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Gone are the days where you use a burp cloth to cover yourself as you breastfeed your baby. There are a lot of nursing covers out there, but none quite like Udder Covers. Udder Covers are not just nursing covers either. At their online shop you will find some accessories as well. Such as: nursing bracelets and breast pads.

 I was sent the Porter Gift Set to review. In the gift sets at Udder Covers you get a fashionable nursing cover, a nursing bracelet and two pairs of cotton breast pads.

All nursing covers from Udder Covers have a rigid neckline, which allows direct eye contact with your baby. That way you can still still your little one, but you can still have your privacy as well. The cover itself is very light, it’s made of 100% breathable cotton and the care instructions are simple: machine wash on gentle cycle.
To put on the nursing cover you move the strap around the back of your neck and fasten in the loops to set your height preference and you’re good to go. You only need to really do that once anyway. You don’t get hot (since it’s very light and breathable) and won’t take up much room in your diaper bag at all.
The nursing bracelet, made by Milk Bands, is a concept that is new to me. It’s one of those rubber bracelets that says “RIGHT” one one side and then you flip it inside out and says “LEFT” on the other. There are sliders that you put on the band that will help remind you not only what side your baby last fed on but how long and what time was the last feeding time.
The two pairs of cotton breast pads I received are made from 100% cotton and are reusable. To care for them all you have to do is machine wash, tumble dry on low. The Cotton Breast Pads absorb all the moisture, so your sensitive skin does not get irritated. (It’s done from the five layers these breast pads provide.) I was concerned on how they would look under my clothing (I really didn’t want disc shaped breasts), and you can’t even notice them. I checked it out on the website and it’s because they have soft layers that shape to your skin.
At Udder Covers you do have options to buy these items individually (except for the Milk Bands) or in gift packs. The Nursing Covers come in a variety of styles and colors. Please visit the Udder Covers website to learn more.
I’m currently hosting a giveaway. Giving one of my US or Canadian readers an opportunity to win their very own Udder Cover. Visit the giveaway page to enter!

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  1. That bracelet is a great idea! My baby girl is weaned, though. 🙂

    Following you from the Social Parade. Happy Friday, Happy New Year, and come by Happy Hour Projects to say hello! 😀


  2. I am so forgetful and the bracelet is a great idea!!
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  3. I used the bracelet when my daughter was first born for a few weeks. I loved it!

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