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This time last week, I was adventuring over at Kelowna Mountain Bridges on a fun stop from a quick wine tour trip with a two of my girlfriends. We wanted to do something different then the typical shopping there is to do on a Saturday afternoon in Kelowna.

Kelowna Girls Trip
Us girls before our adventure.

Kelowna Mountain is absolutely gorgeous.

Kelowna Mountain Amphitheatre - Great place to get married

After paying, the above scenery is what greeted me. This is the Kelowna Mountain Amphitheater, and I think it would make an amazing place to get married. The view is breathtaking, as it overlooks Okanagan Lake. I was in awe.

Kelowna Mountain Earth Bridge

The first bridge is the Earth Bridge, it spans 400 feet. I’m not a fan of heights, so I would be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous about hanging out on suspension bridges but I was surprised on how quickly I over came the fear. We didn’t take our time on the bridges though, point A to point B.

Dinner in a cave at Kelowna Mountain
When you come off the Earth Bridge, you have an Ice Wine Cave to explore. Could you imagine dinner in a cave? I couldn’t help but envision a beautiful rehearsal dinner, the night before a wedding (this could be I’m in wedding mode due to helping plan my cousin’s nuptials).

We were a little disappointed at this point, we were pretty excited about a wine tasting after the first bridge (as stated by the website) but there was nothing there. After asking about it, we found out the grapes haven’t even been grown yet. So it’s probably not going to be available until 2016.

Kelowna Travel - Stunning View From Kelowna Mountain
The next bridge was the Sun Bridge. This bridge is suspended 100 feet over an ice wine vineyard and comes out at the Sundial.

Sundial and Kelowna Mountain

Breathtaking view at Kelowna Mountain

The Sundial offers an amazing view of Kelowna and the Okanagan lake.

Kelowna Suspension Bridges

The last bridge we crossed was the Water Bridge, this was the bridge that made me a little nervous. It spans 800 feet and is Kelowna Mountain Bridge’s longest bridge to cross (it’s also the longest suspension bridge in North America). When you cross over you find yourself in a tree-house-like area with a beautiful 100 foot waterfall to take photos in front of.

Kelowna Travel - Girls Trip
Kelowna Bridges

I had a great time at Kelowna Mountain, I do think the $24.95 + tax charge (adult charge) is a little steep, especially if you consider they just started to charge people (people have been able to explore the bridges free of charge for the past few years). However, if you’re a local the charge also includes a seasons pass so you and your family can visit anytime.

To check out the full price list, or to learn more visit the Kelowna Mountain Bridges website.

Kelowna Mountain

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  1. It looks beautiful there!! I’ve never been, but know a friend who has. I never knew they charged for it though! Looks like a great place to check out 🙂

  2. You ladies look like you had a wonderful time. What a beautiful get a way for the girls! Your pictures came out amazing. I’m definitely going to have to look this place up. Since I’m almost due with baby number three, maybe this would be a great trip for the hubby and I to get away some time next year.

  3. That looks great and a perfect girls getaway weekend destination! I bet it would be fantastic for a family mini vacay as well. I think my teens would be into the bridges and the photo opps!

  4. We are going to Peachland this summer and will definitely have to stop and spend some time at the Kelowna Mountain Bridge. Looks like a fun time and the kids will have a blast.

  5. Looks like a blast, but I do not think I’d make it over that bridge! I’ve visited Kelowna couple of times but its been years since I’ve been back!

  6. It is beautiful. I had the opportunity to visit BC some part of BC and did spend a night in Kelowna.

    • They do call Kelowna “Kelownafornia”. (I just learnt this.) The weather is very nice there, and I love visiting there to experience the fresh fruit and wine tastings. The view is beautiful with the Okanagan lake surrounding the city as well. (We’re not all snow up here in Canada 😉 )

  7. You are so lucky! I went to Kelowna when I was 16 and fell in love with BC! Cannot wait to go back there some day!

  8. Amazing photos! This looks like a beautiful spot…hadn’t heard of it before. It looks like you had a wonderful time.

  9. This looks like such a great girls weekend! I would love to do something like this someday (and maybe be rich someday and have dinner in the cave with the chandelier! so cool)

  10. OhMyGoodness! That looks so fun! Those bridges are crazy-scary looking, but yet I still want to go over them!

  11. Wow, it’s so beautiful there! I haven’t been to Kelowna for years, I’d love to go back! I don’t think I could tackle the suspension bridge, though, lol, I’m a big chicken!

  12. That is one of the most beautiful places! I don’t know that I could cross the bridge without a hand to hold and squeeze, but dinner in a cave is a great enticement. You’re right, the price is a little high, esp when you still have to pay for toher things once there.

  13. Sounds like wonderful time! Im petrified of heights , don;t think Ide be able to get across that bridge!

  14. Wow it looks amazing! Definitely something to explore if we ever get out that way on vacation!

  15. Looks like an amazing and beautiful place to go but for me I would probably not be able to do the bridges, i would probably end up crying like a

  16. I lived in BC until 2003 when I came back to Ontario. I kick myself every day. Does that tell you anything?

  17. I live in BC but have never visited Kelowna or Kelowna mountain.. it is definitely on my to-do list this summer!

  18. Ok wow, that photo showing the bridge extending all the way over the river… Lovely, but I would not want to walk on it! It looks so long!! Unfortunately, it’s not for me. I can’t do heights… even though I know it’s not that high but because that bridge looks so long too.. it’s like ‘AHH, when will I reach the end!’ lol

  19. wow thats such an amazing place to try out adventurous activities. i would love to visit this place as i love sports and adventurous activities which bring a lot of excitement and challenge.

  20. That looks so pretty!!!! Super cute date idea too 🙂 though I think the kids would think it’s pretty cool as well! Thanks for sharing!

  21. what an experience it would be to walk the water bridge but also my god how freaked out i would be

  22. Gorgeous place to go too.. I havent been there .. havent travelled in years , would be nice for a little get away.


  1. […] 5.Summerhill Pyramid Winery (Kelowna, BC) – Summerhill is amazing. A must visit when you’re in Kelowna. It’s not hard to find and you know you’re at the correct winery by the pyramid landmark when you drive in (that and the upside down wine bottle). Summerhill Pyramid Winery makes organic wines, organic wines that are still affordable. My favourites are the Riesling and the Ehrenfelser, the Ehrenfelser tastes like apple juice (which is kind of dangerous). When I was there last May my friends and I walked around the grounds and witness a couple sharing their vows below the terrace. Summerhill would make a wonderful location to have a wedding. If you have a little more time after visiting this Okanagan winery, head up the road and visit Kelowna Mountain Bridges. […]

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