Top 10 Newborn Must Haves

Newborn Must Haves It has been a little over a year since we brought Carter home after a month of being in the NICU. By the time we made it home from the Central Alberta Ronald McDonald House® it was 10pm (we stuck around for dinner and bingo in celebration of Carter being discharged) and I was tired but couldn’t wait to start using all the fun things I bought previously. I was pretty thankful I jumped on the ball as early as I did, if I would have waited the “normal” amount of time before I started buying all the baby gadgets and goodies, I would have been too late and we would have come home to a big empty nursery. Now that a year has come and gone and I have had time to experience it all, here are my Top 10 Newborn Must Haves:

    • SwaddleMeSwaddle Me Blankets from Summer Infant I only bought one of these, but thankfully received another as a gift. Two is not enough, buy at least three, I didn’t realize just how much Carter would spit up (and occasionally leak through) onto these. I always had one in the wash. These swaddle blankets work so much better then doing it yourself. Even after a month of learning how to swaddle from the pros I still couldn’t get it right (I like to think Carter was just that strong) and it wasn’t until I tried the Swaddle Me Blankets where he finally stayed bundled. They’re simple to figure out and the velcro secures the blanket safely around the baby. If I ever have another one – I will be loading up on these. Available on and Amazon.comSleep Sheep
    • Cloud B Sleep Sheep If not for the baby, get it for you. As a new mom I was still am exhausted and even after I was able to put Carter down, I was still wound up from the day. Every night as I began to settle in to bed the sounds of the Sleep Sheep through the baby monitor not only relaxed Carter but helped soothe me to sleep as well. Since his first night home, the Sleep Sheep is still something we use every night. It’s machine washable (just take out the battery) and feels incredibly soft against your skin.  You can grab the Sleep Sheep over at or this adorable Portable Sleep Sheep at Mamaroo
    • 4 Moms Mamaroo When it came time for me to look into bouncers/swings I did a lot of research. It wasn’t until my friend Megan was telling me how much she loved her Mamaroo when I finally decided to look into a little more. After a lot (I’m seriously talking 100’s of reviews here) of reading, I finally ordered one. I believe they are the best bang for your buck. They have five different motion settings (which means there is probably a setting your baby will love), five speeds and it can plug into your iPhone/iPad to play music (that’s if the soothing noises already loaded don’t work). All of those features are great but I was sold as soon as I read that it didn’t take batteries and it plugs in. I’m so happy I purchased the Mamaroo, it would soothe Carter to sleep every time. I bought the regular kind, not the plush, and I thought it was plenty soft. Personally, I went with the Classic Mamaroo as I didn’t see the plush version as that much more softer.Sophie The Giraffe
    • Sophie The Giraffe When I first received Sophie, I wasn’t overly thrilled with her. Truth me told, the only reason I even had her was because she was given to me by a toy company for a review. I would have never have bought her myself when I thought of her I thought of a squeak toy – a dog toy. Surprisingly enough Sophie was Carter’s favorite toy for the longest time, I would say up until he was 11 months. If I was to guess I would say it was because while he was teething she was so easy to chew on. I brought the giraffe with me everywhere, and at least once a day I would hear the same story I had from another parent: they took thought it was a waste of money until their baby grew an attachment. Now you won’t see me head to a baby shower without one. You can read my Sophie The Giraffe review here. Canadians you can purchase Sophie here. US friends you can find Sophie over here.
    • BOB RevolutionB.O.B Revolution SE Stroller I had a lot of issues choosing a stroller. I kept going back and forth between the B.O.B Revolution stroller and an expensive Peg Perego one. After being told by my friend, Katie, multiple times that the B.O.B was “the one” I ordered it. It has not disappointed me. It turns on a dime, can handle up to 70 pounds and folds up with one hand. has some great deals on B.O.B strollers, Canadians you can find it at (and get free shipping).
    • Zippered sleeperZippered Sleepers NOT Snaps Save yourself the agony and frustration at 3 am as you curse at the snaps for not doing up right. Just get the zippered sleepers/onesies. Enough said.
    • onesie stickersStickers Plus I originally heard of Stickers plus when I was reviewing baby products for my Bringing Home Baby Gift Guide Blog Event and it’s a product that has always stuck with me. They’re a brilliant idea. Stickers plus are monthly onesie stickers that you cut out and stick on to your baby’s outfit. The ties (or whatever sticker shape you buy) stay the same size so you can see how much your baby has grown. Read my review on Stickers Plus or you can purchase them at the Stickers Plus Etsy store.
    • BummasBummas Cloth Wipes I know most people don’t cloth diaper but consider using wipes. They work so much better! I find with Carter I use a lot of wipes when he dirties his diaper, with cloth I use 2, maybe 3 if it’s bad. I have also noticed that whenever I use disposable wipes often – Carter gets a rash. (Speaking of rashes – if you do use disposable diapers go with Huggies. The nurses in the NICU told me so because they used Pampers (because the Hospital got them for free) but a lot of babies broke out in heartbreaking rashes. Pampers scent their diapers and a lot of babies cannot handle it.) My favorite cloth wipes are Bummas (if you don’t use cloth, use them as facecloths). Read The Bewitchin’ Kitchen’s Bummas review.
    • Summer Infant SleeperSummer Infant By Your Side Sleeper My husband thought he wanted a bassinet and I kept talking him out of it. I wanted to only use the crib. We compromised on this sleeper and I’m so happy we did because it ended up being the handiest thing. We never used it in our room, Carter always slept in his own, but it is perfect for trips or just every day use around the house. This sleeper is small and it folds up to be really compact when you’re packing for a long distance trip. We brought it with us and when we unexpectedly had to get a hotel I was so happy I packed it. It was an instant bed for Carter.Canadians: Find it here.
      Americans: Find it here.

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  1. What a great list! Lots of my favourites on here too, especially the Mamaroo and the Cloud B Sleep Sheep! We love Cloud B in this house!

  2. My bob stroller has been my all time fave must have. We love Sophie too, but mostly just because she is so cute.

  3. Awesome list! I agree with you on the zippered onesies, those are a must. I remember making sure I had a ton of those with my second born! I’m going to read your review on Sophie The Giraffe because this sounds like a gift I can give my cousin who’s due this July with her first born, thanks for sharing!!

  4. Man there are some seriously cool baby gadgets these days. One of our favourites was the Sleepsack or Grobag. If I had another kid I’d definitely need to upgrade to some of these suggestions. Thanks!

  5. Great list, I wish I had run across this when I was expecting my first!

  6. A great list and very handy! I think the Giraffe is my daughter’s best friend!!!

  7. I love your top 10 newborn list! I agree about not getting snapped infant clothing, as it is so hard in the wee hours of the morning. I also like the idea of the co-sleeper…my kids would not sleep in the crib or bassinet as babies.

    • Thanks 🙂 I really liked the sleeper too but we never used it in the same room. Carter would just end up keeping us up all night.

  8. I love Cloud B! AND the zipper sleepers! They are a must have! Snaps at 4am when you’ve slept 4 hours in 5 days is near impossible sometimes 🙂

  9. LOVED my Medela steam bags. I pumped for 18 months and never boiled anything, not once. When we travelled, we brought along a small microwave. Easier than all the stuff for boiling.

    For me, I couldn’t have lived with out soothers and soother clips. So many great things on the list, I think it would be hard to limit it to just 10. Great job.

    Besos, Sarah
    Blogger at Journeys of The Zoo
    Finding Humour in Everyday Life

  10. Great list, it is amazing all the new things that come out after you have babies! Our youngest is almost 5 and I see some of the great new products and think, that would have been so great to have back then!! LOL!! I will share this with 2 of my friends that are currently pregnant!!

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  12. I find it interesting you preferred the zippered to the snaps. My aunt told me DON’T GET ZIPPERS YOU’LL HATE THEM, get snaps. Her theory was in the middle of the night you don’t want to unzip the baby’s whole outfit to change diaper and get him all cold, get the snaps so you can just take the diaper off and keep him toasty warm. Maybe I should just get a few of each and decide what I like best.

  13. I am so excited out this list!!!!
    And if you don’t mind me asking, how do you get to review toys? I always thought that would be incredibly cool to do!!
    Thank you again for the list, number 3 is on the way and it’s been 4 years since we’ve looked for any of this fun stuff!! 😀

    • Hi Jenna. I don’t mind. A lot of the companies approach me and ask me to review on my blog. In the beginning I did pitch quite a few though. Have fun shopping!

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