Shaun T’s T25 Review: Week 7

Shaun T's T25 Review

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I just finished week 7 of Shaun T’s T25. What an awesome week I just had. I’m feeling strong, and I dropped down to a whole new weight. I’ve lost a few inches from the beginning, including my arms. I’m sure I am measuring in a different area every time because it says I have only lost 1/4″ in my arms but my “tight arm shirt” is pretty loose”. My arms are getting more and more definition every week and I’m thrilled with my T25 results.

T25 AbsDay 43 – Dynamic Core Yes! I see results, my upper abs have been trying to make an appearance for a while but I’m finally noticing my obliques slowing peeking through. Results are a great motivation for me, it makes me want to keep going. When I eat clean and stay away from the less then perfect foods, it only gives me rapid results. Again, it’s not perfect – but it’s getting there. I could only imagine what they’ll look like in another 3-4 months. I’m not a huge fan of this workout, it feels – easy. It challenges my core, but I’m not dripping sweat in the end. A few others in my challenge group are noticing this as well. It would be a great day to throw in a bonus workout.

Day 44 – Core Cardio I dread this workout (like right now as I right this and I have to do Core Cardio on week 8), but it’s NEVER as bad as what I think. Actually, I enjoy this workout while doing it. I never would have thought that I would ENJOY working out. To be quite honest, on the days where I don’t – I feel gross. I’ve finally been consistent enough that these amazing benefits are hitting me and enhancing my day to day life. I don’t workout on the weekends, but I try to be active in another way: walks are usually what happens. My plan this week is do some Turbo Fire and stretching on Sunday. No IG pic today, instead I made an IG Video.

Spaghetti Squash RecipeDay 45 – Rip’T Circuit I love this workout. I can’t decide if this one is my favorite or Upper Focus is. I love using weights and working my arms (they’re a problem area for me). The plus side to this is you work EVERYTHING. Cardio, legs, arms and abs. My core gets an amazing workout with the DVD, and I have come a long way. I cannot believe just how strong my core is getting. I’m able to do things that I couldn’t even do last week with a little more vigor. It’s just another improvement I have seen since started T25. I made Texas Turkey Spaghetti Squash Bake tonight and it was delicious.

Upper Focus ShakeologyDay 46 – Upper Focus I didn’t bump the weights up to 12.5 as I had planned. Actually I was pretty much at fail with the 10’s today, so I chose correctly. I have a weak upper body and it’s something I need to improve. Actually, it’s my shoulders that surprisingly have a hard time with everything. I can do 12.5’s but not with the arnold presses. There just is not enough time to switch out my weights on my select techs (I could pause, but again I don’t want to slow down). When I’m done T25 I’ll be picking up my coach’s, Jenelle Summers, ChaLEAN Extreme and Turbo Fire hybrid schedule and go from there.

Focus T25 ResultsDay 47 – Rip’T Circuit & Speed 2.0 Today was the first time where I REALLY did not want to work out. I was really un motivated. If it wasn’t for my challenge group, I probably would not have done it. It’s a great motivation tool. I tossed Rip’T in and nailed the workout. I know I already said this already, but I LOVE this workout. I feel like I get a great all over burn. I did make a mistake though, a mistake I have made before and swore I would never do again. I took a ten minute break in between workouts. Actually, that ten minute break probably ended up being a 20 minute break. My motivation disappeared once again but I forced myself to put in Speed 2.0. I’m so thankful I did what an awesome workout. Love this one as well. I was dripping sweat. Awesome.

T25 Week 6: Done

Beta Week 2 Done

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  1. Looks like you are having great success with this program – congratulations!

  2. You are looking great. Love Shawn t

  3. Wow you look great! This is definitely working well for you!

  4. Wow, you really look great, good for you:)

  5. You look awesome! I’ve heard his workouts can be intimidating…and well scary.

  6. Wow week 6! WTG on keeping up with your fitness program! 🙂 Hope those in your fb group are doing just as well!

  7. WOW! You go girl – you are doing great! This takes a lot of dedication. I’m impressed.

  8. Looks like a great workout!

  9. You are doing great, keep it up

  10. Wow – awesome you are doing this! Very inspiring!

  11. This looks like a great program, and very do-able. Sometimes the time I have to spend at the gym is all consuming, so I like the idea of 25 minutes.

  12. Hi Randa,

    Thanks for the post. Today is Day 10, week 2 doing Focus T25. Both my wife and I are tackling this thing together. Looking forward to seeing more results and some of the Beta cycle workouts you mentioned.


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