Focus T25 Review: Week 6

Focus T25 Review

I didn’t post a Focus T25 review week 5. It was a great week, I was out of town and still managed to get in all of my workouts. However, I have explained these workouts many times over in these Focus T25 reviews: Week 1 ReviewΒ  Week 2 Review Week 3 Review Week 4 Review. My first five weeks on the T25 Alpha Phase were amazing, but now it’s time to move on to Beta Phase: month two. Updated: Read about my Focus T25 Results.

Focus T25 Review Week 6

Core CardioDay 36 – Core Cardio I had a busy day of traveling back home ahead of me, so I got this workout done right away Monday morning. I’m not a fan of cardio, but this one was fun (did I really just say that?). Yes, it was challenging but I did find that I wasn’t struggling. I found it easier then Alpha Phase’s Cardio but I’m sure that is because I was preparing my body for Beta buy building up my cardio and strength. It felt really good to get this workout done, I did modify but not as much as I thought I would.

T25 MealDay 37 – Speed 2.0 I LOVE this workout. It’s completely different then Speed 1.0 and it’s a refreshing change. Here’s how it works: you have three rounds of each set of workouts (two sets). The first round is long, second is about 15 seconds and the third is under 10 seconds. Knowing that the third round was so short kept me pushing, even with how tired I was. When you finish all six rounds (with the two sets) you start from the top and comeplete every set for a short period of time. The last ten minutes were tough for me, I was experiencing some chest pain and it was really flaring up so I had to do a lot of the modified moves (I think I pulled something).

T25 Beta PhaseDay 38 – Rip’T Circuit Rip’T Circuit was by birthday workout, and my gift? Weights! Oh how I have missed weights, after falling in love with ChaLEAN Extreme I have had a hard time doing all these cardio and body exercises. Bring on the accessories! I used my Select Techs but when you order T25, you do receive a resistance band with your workout program. Most exercises in this round were one minute long (instead of the typical 30 seconds) and it went: cardio, strength and abs. A complete body circuit. What flabbergasted me was how light the weights were that they used. I believe in Go Heavy Or Go Home and seeing the girls using 5 pounds set me back a bit. Thinking that these moves were going to be super hard, I selected 7 1/2 pound weights. The weighted exercises were curls, arnold presses, lunges, squats and deadlifts. I could at least go to 10 pounds (arnold presses) but for the legs I could be doing 20-25 pounds. I will be upping my weight next time. The ab work in this workout is great. They were screaming! I love it.

Dynamic Core FoodDay 39 – Dynamic Core I wasn’t too sure what to expect with this workout, I thought it would be a lot of floor work so I went into this workout barefoot and bra-less. Whoops! It’s 7 and 7, so 7 minutes standing ab work (and cardio) and 7 minutes floor work. I sweat, but I don’t feel like I got THAT good of a workout (which I am accountable for, I don’t believe I gave it my all). I’ll probably pop in Turbo Fire’s Fire 30 later this afternoon for a fun sweat πŸ™‚ Today I did a different post workout. I usually make myself up a Shakeology but since I’m planning that as an afternoon snack, I made my self some egg whites, broccoli, spinach on an English muffin with siracha. It was delicious.

Upper FocusDay 40 – Upper Focus & Core Cardio I am so happy that I finally get to use weights again. I used my Select techs (but T25 does come with a resistant band) and had them set at 10 pounds. I have weak shoulders, so I found the weight challenging for the presses but it was just the right weight when it came to bicep exercises (I could probably even go 12.5). As for the leg exercises, it was much too light but since this workout goes pretty fast, I didn’t want to waste time switching them out. I know I could hit pause, but I wanted to keep my heart rate where it was. By the time Core Cardio came around, I was beat. I didn’t perform as well as I did on Monday. I did my best, but did have go along with the modifier quite a few times. I got a great calorie burn. I was pouring sweat by the end.

T25 Results

As for results, I weigh .4 pounds less then I did 6 weeks ago at 135 pounds. I bounce back and forth between 134-136, so I haven’t lost a lot of weight. I’m fine with the little weight loss, as for inches I have lost 2 1/2″. Again, that’s not much BUT I don’t have much to lose. I’m at a size, where I’m smaller then my wedding day size and since my goal is to build more muscle – I may not lose much more. I’m happy with my size, it’s the fact that I want my body to become firmer. For the first time, I have noticed that my arms are becoming more defined (see above photo). It’s progress for sure, along with the fact that I have noticed a firmer stomach and better posture! Yes!

T25 Week 6: Done

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16 comments on “Focus T25 Review: Week 6”

  1. Nice guns!!!

  2. Great job…and I have to agree with Britney, Nice guns!!!

  3. Are you going to try Gamma after Beta? I think you would love it! Each workout in that phase uses weights except speed 3.0. Alpha is the foundation stage, beta is the core stage, and Gamma is the strength stage

    • I’ll probably buy it eventually but my plan is doing Jenelle’s Turbo Fire/ChaLEAN Extreme hybrid. I’ll throw some T25 in as well.

  4. You are doing great girl! I wish my arms looked like that! I guess I better start working out. πŸ™‚

  5. Awesome! I really need to get in better shape and this sounds like a great program. I like that it has different workouts so you (and your muscles) don’t get bored

    • There is a workout out there (I’m not going to say names) that I bought a few years ago but it’s the same workout EVERYDAY for a whole week. I was out of my mind with boredom and quit after week one. I like variety πŸ™‚

  6. You are doing great! My only problem with things like these is that I tend to get bored of it if I don’t see a huge change right away. I should look into this one though after the baby arrives so I can get back to my pre-pre-pregnancy weight!

    • I’m like you. I inspect myself in the mirror daily and I expect results day 1 hahaha. Every two weeks I do notice subtle and then I look at the big picture monthly.

  7. Good for you. Your arms look great. My goal is almost at your overal weight lol some days it seems very far off

    • You’ll get there! It takes time. I was 70 pounds heavier before this! Little goals at a time, then the big overall picture just appears πŸ™‚

  8. Wow! Look at the definition!! Your hard work is definitely paying off πŸ™‚

  9. Wow! Your arms look fantastic! I am so impressed with your dedication to the program. Keep up the good work!

  10. I had my first workout in 12 years yesterday. I too want to firm up and lose a few inches. Getting old doesn’t mean you have to look old. I’m talking about me not you πŸ™‚ You are so good to stick to this for six weeks. WOW!

    Besos, Sarah
    Blogger at Journeys of The Zoo

  11. Great post! Great arms! I’m interested in seeing your end progress!

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