing and soups and dips. The cauliflower dip sounds delcious!

  60. I’d make all kinds of smoothies

  61. I would make homemade tomato soup using my grandma’s recipe

  62. I would make Shakeology and hummus the most.

  63. love it!!!!

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  67. Smoothies would be great in it but I’d try out the recommended Cauliflower dip – thanks.

  68. would like to try to make the Apricot-Ancho Barbecue Glaze from the Vitamix website…many recipes I would like to try

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  70. I would make a flavored nut butter

  71. I would use it for multiple jobs 1 being smoothies and dips. Also soups sauces and so many other great things.

  72. I would make lots of berry smoothies.

  73. I would be making soup base the most 🙂

  74. soups and smoothies

  75. I would mostly make our family some yummy fresh smoothies. They are the easiest way to get the kids to consume greens.

  76. The Roasted Cauliflower Dip sounds delicious but I would probably make most is humus, nut flours and butters and of course I have to have my bulletproof coffee. Thanks for a great giveaway!

  77. I would make smoothies.

  78. i would most likely make a green juice or a salsa recipe i’ve come across!

  79. instagram: megatons
    bloglovin: bianca roman

    there wasn’t a spot on the form for these!


  80. Smoothies every morning…learning to like kale

  81. I’d make pesto and smoothies. Cauli dip sounds yum too

  82. I could do my shake every morning

  83. The roasted cauliflower dip , then my favorite spinach dip recipe!

  84. I’d use it to make soup the most. The dip sounds delicious; so glad it has yogurt in it instead of something like sour cream. I will definitely have to try it. Thank you.

  85. Roasted Cauli is one of my favs! Of course I would test it out in the vitamix.

  86. I’ve been researching the S30 and appreciate your review. I think this is the one I need.

  87. I could make SOOOO many things with this but my favorite would be ice cream smoothies!!

  88. I would make protein smoothies the most.

  89. I would make smoothies and would definitely try your cauliflower dip!

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  92. Cashew creams for sure!

  93. The dip sounds yummy so would love to try it. I’d be making a lot of smoothies in this!

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  95. I would make smoothies and applesauce the most.

  96. I would be making smoothies. Love using frozen yogurt and fresh ripe bananas.

  97. Your roasted cauliflower dip is a must make! I would also make smoothies and salad dressings

  98. I would make green smoothies every day!!

  99. I would make smoothies the most.

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  102. My favorite drink from Jamba Juice Mango a go go!

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  104. Smoothies, hands down! We can’t get enough of them and this would be fantastic

  105. I’d def make your cauliflower dip, hummus, smoothies… everything 🙂

  106. Roasted red pepper soup

  107. Probably my new favorite kale and pomegranate smoothie or candy cane shakeology haha

  108. I would love to makes soups!! But the roasted cauliflower dip looks great too!!

  109. I would make a lot of smoothies

  110. love the Cauliflower dip idea! I would make lots of smoothies

  111. I would love to make fruit smoothies for the mornings and also experiment with nut butters! Also would love to try making soya milk!

  112. I would start by making a green smoothie!

  113. If I won i’d love to try making some soup with this!! We make a ton of soup in the winter.

  114. I would make banana smoothies

  115. I’d probably make smoothies the most, but at this time of year soups are pretty appealing too.

  116. id probably make a lot of guacamole and raw food vegan cheese

  117. The Roasted Cauliflower Dip sounds yummy and healthy! I would probably make smoothies the most, and soups during the cold Winter months.

  118. I would use it to make fruit sensations that I bake into homemade fruit leathers.

  119. Fruit blend smoothies

  120. Strawberry banana smoothie

  121. Probably make smoothies and dips!

  122. I would make the no bake coconut bars – thanks

  123. Smoothies for myself and my daughter.

  124. I have TMJ so I would use it to make smoothies and soups. It sounds amazing, I would love to win it!

  125. I would make fruit and vegetable smoothies.

  126. I would make lots of frozen fruit/yogurt smoothies

  127. I would definitely try the Roasted Cauliflower Dip; looks good.

  128. I’d make a smoothie every day for breakfast!

  129. I would use it every morning to make a different smoothie. And my other favourite Roasted Toamto Soup and also roasted squash soup. This would be amazing. Thanks for the chance!

  130. Definitely the Roasted Cauliflower dip!!!

  131. smoothies and shakes

  132. Soup and drinks!

  133. I would use the vitamix daily for my green smoothies

  134. Your cauliflower dip sounds amazing – would love to give it a try! I’d also love a Vitamix to make fresh smoothies and soups! Thanks so much for the amazing giveaway!

  135. Smoothies all day and hot soup!

  136. I would make soup!

  137. I would make a lot of fruit smoothies and soups

  138. I would love to try my hand at some soups in the Vitamix

  139. I think cream-less soups would be my favorite thing to make.

  140. I think I would make a lot of soups. I’ve seen a couple Vitamix demos (I want one SOOOO bad) and have tried some amazingly yummy soups. I think one was a green onion soup, and another was cheddar broccoli. In all honesty though I would probably use the Vitamix for every meal lol

  141. I think I would make hummus dip, and smoothies the most. I’m sure I would quickly branch out to more exciting dishes!

  142. I would make smoothies

  143. A Vitamix would get lots of use in my house, smoothies, mayonnaise, soups etc. Fingers crossed!

  144. I’d make a nice smoothie

  145. I would make a lot of healthy green smoothies.

  146. Sauces and nut butters

  147. I would make a lot of cream soups.

  148. I would mainly make smoothies using whey protein powder, almond milk and frozen fruit but the dip looks delish as well!!

  149. I would enjoy a vairiety of delicious smoothies and sauces with this Vitamix!

  150. smoothies

  151. definitely I’ll make soup first!! MMmmMM !

  152. what a great prize

  153. Lots of smoothies.

  154. I would make smoothies and almond milk. If it’s able to make mayo, I would make that too.

  155. This would be so handy!

  156. Morning shakes for my teen boys with a scoop of protien powder thrown in

  157. love to make shakes & smoothies

  158. I would make smoothies and banana ice cream!

  159. I’d be making breakfast and lunch smoothies!

  160. The roasted cauliflower dip looks great, but we will make smoothies most frequently!

  161. I would have to say that I would make pumpkin soup

  162. Perfect for a smoothie on the go! 🙂

  163. I’d be making breakfast smoothies

  164. I own a Vitamix but would love to win one for my friend who would absolutely love one! They are the best machines for making green smoothies which are a staple in our house. Also banana “ice” cream is really the best thing!

  165. Green smoothies! I’ve never made them!

  166. smoothies

  167. I would make protein shakes!

  168. Soups! All different kinds of soups!

  169. Baby food

  170. I currently own a Magic Bullet. I use it to make many sauces, and I make smoothies and other blended drinks with it daily. If I won this Vitamix, I would certainly use it to take over the MB’s duties. I also would LOVE to try the soup making feature, and of course I would give the cauliflower dip a whirl. I love how versatile this machine is. It would definitely come in handy in my house.

  171. My girls ( 1 and 4 yrs) LOVE smoothies so it would be used a lot for that as well as making homemade maple cinnamon almond butter!

  172. Green Smoothies!!!!

  173. fruit smoothie

  174. All different kinds of soups! as we are a soup loving household!

  175. Those coconut bars look great but I have a feeling my hubby would quickly take this for his shakes!

  176. Smoothies. All the time. Lots of Kale snuck in for my son when he least expects it!

  177. The roasted Cauliflower dip does look amazing definitely on my to make list along with a ton of green smoothies and soups. Thanks for the great giveaway

  178. The Roasted Cauliflower Dip sounds delicious! I might give that a try! I am normally the last person to do anything for myself. This Vitamix would give me the opportunity to indulge in something I really love, and that would be a good smoothie! Thanks for this giveaway!

  179. That dip sounds good and would try it. I would also make broccoli soup and so on.

  180. Baby food 🙂

  181. I would start with sun dried tomato hummus.

  182. I would probably make lots of soups!!

  183. straight from the Vitamix website the first thing I’d be making is homemade Chocolate Hazelnut Spread – nom nom nom

  184. Soup soup and more soup!

  185. I would make smoothies and definitely try that Roasted Cauliflower Soup! 😉

  186. I would make peanut butter

  187. I’ve been wanting one of these for years. I’m addicted to green smoothies. Would love to be able to make my own.

  188. I would use this mostly for smoothie and I would love to try the cauliflower dip it sounds yummy.

  189. I would make a lot of smoothies, soups, and yes, I’d definitely try your recipe for Roasted Cauliflower Dip!

  190. My kids love smoothies … so the first thing I would make is healthy strawberry banana smoothies

  191. We would definitely be making smoothies at our house! Thank you so much for the giveaway!

  192. Baby food! And smoothies!

  193. I would most certainly try your roasted cauliflower dip!

  194. If I won this there wouldn’t be a fruit or vegetable safe for miles…

  195. Definitely smoothies, my kids love them and I put lots of veggies in there

  196. I would love to make a homemade pesto or hummus!

  197. I’d give it to my mom so she could make some amazing soups! (My mom has the same blener she had since before I was born… it’s time upgraded!)

  198. Since your question is the most it would be the most I would say smoothies though I would also like to make soups and your roasted cauliflower dip looks good.

  199. I would make new sauces. I recently started making my own pasta and want to be able to whip up quick and healthy sauces for the pasta.

    And smoothies everyday!

  200. I would like to find lots of different Mousse recipes to make with this.

  201. Fresh fruit smoothies for my daughter and I.

  202. Oh that cauliflower dip looks amazing! I would totally try that out. I think I’d use it to make smoothies or advocare spark cocktails the most! 🙂

  203. I would try the roasted cauliflower dip and smoothies.

  204. That Vitamix is DREAMY!!! I’d make smoothies… lots and lots of smoothies, oh – and that Cauliflower Dip looks delish – so I’d make that too!!! Thanks for the chance!

  205. I would definitely use this beauty to make myself green smoothies every morning!

  206. I would definitely be making that roasted cauliflower dip. Amazing

  207. I would make smoothies the most.

  208. Smoothies and soups

  209. I would make smoothies the most ~True SMOOTHIES~

  210. i would try to make some soup in my new Vitamix!

  211. I’d make smoothies for my husband

  212. Smoothies!!

  213. That roasted cauliflower dip sounds divine, but I think I’d make a gazpacho or my own nut butter with the Vitamix before anything else. Those are two recipes I’ve always wanted to try, but never had a powerful enough blender to make. Thanks for the giveaway!

  214. i would use it to make tons of delicous fruit smoothies for my family

  215. I would definitely make the roasted cauliflower dip and smoothies!

  216. I would make lots of different kinds of smoothies and dips. The cauliflower dip sounds yummy.

  217. I’d make Avocado Hollandaise!

  218. I would make virgin pina coladas with fresh coconut

  219. I think Vitamix is the best blend for making green smoothies and I love the smaller size of this S30 to make single serve blends

  220. Smoothies and soup

  221. If I won I would make loads of smoothies, soups and frozen banana ice cream

  222. I would make smoothies!! I love them

  223. Besides the dip of course, I would make smoothies and soups. Thank you for this chance to win.

  224. I would use it for smoothies, hummus and I want to try my own coconut butter. It will be cheaper to make my own. Thanks for the giveaway.

  225. I would make breakfast smoothies. I haven’t had them in a while since my other blender broker. I miss them!

  226. I would definitely make all kinds of breakfast smoothies

  227. I would definitely make cashew cheese!

  228. What I would make the most would be breakfast smoothies. Thank you!

  229. I would make a hummus dip.

  230. What an amazing giveaway! I would absolutely LOVE to win this! My blender is about 10 years old and could desperately use an upgrade. I love the 20oz container size too. I would be doing back flips if I won this.

  231. I would make ALL the smoothies!

  232. Smoothies! I’d make all kinds of smoothies.

  233. I would love one! I make fruit smoothies all the time and my blender is getting old and has a hard time with frozen fruit lol WOULD LOVE ONEEEEE!!!! 🙂

  234. I would make monster smoothies for the kids (aka smoothies with spinach and kale) for breakfast

  235. I would make smoothies

  236. Smoothies and nut butters!

  237. I would make green smoothies the most. Love them!

  238. I will be making some smoothies if i win this, i like the roasted cauliflower dip too will give it a try

  239. I would use this for smoothies and probably the most for blending up our dinners for Bella so she can enjoy them too!

  240. I would love to win the vitamix for my mom! She could definitely use one, with 6 kids at home shes always on the go & she loves her smoothies. My mom also loves being in the kitchen always making something, this would be perfect for her. Thank you for the giveaway!! Happy holidays!! 🙂

  241. Baby food with whole foods from the market and I’d like to try soup.

  242. My husband and I have had a smoothie for breakfast nearly every morning for the past twelve years, so probably that. I would also like to make more soups.

  243. would love to make some healthy yummy smoothies for my kiddos!

  244. I would make smoothies the most.

  245. I would make soups and smoothies with my Vitamix

  246. This would definitely beat out my Magic Bullet for breakfast smoothies!

  247. i would make smoothies with it!!

  248. I would make incredible plant based dips.

  249. I’d make fruit & veggie smoothies the most.

  250. Our family would
    Really benefit from this vitamix
    Appreciate the opportunity to win one 🙂


  251. Smoothies! yummmm

  252. I would make soup the most. That’s the demo I first saw years and years ago and had me awed.

  253. Ohhh… we have one of these at work and I love it… if only at home, soups and smoothies would become our meals du jour 🙂

  254. Making my soups, roasted red pepper, roasted squash or asparagus.

  255. Definitely Smoothies

  256. I would use it most for my daily smoothies and energy drinks.

  257. I would make a lot of smoothies and some cream soups.

  258. I would probably try to make soups, and maybe some green smoothies.

  259. I would make lots of smoothies and chicken soup for sure

  260. I would make creamy soups the most if I won this Vitamix. I would definitely try making this Roasted Cauliflower Dip recipe!

  261. I would make smoothies the most.

  262. I would make a whole lot of smoothies for my three year old son (He LOVES his smoothies and its a great way to sneak in some spinach so hes also getting veggies) PLUS I would make ice cream!!! I was visiting a Vitamix kiosk in Costco one day and they were sampling the Apple Pie ice cream!!! OMG! IT was FANTASTIC!!! Best of all – no saturated fats, and no oils!
    I wouldn’t stop there – Im pretty sure we will be on a ‘liquid diet’ – just so I could blend EVERYTHING!! :))

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