T25 Review: Week 3

T25 Review

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This week was a tough one for me, I am not motivated at all lately. I am so thankful for my challenge group, they have really kept me on track. It’s a great way to keep motivated (no one wants to report in saying that they were the only ones who skipped a workout). I’m so happy to say that T25 Week 3 is done!

Pita PizzaDay 15 – Total Body Circuit I still have a tough time with this workout. It’s very challenging, but I have noticed a few improvements. Less modifying and being able to get through the tough moments is incredibly motivating. I previewed month 2’s equivalent to Total Body Circuit tonight and I can see why this Alpha workout is so tough – it’s preparing you for what’s to come.

Day 16 – Speed 1.0 I wasn’t feeling my best this day, but I still did the workout anyway. I didn’t sweat near as much as I usually do, which I was disappointed but my body was done. I did modify a little more then usually with how ill I was feeling. As much as I didn’t want to do the workout and how I wanted to use the fact that I wasn’t feel all that well as an excuse, I was really proud and satisfied when it was done.

Almond Butter SnackDay 17 – Lower Body Focus I appreciate this workout because it’s a little slower and not crazy with cardio. I am surprised by how much I sweat during this workout. Focusing on the lower body really revs up my heart rate. It’s funny because there is a part where you do a lunges, wide lunges, lunge pulses and then a lunge hold (all for 30 seconds each). It’s not until the lunge hold when Shaun T says that you should now be feeling the burn. I feel it right away! I do still have to take quick breaks during this part of the workout (a second or standing fully up and then going back into it) but the breaks are getting fewer and farther between.

Day 18 – Cardio The last few times I have done cardio I have had huge successes. I was starting to get through the whole workout without modifying. This minor flu that I have is kicking my butt, and in turn I had a tough time completing Cardio today. I listened to my body and modified a lot of the moves. I’m happy I didn’t use my feeling under the weather as an excuse. I wasn’t that hard up in the health department but I did take it easy for the rest of the day (or week).

T25 Week 3Day 19 – Total Body Circuit & Ab Intervals Even though I’m still not feeling my best, I rocked Total Body Circuit today. I’m very proud of that accomplishment. My son woke up as soon as I finished workout #1, so I waited until after lunch to do Ab Intervals. It was a nice change to not have Lower Body Focus as one of the doubles and I felt that the break in between the workouts gave me enough energy to put every bit of energy I had into Ab Intervals. I still have a hard time with the V sits, but I have noticed a lot improvement in my core strength. I’m so excited about that.

Workout wise, I had a great week. Nutrition wise? I have been making some pretty poor decisions. I will do better this week.

T25 Week3: Done

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If I have enough interest, I will open up another challenge group for accountability, motivation and support.

23 comments on “T25 Review: Week 3”

  1. This sounds like an awesome way to get in shape and stay motivated. I like the idea of your “challenge group” too, so that even when you don’t have the motivation, they can help get you there! I’ve enjoyed following along with you and it sounds like you’re doing awesome!

    • Thanks Brandi 🙂 I am doing great! I love it. My weight has gone up (which actually surprised me because I do have a few pounds to lose) but my inches have dropped down to a waist size I didn’t think I could reach! That’s only in 4 weeks too. I’m beyond thrilled.

    • Brandi, I’m in the challenge group and let me tell you I would NEVER be able to do it without them!!! This is my second week and I’ve been hard core! I do it daily and feeling great! This is the first time I’ve done this kind of work out and STUCK to it!

    • I need a “Like” button but for this! You’re kicking butt Jenn 🙂 Way to stick with it.

  2. A challange group is an absolutely fabulous idea! Motivation is always a hard thing, but a group keeps you accountable to yourself for sure!!!

    • I almost skipped yesterday’s but I got it done because I can’t be the one skipping workouts (especially when I run the group).

  3. I have no idea how you do it, you are amazing! I just can never find the motivation!

  4. Wow – you go girl! Way to get the job done and inspire others along the way.

  5. I wish I had your diligence, woman!!

  6. I am always in awe of people that can stick to exercise and meal regimes. I do not have the motivation AT ALL

    • I’m usually good with the meal plans as long as I have it planned out and am “fired up” for it. I was doing great on the food portion until two weeks ago when I had a big cheat day. It’s been hard to get back on track since then. Summer makes it a little tough with all the BBQ and wine 😉

  7. As I sit hear eating rosemary/pistachio crackers with brie cheese, lol!
    This looks pretty awesome!

  8. If only I had your motivation! This sounds really great! Especially the total body circuit!

  9. Everyone has an off day once in a while. Keep up the good work!

  10. Keep up the motivation!! I started Bootcamp and changed my eating habits back in January. I have been able to stay on track and have results I never thought I could have. Can’t wait to here about your results when you are done.

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