T25 Review: Week 2

T25 Review

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T25 Results!

I just wrapped up week two of Shaun T’s Focus T25 with my challenge group and what a week it’s been. This week the honeymoon phase of a new workout was over and I had to really push myself to get up and push play. Two things kept me going: the fact that it’s ONLY 25 minutes and my challenge group. In my challenge group I have it so everyone reports their day and since it’s my group – I have to lead by example. This challenge group was the best thing I have ever done for my health and fitness and I will be doing more in the future. Now on with the review.

Body In Progress

The weekend after week 1 I had a wedding to attend. Being that it was my Brother In Law’s special day;  I made a conscious decision that I wanted to let loose, have some food and enjoy myself. So I did. I think that’s the difference between a binge and a day of taking it easy: making a conscious choice that you can stand behind. No, I wasn’t perfect (two cupcakes and a lot of wine) but I did make some good choices (more veggies and less bad food at dinner). Sunday was a write off (bad choices in the moment and not planned) and I came out of the weekend with a 2.2 pound weight gain.

T25 recipesDay 8 – Alpha Cardio Cardio has never been my strong suit (I do better with strength training) but I was really happy with the improvements I made from week 1’s cardio workout. The 2.2 pound weight gain was hanging over my head heavy that day so I was making the cleanest choices I could. Breakfast was a chocolate and natural peanut butter butter Shakeology smoothie, lunch was the Chicken Waldorf Salad from the T25 recipe book (grapes, apples, lettuce, chicken, homemade citrus vinaigrette, walnuts). I fell in love with a new snack (rice cakes and tzatziki, who knew rice cakes could taste so good) and dinner was a balsamic steak salad. It was a great day.

t25 foodDay 9 – Total Body Circuit This workout is still kicking my booty! It’s incredibly challenging and I found myself cursing at the TV. I have a love hate relationship with this one but I kept thinking to myself, whenever I wanted to give up, that if it doesn’t challenge you – it doesn’t change you. I made the Sweet Potato and Quinoa Salad from the T25 recipe guide and I didn’t love it. So I was disappointed. My sister is staying with me (she has been doing the workouts with me) and we took a walk and picked some of the cherries that are growing my backyard. I tried to stay active today. Monday’s weight gain is pretty much all gone, I’m assuming a lot of it was salt and water.

T25 resultsDay 10 – Speed 1.0 Last week I wasn’t too crazy about this workout. This week, I love it! I didn’t have to modify until the last 5 minutes, it was a definite improvement. I love little victories like that! My appetite was out of control, thankfully with filling recipes like the Dijon Chicken Pita I was able to curb it while eating clean. I’m starting to notice some subtle changes in my body. Even though my shoulders are not defined yet, I can feel them. I just need to burn some of this excess fat off. It shouldn’t be a huge problem with T25, pretty much every workout has a cardio effect.

Eat CleanDay 11 – Cardio Um, what? Cardio twice this week? Seriously? Now that it’s over and done with I have to admit that I’m thrilled with this workout! I didn’t have to modify the lunge progressions, this is huge and I’m really proud of that achievement. I had to head out of town this day and was in the truck for over three hours. For lunch I grabbed a protein bar and dinner was grilled chicken and salad. I made the best decisions I could considering my surroundings. Being away from my every day routine made it difficult – but I did it. I wanted a snack, so I made some air popped popcorn. It’s filling and a healthier choice them chips.

Focus T25 reviewDay 12 –  Lower Body Focus & Ab Intervals My legs are weak, and the Lower Body Focus workout kills me. My legs start shaking and burning before Shaun T states that they are “now feeling it”. I do have to stand up for a quick second every once in a while to ease the discomfort – but I am getting better. I was dripping sweat by the end of it and quickly switched the discs to Ab Intervals before I knew what I was doing (note: I do stretch in between). The ab workout kicked my butt a lot more then last week. My guess is it was because I was beat from Lower Body Focus. A lot of the girls in my challenge group do workout #2 on Saturday and it has me wondering if it would be better. I may have more energy and give it a bit more oomph if I did that. However, I know me and working out on a Saturday will be tough. It’s a toss up. I may try it next week. As for now, I’m glad it’s done and I’m ready for week two. I made some poor snack choices this evening and I’m ready to correct it over the weekend.

T25 Week 2

Want to know more about T25? Check out how you can Get Fit With Focus T25. You will find what comes with your order, before and after photos from the test group and a video. Don’t hesitate to email me if you have any questions.

If you’re interested in changing your body in only 25 minutes a day, you can purchase Focus T25 here. (Click Shop.) I will be here to support you as your free coach, anytime you need me.

If you would like to save 25% on your order, please email me for details.

If I have enough interest, I will open up another challenge group for accountability, motivation and support.

17 comments on “T25 Review: Week 2”

  1. You look great girl! Way to go!!! Keep up the good work. 🙂

  2. Very cool! Yeah, leading a challenge group would totally keep you focused, lol. WTG! 🙂

  3. Good for you hun! It take determination and drive to do it, trust me I know — I’m fluffy! LOL 🙂

  4. Wow! Check you out, Randa! You’re sizzlin’!!! Hot mama! Awesome job! You’re doing fabulously! You’ve inspired me to ditch the muffin top. *sigh* Did Zumba yesterday after a brief hiatus. Wowzers. Fun workout 🙂

    • Oh stop…you’re making me blush! Hahaha.
      I have never tried Zumba! I have heard great things, good for you 🙂

  5. Such a great way to stay motivated – love the idea of leading a group, or belonging to one for that matter.

    You look fantastic!

    • If you ever want to join a challenge group, let me know. I’m thinking of doing a “your choice” group. Where a person can choose whatever program that suits their budget. That way EVERYONE can participate and get fit.

  6. I have strong legs but not so much in the arms and shoulders. This is impressive and also you look fabulous! I need to commit to more protein and cardio and take a few more tips from you clearly. This program looks really challenging. I may need to get this and take a closer look. I am not super at endurance yet, but my flexibility is much much better since turning 40 than it ever was at 25 so that’s progress for me. I typically stick to weights, centergy body flow and some sort of pilates or yoga. Great work!

    • Thanks Paula! I have a hard time with cardio, I’m a weight queen but it’s always great to challenge your body. Challenge = change. 🙂

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