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Kurbo Health App: a mobile app that helps with maintaining a healthy life style and promotes healthy choices for kids and teens

Kurbo Health: Mobile App Creating Healthy Homes and Happy Families

THE BEST CHILI EVER - Super lean and healthy chili recipe from Teena's Fitness. Ground chicken or ground turkey works well with this healthy recipe.

Super Lean Chili Recipe from Feel Like a Fitness Model Cookbook

Caramel Vanilla Protein Ice Cream . Ice cream that's dairy free, protein packed, low in calories and takes 3 minutes to make - sign me up!

Gnarly Nutrition + Protein Caramel Vanilla Ice Cream

4 Tips That Change The Way I See Health and Fitness

4 Tips That Change The Way I See Health and Fitness

21 Day Fix Extreme results and review + free meal plan and grocery downloads. It's really helped me get closer to my health and fitness goals.

21 Day Fix Extreme Review & Results + Free Download

Curious on how many calories you can burn doing the 21 Day Fix Extreme? You're going to want to read this guide to Autumn Calabrese's newest and hottest program | The Bewitchin' Kitchen

Calories Burned Doing 21 Day Fix Extreme

The ultimate guide to success with weight loss on the 3 Day Refresh. Full review, results plus a free meal plan and shopping list. |

3 Day Refresh Review & Ultimate Guide + FREE Downloads

How I lost 10 pounds and gained my health and happiness.

A Month With a New Skinny Gut #SkinnyGutDiet

The Skinny Gut Diet: My First 2 Weeks #SkinnyGutDiet

The Skinny Gut Diet: My First 2 Weeks #SkinnyGutDiet

A Happier & Healthier Life in 4 Simple Steps. Achieving health, weight loss and happiness isn't as hard as you may think.

4 Steps To a Happier and Healthier Life #GetOutAndGo

The Skinny Gut Diet teaspoon tracker guide. I can't believe how much this opened my eyes to how much sugar I was consuming

The Tools For Success In Restoring Gut Health #SkinnyGutDiet

How to prevent bone loss with two simple health and wellness tips. From The Bewitchin' Kitchen

How To Prevent Bone Loss #BeActiv

Family Fitness with Insanity Max 30

Insanity Max 30: Week 2 and 3 #Imaxedout

Is your gut health making you fat, depressed and sick? Did you know that your digestive health affects weight loss, disease, your immune system, depression and anxiety? Read The Skinny Gut Diet review on The Bewitchin’ Kitchen.

Skinny Gut Diet & Why I’m Doing It #SkinnyGutDiet

4 steps for a healthier heart and healthy lifestyle tips. I need to work on #4 the most. | The Bewitchin Kitchen

4 Steps To a Healthier Heart & Lifestyle #GetOutAndGo

Insanity Max 30 review. My first week on this workout program is in the post along with how many calories I burned and where I maxed out. What a great way to improve your fitness

Insanity Max 30 Review Week 1 #IMaxedOut

Best Posts of 2014 From The Bewitchin' Kitchen

Best Posts of 2014 – Personal Favourites

New Years Resolutions 2015

New Years Resolutions – 2015

Wondering what to do with a grocery store roasted chicken I have some fast and healthy meal ideas for you

6 Meals, 1 Roasted Chicken From The Grocery Store #GLADFreshFoodChallenge

Beachbody Black Friday

Team Beachbody Black Friday Deals

No Bake Coconut Bars

No Bake Coconut Bars

Oatmeal Raisin Cookie Shake - this healthy smoothie recipes helps you conquer your sweet tooth cravings but keeps you on track. So yummy! |

Oatmeal Raisin Cookie Protein Shake

Easing Muscle Aches with Deep Blue - AKA Leg Day Saver

Easing Muscle Aches Naturally with doTERRA’s Deep Blue #essentialoils

Paleo Banana Bread - one of the best banana breads I have had

Paleo Banana Bread Recipe

Post Pregnancy Apple Smoothie

Now For Mothers #HealingMix

Cheddar and Pear Scone. This gluten free recipe is perfect for fall

Cheddar & Pear Gluten Free Scones

Shoppers Drug Mart Media Hub #GetTheMostOutofLife

Shoppers Drug Mart Media Hub #GetTheMostOutofLife