20 Mouthwatering Ground Turkey Recipes

I was surfing the web a few weeks ago looking for some ground turkey recipes since I was in a bit of turkey recipe rut. That’s when I realized that a complied list of ground turkey recipes would be a great resource to have.

20 Mouthwatering Ground Turkey RecipesI asked some of my blogger friends for some help and came up with these super tasty ground turkey recipe ideas.

The Bewitchin' Kitchen's Favorite Ground Turkey Recipes

Ground Turkey Recipes from The Bewitchin’ Kitchen

Ground turkey is something I cook with often, it’s really versatile and a great source of lean protein. Here are some of my favorite recipes that I have posted on the blog:

Sweet n’ Spicy Turkey Burgers with Pineapple Sriracha Sauce

Turkey Veggie Meatballs

Bret Johnson’s Famous Turkey Chili

Turkey Stuffed Zucchini Boats – Italian Style

Paleo Turkey Stuffed Peppers

Texas Turkey Spaghetti Squash Bake

Ground Turkey Recipes From Bloggers

Ground Turkey Recipe Ideas from Bloggers

I needed some help expanding my list of mouthwatering ground turkey recipes, so I turned to some of my fellow Canadian bloggers. Here are some that I know you will all love. Cheryl’s Turkey Taco Dip and Elizabeth’s Turkey and Sweet Potato Won Ton Cups (see below) sound so unique and very tempting. There is some amazing talent on this list.

Turkey and Apple Burgers with Fresh Pico De Gallo

Spicy Turkey Egg Rolls

Turkey and Sweet Potato Won Ton Cups

Healthy Homemade Turkey Burgers

Slow Cooker Turkey Chili

Turkey Taco Dip

Turkey Burgers in Sauce

Easy Meatloaf Recipe

Easy Turkey Chili

Turkey Casserole

Homemade Turkey Soup

Smoky Turkey Shepards Pie

Homemade Turkey Sloppy Joes

Turkey Lettuce Wraps

I hope this list of ground turkey recipes have helped get you out of your ground turkey rut like it has with me. Or at least given you a few more ideas to try with this tasty protein source.

What`s your favorite ground turkey recipe?

15 comments on “20 Mouthwatering Ground Turkey Recipes”

  1. Thank you for including Moms & Munchkins in the list! That Turkey Taco Dip is SO delicious! I’m often asked for the recipe at parties.

    There are so many great recipes here to try – thank you!

  2. I’ve just started cooking more with ground turkey, so this is great!! So many yummy ideas that I can’t wait to try πŸ™‚

  3. Why do I never think about cooking with ground Turkey?! Thanks for all the great recipes! I’m going to try to make the Homemade Turkey Sloppy Joes!! YUM!

  4. I did a ground chicken chilli for the first time last week and loved it, I’ll have to try the ground turkey! I can’t believe the weather was so cool it warranted chilli in August either!

    • I don’t find much of a difference between ground turkey and chicken. I usually opt for turkey just because it’s cheaper πŸ˜‰

  5. Wow! So many great recipe ideas here. I am making the turn toward ground turkey over ground beef, more and more.

  6. Bookmarking this, I have been looking for more ground turkey recipes to implement in our menu plans πŸ™‚ YUMMY!

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  8. Great collection. The stuffed peppers look delicious!

  9. I don’t like turkey. It has too much of a gamey taste for me. I would use chicken instead. The recipes themselves sound good.

  10. We’ve been making chili and spaghetti with ground turkey for a few years now, and I can barely tell the difference from hamburger. Thanks for all these great ideas!

  11. O wow the turkey stuffed peppers look awesome, i love using green, red, yellow, and also orange peppers when making these, love the color, and they are so good.

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