T25 Review: Week 4

Focus T25 Review

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I cannot believe that I just finished week 4. These last four weeks have flown by while doing this T25 Review. I just have one more week left in the Alpha Phase, I’m excited (but a little nervous) to move on to the more challenging Beta Phase.

T25 CardioDay 22 – Cardio I’m going to be honest, I’m getting really sick of this workout. Something I love about Beachbody programs like T25 is that you usually only do the same workout only once a week for a few weeks, and then you move on towards the next phase. Note: I am ready for the next phase. I’m just ready for some new and exciting workouts. This day was tough, I had a lot to do and my schedule was full. I like to workout in the morning, but I had to wait until after dinner. My husband did the grocery shop for me, because otherwise – my workout would not have got done. This is why the support system is incredibly important. He knew I needed this, and he helped me out. PS – I rocked this workout.

Total Body Circuit T25Day 23 – Total Body Circuit I love this workout, but I hate it just as much. It’s tough, and my arms burn with the planks. I hate it because it’s tough, but I love it because I know that this challenging workout will be bringing be fantastic results. I had to modify it a bit, I have issues with plank walks and the plank walk/squat hold. I do my best to keep up with the plank walk but when it comes to plank walk/squat hold – I usually just do a lot of the burpee/squat holds and skip the plank walks. It’s my way of modifying and it’s better then nothing, at least I’m still doing the burpee/squat things. It’s great to see the physical improvements coming alone. It keeps me motivated.

Don't Give UpDay 24 – Lower Focus My booty was burning. Woo-eee-mama. I finished this workout feeling confident. I got through a lot more then I have in the past, I didn’t have to rest near as much. Don’t get me wrong, my legs were still shaky/wobbling/burning like crazy but I noticed so much progress. T25 in general has a lot of lower body work (many squats, lunges mixed with cardio) and I’m am seeing subtle changes in my thighs, calves and bum. Yay! Thanks Focus T25. I think I have fallen in love with a new workout program. I’m thrilled! It can’t get too much better then that now can it? 🙂

T25 Results Week 4Day 25 – Total Body Circuit What? Again? Seriously? Today was challenging, I’m leaving to fly to Kelowna for 5 days of fun and a lot of visiting with a huge group of girlfriends. I had my mother-in-law come to take care of my son, while I had to get ready to get to the airport and get my house in order. I worked out earlier then usual – but I had to. I had to GET IT DONE. It was tough! I failed a lot more then usual and had to do more modifying then what I’m used to. My results are really coming along! I’m so proud.

Day 26 – Ab Intervals & Speed 1.0 This day I was out of town and staying at a friend’s house (big stagette weekend ahead of us). I did these two workouts first thing and I am so thankful I did. Not only was I thrilled that I just got it done, but because of the workouts I felt great all day. I have noticed an improvement with my core strength, but I was tiring out on Speed 1.0. Travelling does make working out a little tough, but I fit it in and it was a huge relief.

T25 Week 4: Done

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  2. I seriously need that and need to work out!! Looks like an amazing program

    • I highly recommend it! It’s so darn convenient to workout for 25 minutes. I’m noticing some great results. If you’re interested, I am hosting another challenge group for September. Shoot me an email if you want some more info.

  3. You definitely look fit Randa! Congrats! I am looking at losing weight and reviewing different options. I will definitely look into Focus T 25.

    • Thanks Lyne! I love this program. 25 minutes is do able for everyone. Let me know if you have any questions. I am hosting another challenge group coming up in September.

  4. This makes my CrossFit seem easy! Awesome job!

  5. You are truly inspiring! You look amazing! Looks like a tough program.

  6. You must feel wonderful 🙂

  7. great job on your t25 stories. i was so out of shape until i started the program and i lost 25 pounds of fat after the 5 weeks! i am finishing my first week of beta and let me tell you it has kicked my butt! The workouts feel a lot faster and more intense! the upper body focus is killer!

    • I do my first Upper Body Focus today! I”m so excited.
      Today I weight the same as I did on day one – but I’m okay with that 🙂 I have lost some inches and that’s what counts 🙂

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